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U.S. China News 2011.05.15

Sun, May 15, 2011

China waits in the wings as US-Pakistani relations rapidly deteriorate
That message is grounded in the assumption that Pakistan needs the US as much as the US needs Pakistan. That may be true for now, but with China waiting in the wings and the US preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan, Washington could find over time
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Pakistan leans on China in face of US slams
Global Times
Few expected that, within a matter of days China-Pakistan relations would evoke great interest and greater speculation worldwide. When the US struck at Bin Laden, the world erupted in jubilant applause and Pakistan came under severe fire.
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Cannes 2011: Christian Bale’s China movie aims to catch America’s eye
Los Angeles Times
The international film business can bridge a lot of cultural divides But can it knock down one of the great walls of cinema culture — the one that stands between China and the US? China allows in precious few American movies every year,
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U.S.-North Korea Relations: Past, Present and Future
Fox News
On the other hand, if you go back to the Korean War, in 1950, China, intervened in the Korean War with next to no military power against the biggest power at the time, the United States, because for them the Yalu border is close to industry.
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‘Libya is US, China’s battleground’
Press TV
Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant Secretary to the US Treasury, from Atlanta The US seeks control of Libyan oil facilities in order to push China and Russia out of the Mediterranean in its quest for world hegemony, says an analyst
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America takes us back to the seventies
The Australian
Exactly 10 years later, US interest rates rose to more than 20 per cent, as Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker started the wrenching process of bringing inflation, then approaching 14 per cent, under control. With China and the US at loggerheads
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Grains Week Ahead-Mother Nature, China share stage
Reuters Africa
By Sam Nelson CHICAGO, May 15 (Reuters) – Wet weather that has slowed US corn planting and threatened production, talk that China is buying corn, and the subsequent direction commodities will take after after a tense two-weeks of crushing losses are
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Tony Japour Gives Us “Access to China
Social Miami
This year China surpassed the United States, Great Britain, and France to become the #1 art market in the world. For those who think it is too market oriented and is all about prices, wrong again. Whatever you think about the subject matter,
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Liu Xiang is back – Shanghai REPORT – Samsung Diamond League
International Association of Athletics Foundation
Jillian Camarena-Williams of the United States took second place with 19.35, preventing a clean sweep for China with Li Ling placing third on 19.30, and Liu Xiangrong fourth with a season’s best of 18.54. The host nation had announced its intentions in
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US Table Tennis Open to be held in Milwaukee
Chicago Tribune
The event coincides with the 40th anniversary of ping pong diplomacy, when in 1971 a table tennis exhibition in Beijing brought together teams from China and the US It helped open trade and diplomacy for the first time in decades.
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<B>Nitin Pai:</B> The signal from Samoa
Business Standard
If eastern (American) Samoa officially belongs to the US, western Samoa enjoys excellent relations with China. According to the US State Department, China has “provided substantial assistance to Samoa. Assistance from the PRC [the People’s Republic of
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China trade survey offers rosy look a thorny issue
San Francisco Chronicle
More are worrying that political interference in deals “already is influencing the decisions of Chinese businesses, and it has fostered negative perceptions in China about US investment openness.” “Political firestorm”: Such concerns are featured
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China gives press more freedom _ for food safety
“Is it a US-style openness?” said Christopher Hickey, the US Food and Drug Administration’s country director for China. “Clearly not, but I do think it’s one of these areas where there is a limited amount of freedom, more than there was in the past.
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UL principal gains insights from China
By KEVIN HOWELL – Staff Writer ( , Salem News HANOVERTON- Schools in the United States and China have a lot to learn from each other. After participating in a USChina exchange program this year, United High School Principal Bill
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China’s Wu Peng out-duels Phelps once again
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — China’s Wu Peng surged past US Olympic star Michael Phelps in the final 50 meters to win the 200m butterfly at the Charlotte UltraSwim long course meeting. Wu on Saturday won in 1:56.83, while Phelps settled for second in
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GM sees booming China as a road to profitability
In what was seen as a turning point for the company, GM last year sold more cars in China than in the United States, and the gap is expected to widen as an increasing number of Chinese grow rich enough to purchase their first car.
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Wolf Statement At USChina Commission Hearing On Military and Civil Space
Space Ref (press release)
Frank Wolf (R-VA), chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the budgets of NASA, the National Science Foundation and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, today delivered the following remarks at a USChina
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Access To iPad App Flipboard Compromised In China
While direct access to Facebook and Twitter is routinely blocked in China, the Flipboard app talked to its own US-based servers, which in turn talked to Twitter and Facebook so this block is particularly interesting. “Lots of folks in China had been
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China-Biotics’ 2009 Revenue Is $70M Off
Seeking Alpha
When comparing US and Chinese filings, China-Biotics’ (CHBT) 2009 revenue appears to be 70 million dollars off. China-Biotics’ subsidiary filed its audited numbers with Chinese government agencies last year, including the Shanghai Administration for
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NHNZ work recognised
Otago Daily Times
“To have been able to take truly remarkable stories about China to relatively uninformed markets in the US and Europe has been extremely gratifying.” NHNZ had also produced the five-part series New Zealand Journeys: the Chinese in New Zealand,
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Chinese Millionaires Younger Than US Millionaires, Report Says
Forbes Digital Download (blog)
According Hurun, the average Chinese millionaire is 39 years old, a full 15 years younger than your average millionaire in the US. There’s around 960000 millionaires in China, a land of 1.4 billion inhabitants. And while China is a central planned
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Lives, Interrupted—China and the Three Gorges Dam
New America Media
The Chinese government recently announced that it will invest 124 billion yuan, about 19 billion US dollars, to support the migrants in 20 counties affected by the Three Gorges dam. This includes job training for tourism and the electronics industry,
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China’s Success: My Perspective
Sierra Express Media
As for China, under there own system and refusing to copy the West has made them what they are today. Nobody saw it coming, not even the United States or Europe. As a matter of fact, nobody expected that one day the Chinese would take over the global
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Obama announces steps to speed US oil production
Is it worth the decline of America, already on the road to bankruptcy being led by a dysfunctional government, to kill fossil fuel and nuclear energy,and allow countries like China, India and Brazil to pass us by…?? I don’t think so.
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Because the Past is the Present, and the Future too.
History News Network
It is just a good story about history that can be presented in China or in the US I actually wrote two operas, in Chinese, using the music of special Chinese instruments, and in English. This way the opera can be staged in either country with its own
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Career Partners International Expands in Australia, China, Italy, New Zealand (press release)
“We have many clients with operations in China and the addition of China Team International enables us to deliver first-class services to those organizations,” said David Hemmer, President and chief operating officer of Career Partners International.
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Letter from America: Can America Learn From Others?
Asian Tribune
The International Monetary Fund (IMF ) recently said in a report that gross domestic product (GDP) of China will overtake the US in 2016 in a comparison based on purchasing power parity (PPP), ie, the real economy. That figure exceeds the forecasts of
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EU President Seeks Closer Ties with China
Developing a truly strategic partnership between the EU and China will take us a significant step closer,” Van Rompuy said. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in early May China was ready to make concerted efforts with the EU to push
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Moderate quake hits China’s Sichuan province
BEIJING — A 5.0-magnitude tremor hit the Chinese province of Sichuan on Sunday, the US Geological Survey said, three years after a giant quake left 87000 dead or missing in the region. The tremor struck at 3:05 pm (0705 GMT) at a depth of 15
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Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Hires Graham Fink as CCO China (press release)
Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide commented, “Graham will take us to the next lap. His elevation to the position of CCO of Ogilvy & Mather China is inevitable in a way, since his success in the UK has become
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Foreign Manufacturing In China. Would The Last Company There Please Turn Out
China Law Blog (blog)
The US-listed leather goods company follows companies from Esprit to Canon which are shifting from using China as a manufacturing hub to seeing it as a major consumer market. Lew Frankfort, chief executive of Coach, said rapid income increases in China
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Benihana, General Motors, Merck, SandRidge Energy: US Equity Preview
(GM) : General Motors may rise to above $40 a share in the next year as the vehicle market improves in North America and China, Barron’s reported. GM, which is down 16 percent this year and trades below its $33 initial offering price, has disappointed
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McDonnell: Asian marketing mission accomplished
The Free Lance-Star
“Unfortunately, Virginia has failed to properly devote resources in recent years to market to China, putting us behind other states in competing for investment opportunities. That is no longer the case.” China has become Virginia’s second-largest
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Bosworth, US Envoy on North Korea Policy, to Visit South Korea This Week
The trip, Bosworth’s second since January, comes after North Korea last week rejected South Korean President Lee Myung Bak’s proposal for a summit with Kim Jong Il. The so-called six- party talks involving two Koreas, the US, China, Japan and Russia
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Toll plans huge US expansion as search for successor continues
The Australian
One acquisition, in February last year, was US freight forwarder Summit Logistics, which provides ocean freight services on the trans-Pacific route between China and North America and generates annual revenue of about $300 million.
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China and its suppliers could confound bears
Times LIVE
China and its ready army of emerging-market commodity suppliers. Bank of America Merrill Lynch economists forecast the global economy to expand 4.2% this year, led by 6.5% growth in emerging markets. In the US, growth might reach 2.5%.
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Margin squeeze, not Ben, reverses high gas prices
New York Post
So, as demand in the United States has been falling, oil prices have been rising. This is partially due to demand from growing nations like China and India and is out of our control. However, a large degree of oil’s move is the massive flow of funds
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Blog: Locke is not confirmed yet
Northwest Asian Weekly
If you think that US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke is already our new US Ambassador to China, you are wrong. The last ambassador, Jon Huntsman, left in April, and the position is now vacant. Nominated in March, Locke has yet to be confirmed by the
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Chinese don’t think of Detroit when they think of luxury
Detroit Free Press
Sales last year numbered about 17000 for the entire Cadillac brand, fewer than the sales of each of the top nine luxury cars sold in China, which topped out with the Audi A6L’s blockbuster 115000-unit performance. “They’re a long way ahead of us,” Wale
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Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan mulling Senate bid
The first is the possibility that foreign creditors, convinced that the US will be as insolvent as Greece or Iceland, will suddenly dump the US Treasuries they hold, forcing higher interest rates in the US But China’s government buys American debt as
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Incentives for cargo hub plan at impasse
Cargo experts say the Chinese want to dramatically increase the amount of USChina air freight that flies on Chinese-owned planes, as opposed to US or European carriers such as FedEx and DHL. Today, Chinese airlines control about 20 percent of the
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Tallahassee may be launch pad for an energy revolution
Tallahassee Democrat (blog)
The company expects to sell its products mainly to clients in China, India, Brazil and Russia. “People don’t know us because we’ve only been in business two years; the public only heard about us in December,” Minardi said. “That’s the nice thing about
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Economic Calendar: EU CPI, Japan GDP, U.S. Housing Market
Seeking Alpha
The US has housing starts, building permits, and existing home sales data due this week. Elsewhere there’s retail sales figures due from the UK and Canada, and foreign direct investment numbers from China. As noted, there’s more inflation data due out
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Sticking to its mission
Buffalo News
Whalen discovered some US-only products are especially hard to find, such as jewelry and electronics. “You flip 10 products over,” Whalen said, “I bet eight or nine are from China.” The store requires letters of authenticity from vendors.
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Housing Probably Lagged Behind Factories: U.S. Economy Preview
San Francisco Chronicle
The manufacturing industries that make up 12 percent of the economy continue to spearhead the recovery that began in June 2009, led by business spending on new equipment and demand from emerging economies like China, Brazil and Mexico.
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Worcester Telegram
“Most US manufacturing in China will never come back,” Mr. Boyd said. “However, it’s not so cut and dry with the life sciences.” Medical devices is a broad industry category that includes everything from tongue depressors to heart pumps.
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