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U.S. China News 2011.05.01

Sun, May 1, 2011

China has no easy road to prosperity
The News Journal
Already, 47 percent of Americans believe China is a greater economic power than the United States. In fact, China’s GDP is less than half that of the United States. Americans believe China holds most of the US national debt. In fact, China holds only
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US lied to China, Russia on Libyan conflict’
Press TV
The United States pushed the idea of a humanitarian protection mission as a pretext to strike Libya in order to trick China and Russia out of vetoing the United Nations resolution sanctioning a no-fly zone over that country.
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China tour key to Huntsman bid
Seattle Post Intelligencer
“He articulated USChina policy to the Chinese in a way that they could grasp, and to American audiences in a way that made sense to them.” The Chinese ambassadorship isn’t designed to accommodate political hacks or donors. The job is to manage one of
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India’s Rejection Of US Aircraft As Seen By China – Analysis
Eurasia Review
Chinese netizens interested in strategic issues have been showing interest in India’s reported decision to go for European jet fighters for its Air Force in preference to the aircaft offered by US companies. They see this as a possible reflection of
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Legislators travel US, Europe, China, Iraq between April and May
Jakarta Post
House of Representatives legislators traveled to the US, Europe, China, and Iraq between April and early May as part of their controversial comparative study program. “Please stop such visits. People are sick of the behavior of legislators who are
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Sands China seeks US$3bn refinancing
International Financing Review
Sands China, the Macau unit of billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp, is seeking a US$3bn, five-year refinancing in a deal that will test banks’ appetite for the booming gaming sector in the Chinese enclave. To access full story
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HK stock exchange not ready to OK MGM China IPO
By MarketWatch By Kate O’Keeffe and Nisha Gopalan HONG KONG -(MarketWatch)- MGM China Holdings Ltd., which is planning a US$1 billion initial public offering, is working on addressing the requests of the Hong Kong stock exchange so it can get the
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China’s presence in Dominica
Jamaica Observer
Asia and Africa, home to the largest poor population, have received about 80 per cent of China’s foreign aid. While the US has been preoccupied with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the so-called ‘war on terror’, paying little attention to its
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Global Imbalances: The South-South Answer
Wall Street Journal
They are increasingly integrated into global trade flows, including trade and investment that flow back and forth between China and the US Expanding “South-South” economic links, including greater policy coordination, should be an important component
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Opinion Shapers: National sales tax could fix capitalism in the US
Mansfield News Journal
By Vern Barnhill- 10:02 pm By Vern Barnhill If the cost of production of manufactured and processed products in the US can be substantially reduced, that production can return to the United States instead of being done in China and other foreign
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Don’t kowtow to China now
The Australian
It was appropriate that the Australian PM first visit Japan and South Korea before going to China. The fact is that the US, Japan and South Korea are – like us – democracies and allies of America. China will never be our ally.
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Fears in China as another human rights lawyer disappears
The Guardian
Both the US and China had made unusually strong comments on the issue in the run-up to the talks. Posner said he had raised the high-profile case of detained artist Ai Weiwei, adding: “We certainly did not get an answer that satisfies.
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Chrysler, Ford try to catch up in China sales
Detroit Free Press
Wuling is a partner of GM in China. / CHRISSIE THOMPSON/Detroit Free Press BY CHRISSIE THOMPSON While shrinking to four brands in North America, General Motors now has seven in China. How is GM ensuring it won’t repeat its US overexpansion in the
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Rio adds voice to carbon pressure: report
Business Spectator
to pledge to polluting industries that the carbon tax scheme will not hurt Australia’s ability to compete abroad, while suggesting that it may be unwise to implement the tax before China and US have done so, according to a report by The Australian.
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China pays price for world’s rare earths addiction
Workers wearing blue uniforms and army camouflage runners inhale toxic fumes as huge spinning steel pipes process tonnes of rare earths bound for high-tech manufacturers in China, Japan, the United States and elsewhere. A production manager surnamed
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Transportation: China syndrome
Richmond Times Dispatch
By Times-Dispatch Staff “China is building faster trains and newer airports,” President Obama said in his State of the Union speech. “Meanwhile, when our own engineers graded our nation’s infrastructure, they gave us a D. We have to do better.
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Local wire producer fights ‘dumping’ by China, Mexico
The Tribune-Democrat
But Robertson has joined four other US companies in taking a stand against allegedly unfair and illegal “dumping” tactics by competitors in China and Mexico – tactics that are cutting profits and reducing employment in cities such as Johnstown.
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Gold demand in China is set to rise 20 per cent in 2011
Wall Street Journal
Gold futures were up $58.20, or 3.87%, at $1563.00 an ounce by the close while silver climbed over 2% as weakness in the US dollar and concerns about inflation helped lure investors to precious metals. Albanian_Minerals President Sahit_Muja said that
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HC International Plans Merger With MZ Group (press release)
Hayden Communications International, Inc. (“HCI”), a full-service investor relations firm focused exclusively on China-based, US-listed companies, announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) to become a subsidiary of the MZ Group
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Full text of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s speech at Balai Kartini of Indonesia
We in China know full well that only innovation can ensure the continuous progress of a nation, only openness and inclusiveness can bring prosperity to a nation, and only commitment to the path of peaceful development can enable us to achieve the goal
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Sunday newspaper round-up: Gas Prices, BAE, UK GDP
He likes to frame America’s challenges in terms of “competitiveness”, particularly versus China. America’s prosperity, he argues, depends on “out-innovating, out-educating and out-building” China. This is mostly nonsense. America’s prosperity depends
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Trump Drops F-Bombs in Las Vegas Speech
The New American
His message to China: “Listen you mother******s we’re going to tax you 25 percent!” Since his sudden political arising, Trump has honed in on the Asian economic powerhouse, claiming it is a dumping ground for US jobs, and due to the continuing burden
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Yuan breaks through 6.5 dollar mark
CHINA’S yuan strengthened beyond 6.5 against the US dollar for the first time since 1993 on expectations of a more valuable yuan to help tame inflation. The yuan rose 0.1 percent to close at 6.4910 against the United States currency in Shanghai
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China takes great leap backward
Centre Daily Times
Chen Jiping, a senior official, expressed this fear when he warned recently against “hostile Western forces attempting to Westernize and split us.” China, for a time, even blocked access to the blog of outgoing American ambassador Jon Huntsman.
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My Turn: Cut defense to meet budget goals
Also, on April 11 the Burlington Free Press reported that the US military spending last year was almost seven times that of the next country, China, ($698 billion vs. $119 billion) and that the UK is third at about half of what China spends.
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Historic collection adorns Angels’ high tea
Bonner County Daily Bee
Tom Suttmeier stands ready to serve from his complete set of historic US Navy china and silverware, which will be featured at one of the tables for the upcoming Angels Over Sandpoint High Tea on Saturday, May 7, at the Sandpoint Business & Events
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【Anniversary Special】WAP Martin: Inaugural president of the Imperial
Peking University News
Peking University, Apr. 29, 2011: “In view of your learning and your long residence of 40 years at our capital, besides 15 years in other parts of China, you are regarded by us with profound respect. When we hear your words we ponder them and treasure
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Twisters stay on ground longer in South, study finds
Detroit Free Press
The presidential busts retail for $20 but would cost $40 if purchased from US manufacturers. Three years after China was rocked by a scandal over deadly tainted milk, the country is again grappling with concerns over food safety.
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If China sneezes, we’ll catch more than a cold
Sydney Morning Herald
This pays off handsomely when China’s economy is expanding by nearly 10 per cent a year, as it has been recently, and markets seem convinced this stellar growth can continue for a while yet. But what happens to us if China’s economy gets the wobbles?
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How I ended up in China
Macon Telegraph (blog)
What America needs to understand is that the average person in China knows they are in a race with us. They know much more about us than we about them. They know our language, and the young hipsters of Shanghai, complete with engineering degrees,
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Maximum China Carbon Emissions Output Will Come From 2025-2030?
Financial Feed
China must cut down pollution if they plan on playing along with the biggest countries. A US-conducted study said the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer China may reach maximum output from 2025-2030. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that
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General Motors bound for top
Myrtle Beach Sun News
GM’s sales are up, mainly in China and the US, the world’s top two markets. Its cars are better than in the past, especially small ones. General Motors is poised to reclaim the title of world’s biggest automaker from Toyota this year.
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China invokes ban on smoking
Hindustan Times
Smoking, which is linked to the deaths of at least 1 million people in China every year, is on Nearly 30% of adults in China smoke, about 300 million people — a number roughly equal to the entire US population. The health ministry in March released
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Offshoring stole many U.S. programming jobs | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-05-01
Philadelphia Inquirer
According to a study by Duke University’s Offshoring Research Network, China has “mounted a vigorous challenge to India’s software development outsourcing industry. More and more US and European companies are outsourcing software and IT services
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Pakistan — why America does what it does
The Express Tribune
In fact, even as the US has been fighting, China has walked away with a contract for mining enormous quantities of copper in Afghanistan and is scheduled to begin export this year. Meanwhile, China was involved in the construction of Pakistan’s
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50 People Become U.S. Citizens at World of Nations Celebration
First Coast News
It’s the day they became citizens of the United States. “I feel so good, happy, excited,” said Cui Juan Zhenz. Zhenz, a China native, said this moment has been 12 years in the making. That’s when she first moved to the United States.
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Farm News & Notes
Fond du Lac Reporter
For the first time in history, China is the top market for US agricultural exports. China imported agricultural products valued at $17.5 billion from the United States in 2010. This accounts for 15.1 percent of total US agricultural exports.
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China internships offer international networking
Herald Times Reporter
From left, Alfred Keith IV, Jennifer Reichardt and Shacora Con ners will spend nearly eight weeks in China performing intern ships with The Manitowoc Company, including working at its crane manufacturing plant in Shanghai. They leave the United States
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Today In History
eTaiwan News
In China, protesters retaliate attacking US missions. 2000 – US Navy resumes military training on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques following protests by islanders who say that decades of bombing have harmed their health and the environment.
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“Why Mexico Will Change Your Life.”
PV Mirror
The US ranks No. 5, Mexico No. 35, China No. 79 and India No. 134. “The Economist” predicts the Mexican economy will grow 3.0 percent in 2011, compared with 1.5 percent for the US Chile, Peru and (Colombia will grow even faster, leading the Western
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China Economic Growth May Moderate as Manufacturing Index Slips
The yuan strengthened beyond 6.5 per dollar for the first time since 1993 on April 29 as the US currency slid. A stronger yuan may help to cool inflation by effectively making imports cheaper. The logistics federation said yesterday’s data showed an
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Cables show Sen. Graham met with Gadhafi in 2009
Charlotte Observer
The WikiLeaks cables show Graham, a member of Senate Armed Services Committee, as a kind of shadow secretary of state, negotiating an array of sensitive matters – from terrorism and war to China’s currency manipulation. A cable from the US Embassy in
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Hollings living and (still) making his legacy
The State
China is not the enemy. We are our own enemy. China is merely doing what we used to do for 100 years or more. We built an industrialized United States by protecting trade. Why aren’t we doing it now?” Available land, climate, accessible highways and
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If GE pays no taxes – why should any company?
There is no reason for these bulbs to be made in China and shipped halfway around the world because there are virtually no labor costs. Moreover their high price blows to smithereens the myth that making products in China guarantees a low price.
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