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U.S. China News 2011.05.22

Sun, May 22, 2011

Osama brings China, Pakistan and America closer
The Nation, Pakistan
While discussing the reported row between the US and Pakistan, some US media outlets have unnecessarily dragged China into the debate. They have even speculated about China’s reaction to bin Laden’s death. Quoting Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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China Fire & Security, LeMaitre Vascular, Pfizer: US Equity Preview
China Fire & Security Group Inc. (CFSG) jumped 17 percent to $8.56. The Beijing-based maker of safety products is being acquired by Bain Capital Partners LLC for $9 a share. Express Scripts Inc. (ESRX) may rise 15 percent or more over the next year as
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China pushes talks on North Korea as Kim visits
Kurt Campbell, US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, told reporters in Tokyo that he had no information on Kim’s visit to China, but prodded China to urge the North to engage with the South and other countries.
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‘Today China is more important to India than even the US
Daily News & Analysis (blog)
Today, by far, China is the most important relationship for India, much more than any other country even the US and Pakistan. I think it is improving for a number of reasons: the biggest being that China is India’s largest trading partner.
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Huntsman calls for new US ‘industrial revolution’
The Union Leader
USChina relations is “a bipartisan issue, and (as ambassador) you’re there to protect, promote US interests,” he said. Huntsman represented the Democratic President for nearly two years in China, a nation with an $18 billion trade surplus over the
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US aircraft carrier that buried bin Laden docks in Hong Kong
Monsters and
In a media briefing after its arrival, vessel commander Rear Admiral Samuel Perez said the visit was an indication of the ‘warm relationship’ between China and the United States. ‘The Hong Kong government has provided us very strong assurance that they
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Pakistan Says China to Operate Key Port
Wall Street Journal
But his statement Saturday is the latest illustration of how Pakistan is portraying China as a powerful alternative ally and aid source if the US scales down military assistance for Islamabad in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s killing.
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China No Substitute For US In Pakistan
Sunday Leader
Considering China’s geopolitical objectives and its rivalry with the United States, welcoming Pakistan, the biggest American ally in South Asia, was only natural. Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani did not spare his metaphors in waxing eloquent
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Ron Dzwonkowski: Is Michigan ready for manufacturing’s comeback?
Detroit Free Press
You know how hard it is to buy stuff that’s made in America, not by cheap labor in China? Well, that’s going to change by 2015 as Chinese wages soar. The result will be a renaissance in US manufacturing. All this according to a new analysis by the
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China and America: Rising Dragon, Bleeding Eagle
American Thinker
To put it in context, consider how rapidly the balance of power between China and America has altered over the last 20 years. At the end of 1991 when Soviet Union had formally dissolved, United States stood as the sole colossus on global stage.
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The China syndrome
Boston Globe
The contrast is with the prim US sensitivities, whether anticommunism on the right or human rights on the left, that restrain the maneuvering of even its boldest emperors (Nixon) and cleverest mandarins (Kissinger). American exceptionalism is
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GOP hopeful Herman Cain: Pay China first
Conservative radio talk show host Herman Cain speaks at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation fourth annual “Defending the American Dream” summit in Washington on August 27, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn WASHINGTON, May 22 (UPI) — Republican
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Labor Arbitrage Is Disappearing For Outsourcing Manufacturing To China And
Daily Markets
MP: Wages are increasing 11% per year in China and by 10% in India, which means that labor costs there are doubling every 7 or 8 years if those wage increases continue. Wages in the US are rising by only 1.9% annually and at that rate it would take 37
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Corporate China’s political shadows
The Guardian
In addition a host of other Chinese companies have moved into Europe and the US. Luxury textiles and vineyards in Italy, electronics manufacturers in France, engineering in Germany and car manufacturers in Britain are only some of China’s purchases.
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Wen presents proposal for economic cooperation with Japan, S. Korea
China currently is the biggest trading partner for both Japan and South Korea. In 2010, China-Japan trade reached nearly 300 billion US dollars, while China-South Korea trade totalled over 200 billion US dollars, both of which made new highs.
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Islamabad splurges on defence hardware
Financial Times
Although a long-time ally of the US, Pakistan increasingly views China as a supplier of choice. Yusuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan’s prime minister, returned at the weekend from a four-day visit to Beijing with the promise of 50 fighter jets, worth about $1bn
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ANALYSIS: Questions remain on China’s nuclear stance
Taipei Times
In its China’s Nuclear Arsenal: Status and Evolution briefing paper released on Monday last week, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) said the Chinese government had no intention of reaching numerical parity with the US on nuclear weapons and did
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Taiwan renews bid to buy subs, F-16s from US
Straits Times
The Taipei-based China Times reported on Sunday that Taiwan had decided to accept a US proposal of just four conventional submarines to help expedite the arms deal which has been in limbo since 2001. ‘The report is not true. The country’s position to
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WEF chairman confident of China’s future growth
In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Schwab said he did not agree with US economist Nouriel Roubini with his prediction that China would suffer an economic slowdown after 2013. Roubini, also known as “Dr. Doom,” wrote in an article: “Once increasing
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Paul Krugman: Good news: We’re making things in America again
Dayton Daily News
By the middle years of the last decade, I used to joke that Americans made a living by selling each other houses, which they paid for with money borrowed from China. Manufacturing, once America’s greatest strength, seemed to be in terminal decline.
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Chinese eateries are entry point for many immigrants
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Although outright bans on new immigrants from China, in place in the US from 1882 to 1902, no longer exist, she said the network of Chinese restaurants across the continent is a legacy of such policies and associated discrimination.
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Dairy cows let out to forage as Ark farmers try to offset feed price hikes
The Republic
US dairy prices are partly affected by the export market, which continues to experience strong demand from China. The last time cows under Crawley’s care grazed six hours a day was in 2009, when low prices for producer’s milk affected dairy farmers
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Xradia Strengthens Global Sales & Support for 3D X-Ray Microscope Solutions (press release)
Mr. Yan brings more than 14 years of experience in electron microscopy and FIB sales, most recently with Xradia Southern China channel partner, Yufeng. Mr. Yan built FEI’s scanning electron microscope (SEM), TEM and FIB business over a 10-year period
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Owners of the world, unite
Daily Kos
Sanctions against China were limited to military sales. Even a bill to allow Chinese students to remain in the US until China’s human rights abuses ended was vetoed by President Bush. The first action of the US government wasn’t to withdraw from China,
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From poverty to prosperity
Edmonton Journal
In just one example of the rising clout of this new global middle class, in a mere seven years China has gone from buying one General Motors car for every 10 sold in the US to becoming the American automaker’s biggest customer -not to mention becoming
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Students learn Chinese language as economy shifts
Greenwich Time
The increase in businesses that export or do business in China both in Tennessee and nationwide is likely what is causing the boom in interested students, Abbott said. “Now, they are looking at China as the next big economy that will challenge the US
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Won Less Volatile for Pimco as ‘Easy’ Trade Lures HSBC to Yuan
The gap in yield between China’s 10-year yuan note and the benchmark US Treasury hit a five-month high of 74 basis points on May 17. A stronger currency helps reduce imported inflation as commodities such as oil are generally priced in dollars.
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‘Beijing took wrong foreign policy on Pyongyang’
Korea Times
“The US commits militarily to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. But China doesn’t do so toward North Korea,” said Shen. Uncertain about Beijing’s military commitment, Pyongyang became more desperate in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, he said.
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Analysis: Backroom deal would undermine confidence in IMF
After tough negotiations, in which France and Britain initially fought back, China surpassed both of those nations to become the IMF and World Bank’s third-largest voting member after the United States and Japan. The votes of other under-represented
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Coddling China: Dangerous exposure …
Tribune Review
Yet the Obama administration just showed top military officials from China sensitive US military sites, in violation of federal law. The Washington Times reports the Army’s National Training Center and Nellis Air Force Base, home to air and cyberwar
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QE3: Limit Interest Rates, Weaken USD Until Housing or Export Recovers
Seeking Alpha
Current imbalances between China and the United States remain firmly on the US Administration’s agenda. We believe that China will allow appreciation of the CNY by as much as 7.8% against the USD annually over the next 5 years, a pace that was last
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US on verge of ‘manufacturing renaissance’
The News Journal
NORTH CANTON, Ohio — A recent report by the Boston Consulting Group predicted that the United States is on the verge of a “manufacturing renaissance” as labor costs increase sharply in China and the Chinese currency slowly increases in value.
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P-Noy wants review of Spratly Code of Conduct
Philippine Star
The Code, which includes China, was approved in 2002. “We have been suggesting this for so long, if we could study the Code of Conduct. It would be best for us to talk to avoid incidents such as what happened recently,” Aquino said, referring to the
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At cross purposes
BBC News
“You won’t see this reported by China’s media, but that’s what the scholars are telling us.” Mainland students are beginning to come to Taiwan to learn traditional Chinese. And other than Singapore and Malaysia, traditional Chinese is more commonly
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Gates: Despite fiscal problems, US must maintain a strong military
The Hill
The remark is likely to give new fuel to lawmakers who view China as America’s top military threat. “The lessons of history tell us we must not diminish our ability or our determination to deal with the threats and challenges on the horizon,
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Third Worker Dies Due to Foxconn Explosion
All Things Digital (blog)
by Kara Swisher A third worker has died from an explosion at a Foxconn plant in China that makes Apple products, the contract manufacturer said on Sunday. The company said it us still investigating the blast, but said initial findings suggest “that the
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China’s power giant to invest 20 bln yuan in energy projects
CHONGQING, May 22 (Xinhua) — China Guodian Corp. is planning to invest 20 billion yuan (3 billion US dollars) in the development of energy programs in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality over the next five years, the company said in a statement
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Sun Microsystems co-founder McNealy says US needs more tech…
Santa Cruz Sentinel
He added that both India and China are becoming technology giants. He said a visit to China would gain him an audience with top officials grilling him for hours about his ideas, whereas in this country, officials sometimes pay him only lip service.
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Price of progress
Pueblo Chieftain
Thousands of US jobs are being lost to China and other countries. Congress and the states wonder how to cope with unemployment. Simple: Don’t overtax the hand that pays the employees. Corporations have huge labor costs; labor unions should consider
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IMF has been screwing up Africans for decades
China and India are emerging as major economic powers. The United States, languishing under an astonishing US$14 trillion public debt and US$1,5 trillion budget deficit, is now an empire in rapid decline. According to the latest figures, US national
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… & GM’s ‘partner’
Tribune Review
And GM’s doing more than lending its name — the film’s stars are being chauffeured around China in Cadillac SLS models. A purely private US company aiding and abetting China — a US enemy — would be bad enough. That taxpayer-supported GM is doing so
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Sizing Up the Future – Defense News (subscription)
Given the potential for an all-out arms race or an inadvertent conflict, predictability in USChina relations would not be a trivial accomplishment. In his remarks at the opening session of the dialogue, US Vice President Joe Biden said,
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No Whizzing On The Bushes
Salt Lake Tribune (blog)
Bush was head of the US liaison office to China – the diplomatic office in the nation before the countries established embassies – and his home there is now the official ambassador’s residence. Huntsman said he anticipates there will be plenty of
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Global Cleveland will launch with a multicultural party at City Hall
Plain Dealer (blog)
By Robert L. Smith, The Plain Dealer View full sizeLonnie Timmons III l Plain Dealer fileLin Ma, who is from China, came to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University and fell in love with the city. She speaks during a Global Cleveland news
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SourceHOV to Showcase BPO Solutions at ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum (press release)
With the combination, the company’s global workforce is now more than 14200 employees operating from approximately 80 delivery centers in 6 countries including the US, Mexico, Canada, India, China and the Philippines.
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