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U.S. China News 2011.05.07

Sat, May 7, 2011

AP IMPACT: China’s spying seeks secret US info
San Jose Mercury News
He was convicted of 14 counts, including communicating national defense information to aid a foreign nation and violating the Arms Export Control Act. “China aggressively seeks US defense technologies, and the People’s Liberation Army are now shown to
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US, not China, inspires world: Huntsman
Huntsman chided Americans “who have lost confidence and think that China is the next big thing” and “many in China who think their time has come, that America’s best days are over.” “When the oppressed are fighting autocratic regimes,
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China goes car crazy, and US firms salivate
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Last year, US sales were a below-average 11.6 million. For Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Group, which are still getting established in China, the slowing market means they largely missed out on a stretch of record growth, and, in some cases, profits.
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China media says human rights pressure from US will fail
Northwest Asian Weekly
The defiant editorial in the Global Times appeared on the second day of an annual ChinaUS human rights dialogue that comes amid a major Chinese crackdown on government critics. Talks have yielded little progress in recent years and are expected to be
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US China To Discuss Korean Tension Reduction: State Department
WASHINGTON, May 7 (Bernama) — The United States and China next week will discuss ways to improve inter-Korean ties and reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Yonhap News Agency reported the State Department as saying Friday.
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Wall Street Beat: China Tech IPOs Create US Buzz
PCWorld (blog)
RenRen, dubbed “the Facebook of China,” made a big splash, raising US$743 million with its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. In what was one of the more highly anticipated Chinese IPOs of the year so far, shares skyrocketed almost 71 percent up from
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US stores restock as Apple sells iPad 2 in China
Apple is selling its popular iPad 2 mobile tablet in China as stores in the US restock supplies of the iPad2 that had been sold out for some weeks. Apple Inc.’s May 6 debut of its iPad 2 in China was met with long lines and sellouts.
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Tech jobs in Indiana, not India, China: Obama
The Hindu
With his domestic political standing boosted by last weekend’s killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, United States President Barack Obama has now trained his guns on the US‘ economic competitors and upped the ante on India and China in particular.
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Market access tops U.S.China topics
Press Herald
Another concern is that the decline in the US dollar is eroding the value of China’s investments in US Treasurys. China saw a foreign-exchange loss of about $271 billion on dollar-denominated forex reserves accumulated since 2003, much of it invested
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China rules US carmakers are guilty of dumping
International Business Times
China has found some US-made passenger cars benefited from unfair subsidies, damaging its carmakers, although Beijing side-stepped a potential trade row with the United States by not hitting them with duties. The world’s second largest economy would
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China Talks A Green Line While The US Walks One
Forbes (blog)
By PATRICK MICHAELS In 2009, despite no cap-and-trade law, no carbon tax and no major reductions mandated by our EPA, US carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 7.1%, more than in any year since they began tracking emissions in 1949. Meanwhile, China’s
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Brazil Trade Surplus Rises, But Deficit Registered With US & China
Forbes (blog)
By KENNETH RAPOZA Brazil’s trade surplus rose in the first three months of the year, even as it registered a trade deficit with its two top trading partners — China and the US. Brazil’s trade surplus was to $3.16 billion in the first quarter of 2011
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Chair of the USChina Economic and Security Review Commission: Who is Bill
A member of the USChina Economic and Security Review Commission since its inception in 2001, William A. Reinsch was first appointed by Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, and most recently reappointed to the commission by Senate Democratic
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China’s Nobao Renewable Energy revives IPO plan
NEW YORK (Reuters) – China’s energy efficiency company Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings Ltd revived its plan for a US listing on Friday, filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering of up to $300 million.
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Toledo finds China study on investing encouraging
American Chronicle
Other worries include China buying American manufacturing companies, shutting down the US factories, and moving production to China, where it is generally cheaper to produce goods. After Dashing Pacific Group withdrew its offer, the Toledo Regional
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China Tells US To Mind Our Own Business – And We Should
Seeing the Forest
It is about time the United States started minding our own business by taking steps to protect our business and bring manufacturing and jobs back home. Leading up to next week’s USChina Strategic And Economic Dialogue, China’s Vice Finance Minister
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China lost 36 271 bn from debt holdings due USD depreciation
Eric Maskin, professor at Princeton University in New Jersey and the 2007 Nobel laureate in economics, told China Daily that possible further reduction of China’s holdings of US debt will not bother US, and overseas holders have no reason to cut the
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Huntsman Coming Out
TIME (blog)
At Gamecock commencement, GOP hopeful defends China post as public service, is Reaganesque on American greatness, and quotes lyrics from “one of” his “favorite bands,” Ben Folds Five. Your generation will have your own unique set of circumstances that
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Expert: Pakistan needs US to survive
CBS News
Dont believe? just do a survey all over the world and see how many normal peace loving human being agree to this!! by thesevenveils May 7, 2011 11:44 AM EDT Pakistan is already in China’s front pocket. China has given Pakistan billions in aid money to
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Obama sees China as partner in Mars mission
By Amy Svitak WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama views China as a potential partner for an eventual human mission to Mars that would be difficult for any single nation to undertake, a senior White House official told lawmakers.
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Why U.S. Steel Could Be a Steal
China produces and consumes half of the world’s steel. US Steel’s largest division is its integrated domestic steel operations, which include long-lived iron-ore mines in the Midwest and a group of steel mills led by the huge Gary Works, in Indiana.
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Many Chinese take a U.S. education home
Charlotte Observer
“But for us, who came here in 2000s, we see better career opportunities and more colorful life back home.” Yang is part of a surge of Chinese students who want a US education they can take back home, where China’s economic explosion offers
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Sino-US militaries to join economic talks
Military representatives will be welcome at the table during the annual ChinaUS Strategic and Economic Dialogue next week in Washington, said US diplomat Kurt Campbell. It will be the first time the military has joined the high-level economic talks,
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China, Central Asian states hold anti-terror drill
The Associated Press
the United States will devote more efforts to containing China’s growing ambitions. Some among the more radical Uighurs trained in Taliban camps in Afghanistan prior to the US invasion in 2001 and since then moved across the border in Pakistan.
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A Bull in the China Shop
“You must own China.” If you believe her and you’re a huge investor, you’re in luck: Liu soon plans to register a mutual fund in the US Whether you accept her premise depends on two things: First, that you trust that Beijing has a handle on inflation.
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China ACM Appoints New Independent Director (press release)
“Mr. Jin is a highly respected, securities and transaction attorney whose legal career has been dedicated to successfully bridging the US securities and Chinese capital markets,” said Mr. Xianfu Han, China ACM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
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What do analysts say about the commodities crash?
Economic Times
of high commodities prices, especially for oil; a slowing in the pace of US economic recovery; and relative softness in China’s import demand for key commodities, such as copper and soybeans, analysts at Barclays Capital said in a note to clients.
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Why China Is Hoarding Rare Earths
In the 1980s when the electronics industry took off, it was the US that led production from domestic mines. The problem with rare earths is that they are hazardous to mine, often with very adverse environmental consequences. Given China’s low-cost
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Urban Green Energy Targets China to Expand Wind Turbine Sales
China surpassed the US last year in total amount of wind-generated electricity and is expected to increase output fivefold by 2020, the council says. Emerging markets are turning to wind power to diversify their energy sources and reduce imports of
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Top 5 Economics Graphs Of The Week – 1 May 2011 (press release)
This week we take a look at the Purchasing Manager Index data for the US and China. Then there’s a review of the US employment report, before an overview of the employment data from New Zealand, we then wrap up with a review of some of the key monetary
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China’s rough-and-tumble used-car market
San Jose Mercury News
Last year, consumers in China, now the world’s largest auto market, bought 13.8 million new passenger cars. By comparison, only 11.6 million new autos were sold in the United States. The used-car market will eventually account for two-thirds of all
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Patent Budget Cuts Could Have ‘Devastating Effects’ on US Innovation
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Adding to concerns that China and India may soon out-innovate the United States, patent processing is set to slow down. The US Patent and Trade Office (UPTO) has warned of an even longer patent process time, after Congress announced a
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Food and Product Safety in China.
Is your company paying more attention to the product quality and safety issues of goods manufactured in China? The US government and AmCham-China members have extensive experience on food safety issues and could play a useful role in this training.
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Understanding The Yuan-U.S. Dollar Relationship To Precious Metals And
ETF Daily News (blog)
Present were the industrial, military and governmental heads of both China and the United States. Our government had just digested the failures of Lehman Brothers, AIG and other corporate icons by creating massive bailouts and running up trillion
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Q&A with Chai Ling
Charleston Post Courier
You know there were 3 million policemen and Army people, a massive manhunt throughout China throughout the 10 months. Looking back, I knew God protected us. He found strangers to put in our place and gave them the courage and passion to save us at the
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Osama bin Laden’s death gives peace a chance in Afghanistan
The Guardian
The bogey of India at its border has historically been used in domestic politics and Pak Army machinations to get cash handouts/arms from USA and China. The field data collected and collated by : US Forces, RAW/Indian Army, KGB, Chinese Intelligence
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Asia Stocks Fall, Erasing This Year’s Gain, as US Economic Outlook Wanes
In Sydney, James Hardie Industries SE (JHX), the largest seller of home siding in the US, declined 4.9 percent while Billabong International Ltd., the world’s biggest surfwear maker, dropped 1.8 percent. Jiangxi Copper Co., China’s biggest producer of
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Feldstein on Productivity and Growth
The American (blog)
It starts with his statement in the context of China, but is also more universal: “Our growth and standard of living depend on what we do and not on what the Chinese do.” Seems like a simple, obvious truth; but when I heard it, I thought of the
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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan heads east to boost trade and business for Port of Oakland
San Jose Mercury News
According to US Census data, $14 billion worth of goods (import and export) moved between the Port of Oakland and China last year. For the first time the Oakland Port’s overall exports exceed imports, and Quan and other mayors in the Bay Area have
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Commodities: China Had a Wild Card
Seeking Alpha
Commodity prices cannot fall without being checkmated by China’s follow-up notice that it doesn’t like US policy and is concerned about the US deficit. And so here we are. If commodities continue to show weakness and the dollar starts rallying,
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In the Shadow of Bin Laden: Republicans and the Presidential Debate
Huffington Post (blog)
Huntsman served over two years as our ambassador to China. That’s a very impressive credential, given China’s status as the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy, having surpassed Japan last year. Except for one thing.
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Daily Stock Alert
Barron’s offers advice for investors. Money manager Yang Liu, dubbed “the Warren Buffett of China,” thinks the coming decade will be the golden age for China. She plans to launch a mutual fund for US investors, Barron’s reports.
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