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U.S. China News 2011.05.08

Sun, May 8, 2011

Companies want results from U.S.China talks
The US is weeks away from reaching its debt ceiling, a result that could see it go into default. As WSJ’s Neil Hickey reports, Congress is inching toward a deal that could see the debt ceiling raised, but spending cuts may be part of the deal. USChina
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Denmark tops list of clean technology producers; China is No. 2; US at 17 is
Washington Post
By AP, AMSTERDAM — Denmark earns the biggest share of its national revenue from producing windmills and other clean technologies, the United States is rapidly expanding its clean-tech sector, but no country can match China’s pace of growth,
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US must stop enabling China’s repressive regime
Buffalo News
His visit to the United States made a deep impression; he was moved by what he described as an atmosphere of freedom, tolerance and cultural exchange. When he returned home to Anhui province in eastern China, he established the AIBO Youth Center,
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China’s Spying Seeks Secret US Info
China Digital Times
These cases show how Chinese state-run companies can have an interest in espionage in order to improve their own products, both for the success of their companies and in the national interest of China. The US Department of Justice has not provided
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Jon Huntsman: US, not China, inspires world
The Seattle Times
A week after leaving his post as US ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman appeared Saturday to edge closer to challenging his former boss for the White House, meeting with top Republican Party leaders and telling an audience of graduates that America is
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How a networking immigrant became a spy
Atlanta Journal Constitution
This undated image made available by US Department of Justice in April 2011 shows a government exhibit photograph of Tai Kuo and James Fondren on a trip to China. Kuo’s journey from entrepreneur to spy is, in many ways, emblematic of how China conducts
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Heavy agenda at annual strategic dialogue as US, China try to manage their
The Canadian Press
WASHINGTON — China and the US have a lot to chew on at high-level talks this coming week: a chronic trade imbalance, a growing military rivalry and opposing views on human rights. The two superpowers with their divergent political systems rarely see
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China Focus: Chinese Internet companies rush to debut in US (press release)
China has more than 270 million users of social networking web sites, creating a market worth more than 2 billion US dollars. The numbers are likely to double in two years, according to statistics with Analysts International, a leading consulting
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China and the US: trade tension
Financial Times
An intriguing new avenue of discussion is opening up in the three-year-old Strategic & Economic Dialogue between the US and China, which starts on Monday in Washington. As China’s currency is appreciating and its trade surplus is falling,
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Doom vs boom: America vs China
Jamaica Gleaner
[China is now the region’s biggest partner: John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times, April 26, 2011]. This expansionist role by China in America’s ‘backyard’ is a matter of geopolitical concern for the Americans. Latin America’s trade with the US, however,
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China sees a role amid Pakistan-US rift
The Hindu
Renewed strains in relations between Pakistan and the United States following last week’s killing of Osama bin Laden have been seen in China as opening the door for closer engagement with Islamabad. According to officials and analysts here, China is
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China to become economic No. 1 in 2016: US imperialism doomed News
The end of US economic hegemony in the world is near—much nearer than almost anyone thought. No less an authority than the US-dominated International Monetary Fund predicts that China will outstrip the United States by the year 2016, when measured by
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USChina relations on “right track,” but challenges lie ahead: former US
by Matthew Rusling WASHINGTON, May 7 (Xinhua) — In the lead up to next week’s USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED), ties between the two countries remain solid, said former US Defense Secretary William Cohen in a recent interview with
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In post-Osama Afghan visit, Manmohan looks to untangle wires
The Hindu
Several Indian companies have been short listed for the Hajigak copper mine project along with companies from Turkey, China and the US India has also pinned hopes on meeting its energy demand on a gas pipeline running through Afghanistan.
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Congress Bans Scientific Collaboration with China, Cites High Espionage Risks
Forbes (blog)
Wolf’s intense concern about the possible theft of intellectual property and sensitive military technologies resulting from joint USChina research activities explain why the spending bill also prohibits NASA facilities from hosting “official Chinese
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Chinese entrepreneurs see Apple’s App Store as entryway to global…
San Jose Mercury News
We tried something new and many clients came to us. The App Store helped us spread our products around the world.” While China has long been viewed as the outsourcer to the world, a growing number of startups here are using the App Store to become
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ChinaU.S. to discuss yuan
Investor’s Business Daily
But he added that currency policy is a “sovereign right” and gave no indication that China might let the yuan rise faster in response to US pressure. US officials accuse China of holding down the yuan’s value, giving Chinese exporters an unfair
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Soft monetary policy in US draws funds to emerging markets
Economic Times
Commodities have had a strong rally due to a weak dollar and expectations of strong demand from the US. However, the commodity prices cooled down a bit over the last few weeks on the reports of a slow recovery in the US, and slowdown in growth in China
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U.S. seems to be headed to falling from within
Zanesville Times Recorder
If the United States paid China a trillion dollars a month, it would take more than 300 years to pay them for the loans we have. What will happen when this day comes? Will China demand total control over the country and its economy?
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China as Number One? Don’t Bet Your Bottom Dollar
The specter of China as the USA’s future enemy once again has reared its ugly head. Sign up to stay up to date on the latest World headlines via email. Tired of Afghanistan and all those messy, oil-ish wars in the Greater Middle East that just don’t
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China’s appetite aids Sahuarita pecan firm
Arizona Daily Star
Pecan exports to China have gone from being almost nonexistent five years ago to hitting about 90 million pounds of in-shell nuts in 2009 – more than a quarter of US pecan exports. With a finite supply of nuts, more than 90 percent of which are grown
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The Collapse of the American Standard of Living, Inflationary Depression
The Market Oracle
Nations such as the US, UK, China, India, Brazil, etc. are not only suffering high inflation, but they are exporting it as well. Not enough to keep inflation at bay in their own countries, but enough to make financial conditions in victimized countries
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Full text of Bernard McCarthy’s responses to reporter’s questions
First, MSU had a partnership with the university and it afforded me an opportunity to interview educators and students (both Chinese and US) about life in China. I also was interested in exploring whether any partnerships would be available for MSU
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AT&T USA Diving Grand Prix: Day Three
US synchro teams for the World Championships team will be chosen next week in Tallahassee, Fla. Dumais followed up the synchro silver with 480.10 points in the individual 3-meter event. China went 1-2, with gold going to Qin (508.50) and silver to He
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Aircraft carriers gain clout in naval power
Atlanta Journal Constitution
So are Brazil, India and China _ which with Russia form the BRIC grouping of emerging economic giants.(AP Photo/Christophe Ena, File) The US — with more carriers than all other nations combined — and established naval powers such as Britain,
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Shortage of critical materials explored
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
China now produces the vast majority of rare earth magnets, followed by Japan and Germany, according to US government reports. China is stockpiling its rare earth materials, imposing stiff export quotas and even imposed a brief embargo last year on
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Ignoring visa rules could ruin a trip
What do Brazil, China and India have in common? All require American travelers to get a visa. And they’re not the only countries. “A lot of people don’t know visas exist, or they think US citizens don’t need one,” says Diane Kakoz, manager of B&K
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With Osama dead, why should US forces stay in Middle East?
US and NATO forces leave, the Taliban returns, and Pakistan moves into the orbit of China, which has far more cash and more of a long-term interest in South Asia than a busted United States on the far side of the world. The “Great Game” will go on in
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A bad idea for Latin American universities
There are three major rankings of the world’s best universities, done respectively in Great Britain, the United States and China. Among their most recent results: • The London-based Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-2011 index is
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Grains Week Ahead-Resurgent dollar changes market dynamic
Reuters Africa
While most analysts continue to have a positive outlook of grain prices over the long term as US farmers struggle to plant their corn and on concerns over wheat crops from China to Germany to Canada, they agree on short-term turbulence.
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Could Renren be vulnerable in a Chinese crackdown?
Taipei Times
That is in some ways what Renren (人人網), dubbed the Facebook of China, asked investors to do. Last week, investors complied: Renren raised US$743.4 million in an initial public offering (IPO) and its shares jumped 29 percent on their first day of
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Washington Watch for May 8, 2011
By GERARD SHIELDS US Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, returned last week from a weeklong trip to China, representing America’s fourth-largest exporter to the world power — Louisiana. Louisiana exported $6.5 billion in goods and services to China
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Whipsawed stock investors look to jobs data
Inflation data is due out next week from China and a strong figure will likely prompt expectations of further policy tightening measures. See full story. US stocks rise Friday after a stronger April jobs report brought back some buyers,
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Falling Oil Prices Make No Sense
Forbes (blog)
But I see this as part of the process of the US ceding consumption to fast growing Asian economies, such as China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. As for #4, this is clearly an effect that is transitory in nature. I don’t know the speed at which the
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Russia Seeks China’s Support on Libya Crisis
over NATO or US operations. It was Medvedev who started the litany of complaints that NATO’s operation was exceeding the mandate of Security Council resolution no. 1973 on Libya. The Russian president used his visit to China on April 14 to air
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Neal Peirce / Syndicated columnist Can metro focus ramp up an export-based
The Seattle Times
Plus, it means governors, mayors and county executives recognizing their real competition isn’t inside the United States: It is countries such as South Korea and China that are today investing billions in education, research and new “green” products
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Huawei Moves ‘Up the Food Chain’ in Cisco Enterprise Challenge
By Bloomberg News – Sun May 08 16:01:00 GMT 2011 Huawei Technologies Co., China’s largest telephone-network equipment maker, says the coming “revolution” of merging computer and communication networks will help it challenge Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO)’s
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Investors Cautious About Week’s IPOs
Wall Street Journal
where the benchmark index fell 2.4% last week and China, where the Shanghai Composite has fallen for seven of the last 10 sessions amid fears of more moves to cool the economy, could spill over to deals in the US He said he is more interested in
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With potential to make history, Tong enters race for US Senate
Ct Post
Originally from China, he had come to the US on a tourist visa via Canada. In desperation, the elder Tong wrote a six-page handwritten letter to Nixon. It resulted in the Department of Justice issuing him a chance to stay and become a citizen.
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How does America view peace and war after the death of Osama bin Laden?
Nearly half of Americans rated China’s economy as the world’s strongest in a National Journal poll last year, even though the US economy is more than twice as large. “Something’s happened to the American psyche where we’re afraid to compete,” Slaughter
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