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U.S. China News 2011.04.30

Sat, April 30, 2011

China Readies Latin America Fund, in Yuan
Forbes (blog)
In 2009, Argentina signed a 70 billion yuan ($10.76 billion) currency swap agreement, while Brazil conveyed willingness to trade with China using their own currencies rather than the US dollar. Meanwhile, this year, Peru became the first Latin American
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China/US Should Cooperate In Space: Astronaut
Efforts in the past to bring a USChina space coalition have failed, foiled by economic, diplomatic and security tensions, despite a 2009 attempt by US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao to launch a partnership.
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U.S.-educated entrepreneurs thriving back in India, China
Bend Bulletin
“We want more Andy Groves here in the United States,” Obama said. “We don’t want them starting companies — we don’t want them starting Intel in China or starting it in France. We want them starting it here.” But Wadhwa said Obama’s call to do that as
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Commentary: China won’t be top economy in five years
Kansas City Star
My opinion: While I was amazed by China’s development in my recent trips to that country, I don’t see China overtaking the United States over the next five, or even 10 years. First, the US dollar still doesn’t have a credible rival as the world’s
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Eyeing the White House After Service in China
New York Times
“The course of a major relationship such as that between the United States and China is not going to be guided solely by the skill or lack thereof of an ambassador, but what an ambassador can do is make a meaningful difference,” J. Stapleton Roy,
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US hold ‘tough discussions’ with China on serious rights issues
Tibetan Review
The report noted that rights will again be on the agenda, along with a number of other issues, at high-level USChina strategic and economic talks in Jun’11 in Washington. Posner has made it clear that human rights constitute an important element in
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U.S. Dollar Weakness and China Strength: Continuation Expected
Seeking Alpha
Our initial USD sell recommendation came following the announcement from China that they would de-peg from the US dollar and re-enter “flexibility” mode. We understand “flexibility” in the Yuan translates into both a stronger CNY and a weaker USD.
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Extralegal: US Hits China on Dissidents’ Families
China Digital Times
open elections in China. But unlike her husband, whom authorities formally charged with subverting state power, Ms. Liu’s status is unclear. Several reports have said she has been confined to her home, but US officials said they have been unable to
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Chinese lawyer freed, another missing
CNN International
The release of Teng Biao (pictured in a file photo) comes after two days of talks between the US and China in Beijing. Beijing, China (CNN) — Chinese authorities freed a prominent lawyer held for more than two months shortly after a US official called
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Af-Pak-US talks in May: Haqqani
The Express Tribune
However, Haqqani, in response to this citation, said, “China is definitely an all-weather friend of Pakistan. We have been friends of China since 1949. We were the country that helped the United States and China come close together…
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Indian decision on fighter deal no snub to US: Foreign Policy
Hindustan Times
“First, the United States has a national interest in Indian strategic autonomy, because one important consequence of India’s geopolitical ascent is the ballast it provides to an Asian order not subject to China’s tutelage,” the prestigious US magazine
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FM promises Japan will remain on global stage
Clinton said that she consulted with Matsumoto about the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the main forum for dialogue between China and the United States which will take place in Washington on May 9-10. “I think there is a convergence of views between
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2013 Chevrolet Malibu To Launch in »
Inside Line
The redesigned midsize sedan won’t launch in the US until early 2012. The Malibu will be built locally in Korea, China and the United States. SEOUL, South Korea — General Motors said the redesigned 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, which was simultaneously
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China Premier Strives for Trust, Investment with Indonesia
China Digital Times
He said China would also give a billion yuan ($154 million) for maritime cooperation. “The widening trade gap between us and China is worrying because our market is open to them, and we exported commodities their way, but they don’t open their market
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Op-Ed: Superman renounces US citizenship- As seen by China Daily
The Man of Steel renounces his citizenship in Action Comics #900 on the grounds of not wanting to be seen as an instrument of US foreign policy. The China Daily take on this is pretty appropriate. China Daily is the global face of China.
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Berkshire’s Rose ‘Very Bullish’ About Recovery, China Trade
“It’s really driven by worldwide demand, specifically China.” The US economy has expanded for seven straight quarters, with gross domestic product increasing at a 1.8 percent annual rate in the three months ended March 31. Exports to China rose to
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India and China Should Secure Their Regions
News Tonight
Flournoy said, “Both the countries, US and China are not inevitably destined for conflict, as some have posited”. She said that the economy of China, which is growing on a faster pace within Asia, will surely challenge the economy in 2030.
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China aid linked to Taiwan issue: cable
Taipei Times
Released by WikiLeaks on Thursday, a cable dated May 19, 2009, from the US embassy in Beijing recorded observations by New Zealand embassy political official Tara Morton about China’s “massive” aid to Fiji, stating that “the People’s Republic of China
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Pakistan looks to China
Daily Pioneer
A recent report in the Wall Street Journal that Pakistan is lobbying Afghanistan to ignore the US and instead build a strategic alliance with China may have angered policymakers in Washington, DC who feel betrayed by a long time ally but it nonetheless
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U.S. Senators See Clean Energy in China First-Hand
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
A group of ten senior US Senators visited China this week (the largest delegation of elected US officials ever to visit the country). Their take-away? China is taking the lead on clean energy and giving the US a run for its money on innovating the next
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SEC order freezes assets of China Voice Holding
The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday announced the action against China Voice Holding Corp. The SEC says the company’s stock trades in over-the-counter markets and claims to have telecommunications products and services in the US and China.
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IPO VIEW-Renren IPO appetite seen huge but red flags abound
“Appetite to invest in China right now is so strong that some investors are willing to ignore factors that they wouldn’t in other markets,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting, a Beijing-based company that advises investors on
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Yuanda China may cut Hong Kong IPO size
By Polly Hui HONG KONG -(MarketWatch)- Yuanda China Holdings Ltd. said Friday it may cut the size of its Hong Kong initial public offering from up to US$536 million previously. The company said in a statement it intends to alter terms of the global
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China Eastern Airlines 1Q profit up 32 pct
Air China, based in Beijing, reported a 23 percent drop in its profit, to 1.67 billion yuan ($257 million) or 0.14 yuan (2 US cents) a share, despite a 45 percent jump in revenue. The airline’s revenue in January-March was 21.3 billion yuan ($3.3
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<B>Premvir Das:</B> Indo-US engagement at the crossroads
Business Standard
If a multipolar Asia is what India wants and a unipolar continent is what China seeks, then the US becomes a very important factor in our calculus. Its interests in Asia are enormous and it cannot let China assume a hegemonic role.
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Middle East holdings of US securities slipped to $350 billion in 2010
China is the US largest holder of US securities, while the Middle East oil exports rank as the 10th largest out of 25 countries. (File Photo) By EMAN EL-SHENAWI Middle East holdings of United States securities stood at $350 billion at end-June 2010,
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Commodities no cure for China s cash problem
So far China has chosen paper, especially in the form of US treasury bills. But comments this week by China’s central bank chief that the country’s foreign exchange reserves exceed reasonable requirements, and local media reports that Beijing was
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Donald Trump admits he’s wrong…kinda
The State Column
Mr. Trump has repeatedly slammed China in recent weeks, accusing the country of devaluing its currency and increasing economic pressures in the United States. Well, now it seems Mr. Trump has some explaining to do. The real estate and casino mogul,
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America’s Fate Under Chinese Hegemony:
The People’s Voice
The news has recently hit the press that China’s economy, measured on the purchasing-power basis that adjusts for price differences between nations, may surpass the US in only another five years or so. Surprisingly, China has still shown no signs of
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Why Are General Motors Shares Stuck in Reverse?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Perhaps the GM pre-IPO road show last summer was too successful, elevating expectations for sexy, new fuel-efficient models like the Chevrolet Volt, for growth in China and emerging markets and for gains in US market share. Declining market share in
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$30 Million in DOE Grants for Green Technologies Free of Rare Earth Elements
But access to shrinking and restricted supplies of rare earths could hinder the ability of US manufacturers to compete worldwide, the agency says. China produces 97 percent of the world’s supply of rare earth metals, though the United States,
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US report puts Egypt with worst religion violators
The annual report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom says the plight of Egypt’s religious minorities, especially Coptic Christians, has deteriorated markedly since former President Hosni Mubarak resigned in February. China also is
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Potential US Presidential Candidate Ronald Trump in Un-presidential Speech
Day Breaking News
Reuters reports that “stupid” was used twice by possible US Republican presidential candidate, businessman Ronald Trump in a speech Friday before a crowd at the Treasure island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Trump, who has not formally declared his
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San Antonio remains open for China link
San Antonio Express
More than 100 people attended an update on the pending China plan, a report on the US Pavilion’s effect on the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and discussions of issues necessary for “San Antonio to have a seat at the China table.†More than 70 people,
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Monks, Chinese Forces In Uneasy Peace
Eurasia Review
The Tibet clampdown was among issues raised this week by Washington at a two-day USChina Human Rights Dialogue, a recurring discussion held this time in Beijing. US Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, who led the US side in the talks,
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Inside Futures
Jim Rogers in his book “Hot Commodities” warned us that like all economies China would experience setbacks in economic growth. He also went on to say they would be temporary. With over a billion people yet to move from the lower economic class to the
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Pearl Harbor visitors now get Japan and US view
The Associated Press
The exhibits also show Japan and the US creeping closer to war, with newspaper headlines about Japan’s invasion of China and US sanctions against Japan. The enlarged museum allows for more of the US story to be told, as well. There are photos of bodies
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Greenwood Management Welcomes Global Timber Price Recovery (press release)
A spokesperson for Greenwood Management said, “China still has a seemingly insatiable demand for timber as it is vital as a raw material for its massive growth projects. It’s own sawmills can’t keep up with this demand and, as a result, US,
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Grow Up, Guys!
Worse, about 47% of US debt is now held by foreigners, up from 31% in 2000. The mix of foreign ownership has also changed dramatically. China has quickly become America’s largest foreign creditor, holding nearly $1.2 trillion worth of US debt,
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US Intervention in Syria
Bay Area Indymedia
On April 28, Russia and China blocked a US-backed UK, French, German and Portugal proposed Security Council resolution condemning Syrian violence. Damascus’ UN ambassador, Bashar Ja’arari, said it failed because several members were fair-minded enough
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China Distance Education Holdings Limited Announces Expansion of Share
“Our current cash position provides us with the flexibility to increase the repurchase quota under our share repurchase program without impacting our growth strategies and other strategic opportunities.” China Distance Education Holdings Limited is a
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Business Highlights
Surging inflation that helped trigger protests in Shanghai is prompting China’s leaders to turn to a tool they long resisted: Speeding up the rise of the country’s tightly controlled currency. Rising prices are a political threat to China’s communist
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Gas Prices Continue to Climb
But the recession caused US demand to plummet while South American nations, China and India have been continuously increasing their demand for gas. Now refineries in United States are producing less oil for the domestic market and exporting more to
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