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U.S. China News 2011.05.11

Wed, May 11, 2011

China signals greater tact on rights disputes with U.S.
“The success of this round of talks embodies the candid attitude China and the United States have toward dealing with their disagreements,” Xinhua said in a commentary that would reflect Beijing’s view of the Washington meeting.
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US STOCKS-Futures rise as China’s economy cools
By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK, May 11 (Reuters) – US stock index futures edged higher on Wednesday on follow-through from three days of gains on Wall Street as growth in China showed signs of cooling. The latest economic report from China may encourage
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Oil futures: How China could keep US gas prices low
Christian Science Monitor
If India and China raise interest rates and tighten monetary policies, it could cause lower demand for oil in those nations, with a knock-on effect of deflating oil futures and easing pump prices for US car drivers. An oil future is an agreement
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Obama seeks immigration reform lest India, China beat US
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama has made an impassioned call for immigration reform projecting it as a boost to America’s competitiveness so that China or India don’t best it as high-tech leaders. “We don’t want the next Intel or the next Google
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Oil Rises to One-Week High as US Floods Counter China Concerns
By Ben Sharples and Christian Schmollinger May 11 (Bloomberg) — Oil climbed tothe highest in a week in New York as speculation flooding on the Mississippi River will disrupt US fuel supplies countered concern demand may falter in China,
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China Trade Gap With U.S. in Services Grows on Travel, Education
Services exports from the US to all nations grew an average of 9.2 percent annually since 2003, while imports have grown an average of 7.4 percent, the study found. The results were released the day after officials from China and the US met in
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China, US Urge Improved Inter-Korean Ties
Global Security Newswire
The United States and China on Tuesday reaffirmed their hopes for inter-Korean relations to be improved prior to renewal of the long-stalled multinational negotiations aimed at North Korean denuclearization, the Yonhap News Agency reported (see GSN,
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Analysis: China cracks door for U.S. asset managers
By Ross Kerber BOSTON (Reuters) – China’s decision to open the country to US mutual fund sales could be an important new avenue for growth for a mature industry. American companies lobbied heavily for the change in the hope China’s rising middle class
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Worried on China, US seeks rules in space
WASHINGTON — The United States said Wednesday it wanted to set guidelines with China on the use of space, voicing worries that the Asian power is increasingly able to destroy or jam satellites. China stunned the United States in 2007 by becoming the
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EMERGING MARKETS-Latam currencies slide on weaker China growth
By Jeb Blount SAO PAULO, May 11 (Reuters) – Latin American currencies weakened against the US dollar on Wednesday on concerns that China’s economy is cooling, a development that could limit demand for Latin American commodities exports.
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Chinese, US Dating Sites Spurned By IPO Investors
Wall Street Journal
The pair got a cold shoulder despite pricing within their expected ranges, highlighting a continued disconnect between the level of investor interest indicated ahead of pricings in the US and the true level of demand afterward. China-based,
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‘Seductive’ China to strain Seoul’s US ties
Asia Times Online
It’s not in South Korea’s interest to allow that kind of perception to grow, because South Korea’s interest is not having to choose between the US and China. That does not necessarily forge South Korea’s foreign policy objectives.
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Lujiazui Breakfast: News And Views About China Stocks (May 11)
Forbes (blog)
By RUSSELL FLANNERY Investors and traders in China’s main financial district are talking about the following before the start of trade today. Economic talks between the US and China ended on Tuesday without any surprises for investors or apparent major
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Repeat: Text: USChina Framework For Bal Growth, Econ Coop
The United States and China affirm that both countries will, based on common interest, promote more extensive economic cooperation, from a strategic, long-term, and overarching perspective, to work together to build a comprehensive and mutually
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US develops economic ties with China
The Voice of Russia
They have other markets, the US market is not the only market for China, by statistical data, so the volume of foreign trade between the USA and China is not more than 14% on the whole volume trade of the Chinese People’s Republic.
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Forecasts put us at the mercy of China
The Australian
A number of economists are increasingly convinced China’s housing market is in a major bubble and that combined with over investment and over-capacity could bring the country to its knees as early as 2013. Last month, US economist Nouriel Roubini,
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US Stock Futures Up After China Trade Surplus; All Eyes On Microsoft
By Lisa Levin US stock futures are higher this morning, as China reported stronger-than-expected trade surplus. Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) is reportedly nearing a deal to purchase Internet phone company Skype Technologies.
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Bill Gates Calls for More US Clean Energy Investment, Urges American Companies
New York Times
Compared with the United States, China has a much bigger and rapidly expanding market, Gates said. Its amount of total power is going up by a factor of four. Even its ambitious energy efforts can’t keep up with demand, Gates said.
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US Dollar: What Will Happen if China Stops Buying US Treasuries?
Elliott Wave
By Vadim Pokhlebkin You may have heard or read talk in the media about what will happen to the US dollar if China and Japan (the two biggest creditors of the United States) reduce their US Treasury purchases, and/or dump their vast portfolios of US
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Appeasers or Cold Warriors: Must America Confront China?
The Market Oracle
And that’s not to mention the fact that the Pentagon created most of the effective industrial policy the US had during this era. Might a drawn-out competition with China similarly force America to get its act together and deliver decent economic
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China Eyes New-type Military Ties with US: DM
A healthy, stable and reliable bilateral military relation is of great significance to the building of the ChinaUS cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, he said. He noted that the two armed forces share broad common
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Capital Exploits Labor: the U.S.China Trade and Beyond
The fundamental dynamics of the USChina trade partnership–certainly the biggest economic story of this generation–boil down to “capital exploits labor.” I am well aware that this sort of quasi-Marxist analysis is supposed to be passe in the era
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Student group focuses on USChina relations
UI The Daily Iowan
BY EMILY HOERNER | MAY 11, 2011 7:20 AM As relations between the United States and China become more important in the economic world, experts say networking early could be an asset for business students. And one University of Iowa organization,
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ChinaUS talks net some ‘promising shifts’
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The US and China wrapped up two days of economic and military talks with agreements on the environment, intellectual property protection and financial services. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he’s seen “very promising shifts” in Chinese
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Text:USChina S&ED Joint Economic Track Fact Sheet-3
China will strengthen the government inspection mechanism so as to make sure that the software being used by the government agencies at all levels is legitimate. China and the United States will strengthen cooperation in the JCCT IPR Working Group on
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USChina Talks Reveal Gap in Agendas
World Politics Review
The USChina relationship may have reached its strongest footing of the Obama presidency, judging from high-level talks that came to a close in Washington yesterday. But some observers noted a palpable gap in focus between the two powers, with the US
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US Steps Up Challenge to China on Human Rights
PBS NewsHour
The Obama administration has stepped up criticism of China’s human rights record in recent days. Judy Woodruff discusses the issue with Human Rights Watch’s Phelim Kine and former President of the USChina Business Council Robert Kapp.
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China to offset weak oil demand in Japan, US: OPEC
MSN Philippines News
The OPEC oil cartel on Wednesday held steady its forecast for world oil demand growth this year, saying rising consumption in China would make up for the uncertain outlook in the United States and in quake-hit Japan. “World oil demand is forecast to
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Is the U.S. fomenting revolution in China?
Daily Caller
By Neil Patel & Richard Russell Does the US want regime change in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)? That is the provocative question on the minds of some of the Chinese delegates to this week’s USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue.
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Canadian Stocks Decline Amid China, UK Inflation Concerns
Oil, gold and copper have dropped as the US Dollar Index has rebounded from a 33-month low and investors speculated China will take further steps to curb price increases. The US dollar advanced today as the euro declined on speculation Greece will have
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Chinese Airlines Join US in Opposition to EU Cap-and-Trade Program
China’s commercial airlines–like their US rivals–are opposed to joining the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in 2012. Beginning next year, the EU will require all airlines flying in and out of Europe to participate in the region’s
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US Trade Deficit Widens on Record Exports; Stocks Turn Lower
9:55 AM New York – US turned lower in the morning after trade deficit widened on higher oil price and sustained imports. China reported inflation of 5.3% and bank loans rose at a slower pace. Walt Disney quarterly net missed earning estimates.
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US Dollar Looks to China, Bank of England Inflation
Forex News Now
Overnight China is expected to show inflation levels easing with April CPI called lower at 5.2% from the previous print of 5.4%. China will also be reporting on producer prices, industrial production, and retail sales. Event risk mounts tomorrow with
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Saab Boss Victor Muller Jumps on the China Bandwagon, Hints at US and EU
Carscoop (blog)
between Saab and China’s Hawtai Motor Group has barely dried, but the Swedish automaker’s chairman and Spyker CEO, Victor Muller is already making headlines again by hinting at the distribution of cheap Chinese cars in the United States, Europe and
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China and US sign six new EcoPartnerships agreements
Channel 6 News Online
The signing came during the third round of ChinaUS Economic and Strategic Dialogue, held to enhance cooperation in the area of energy, environment, and the climate change. “The EcoPartnership is a very innovative and green cooperation mechanism,” said
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Huntsman’s 2012 Buzz Caused Friction With Obama Team
“While serving as the United States ambassador to China, our greatest strategic adversary, Jon Huntsman began plotting to run against the president of the United States,” Erickson wrote. “This calls into question his loyalty not just to the president
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NYMEX-Oil steady near $104, support from China, US floods
Reuters Africa
China’s crude oil imports in April notched up their third highest level on record on a daily basis, suggesting resilient demand in the world’s second largest oil consuming nation despite strong prices. [ID:nL3E7GA0AX] * Heavy flooding in the US Midwest
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NYMEX-US crude up a second day on gasoline, China
Reuters Africa
NEW YORK, May 10 (Reuters) – US crude futures rebounded on Tuesday for a second day following last week’s heavy losses, supported by a rally in gasoline futures and strong trade data from China. Gasoline futures rallied for a second session as well as
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JinkoSolar Announces US$30 Million Share Repurchase Program
Sacramento Bee
vertically-integrated solar power product manufacturer with low-cost operations based in China, announced today that its board of directors approved a share repurchase program on May 6, 2011, which authorizes the Company to repurchase up to US$30
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China Flooring Plans To Raise Up To US$202 Million In Hong Kong IPO – Sources
HONG KONG -(Dow Jones)- China Flooring Holding Co. (2083.HK) is seeking to raise up to US$202 million in an initial public offering ahead of listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange on May 26, sources familiar with the situation said Wednesday.
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US and Chinese Firms to Collaborate on Solar Energy
MyFox Dallas
(Wall Street Journal) – US solar panel maker First Solar and China Power International New Energy said Tuesday they will collaborate on solar energy projects in China, the US and elsewhere. The arrangement helps First Solar gain access to China’s solar
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Studying Abroad in China is Now a Zinch
PR Newswire (press release)
SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —, the online social network that connects students with opportunities, today launched a web site for Americans interested in studying in China. Announced in conjunction with the ChinaUS Strategic
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Economy and Diplomacy Discussed In Sino-US Talks
A big hello to our viewers across China. I’m Saijal Patel and you’re watching “Asia Market Daily”.The latest round of official talks between the US and China are under way in Washington.As the name suggests, the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue
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‘I Will Be Shorting US Bonds’: Jim Rogers
“Longer term the US dollar is going to be a total disaster,” Rogers said, urging investors to “think about getting out of US dollars before it’s too late.” Many investors say the Chinese yuan is a good place to invest, but China’s capital controls make
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