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U.S. China News 2011.04.29

Fri, April 29, 2011

China dissident released after US official’s visit
The latest USChina dialogue on human rights came at a contentious time, after China has jailed, detained or placed in secretive informal custody dozens of dissidents, human rights lawyers and protesters it fears will challenge Communist Party rule.
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China astronaut calls for US cooperation
Efforts at USChina cooperation in space have failed in the past decade, stymied by economic, diplomatic and security tensions, despite a 2009 attempt by President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, to launch collaboration.
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U.S., China Energy Use Predicted to Flatten in Coming Decades
By Yale Environment 360 at Yale Environment 360 Two new studies forecast that energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the US and China will level off by about 2030, even if aggressive measures are not taken to rein in greenhouse gases.
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3 China Plays for the End to the Age of America
Earlier this week, news broke that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that the “Age of America” will end and the US economy will be overtaken by China’s economy in real terms, adjusted for purchasing power parity, by 2016.
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GM minivan gone in US, but thrives in China
Edmonton Journal
By Ben Klayman, Reuters April 29, 2011 7:55 AM General Motors killed its minivan in the US market thanks to soccermom stigma, but the automaker has carved out a high-priced niche for the vehicle as a chauffeur-driven executive ride in China.
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China wants US electric car technology
The Detroit News
Washington— Michigan’s two US senators urged the Obama administration to prevent China from requiring US automakers to hand over advanced vehicle technology. Democrats Carl Levin of Detroit and Debbie Stabenow of Lansing want the US Trade
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US senator revives threat of action on China yuan
“I made clear to him that this would leave the US Congress with no choice but to respond.” China’s exchange rate policies have been a sore spot in USChina relations for years with Washington accusing Beijing of deliberately undervaluing its currency
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China, Malaysia sign US$3b pact to boost relations
People’s Daily Online
There has been friction in the relationship between the two countries over the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea. The United States has been accused of interfering in the dispute with its “back to Asia” policy. Last July, US Secretary of State
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Trump Wasn’t Being A Hypocrite About China; He Was Telling The Sad Truth
Big Government
China is currently utilizing several strategies in order to undermine America’s global economic hegemony. To cover even a few of them would fall outside of what’s really at stake between China and the US What has long concerned Washington is China’s
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Renren Seeks $743.4 Million in US IPO After Increasing Price
By Lee Spears – Fri Apr 29 15:04:19 GMT 2011 Renren Inc., the operator of China’s largest social-networking service, will attempt to raise as much as $743.4 million in its US initial public offering, 27 percent more than previously sought.
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US Clarifies Visa Curb Report to China: FM
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the remarks in response to a Financial Times report, which claimed the US government might make it more difficult for the Chinese to receive visas because China restricted the US diplomats’ activities in China.
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China “Aims To Have More Gold Than America”
China is out to have more gold than America, and Russia is aspiring to the same,”said McEwen, who is now chairman and CEO of junior miner US Gold. “When you have debt, you don’t have a lot of flexibility. China wants to show its currency has more
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Will Hong Kong De-Peg From the US Dollar?
Hong Kong Dollar bills featuring an image of the Bank of China Building. There are growing calls for an end to the peg with the US dollar. The drop in the dollar was especially remarkable because it took place against a backdrop of geopolitical
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China: Who Will Rid Us of These Meddlesome Monks?
By Jonathan Turley on 04/29/2011 – 9:39 am PDT — Headlines After arresting hundreds of Christians for attempting to worship in unapproved services, the Chinese have turned to Buddhists for a crackdown that has reportedly taken the lives of two
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Asian Stocks, Oil Fall as U.S. Growth Slows; Yuan Strengthens
San Francisco Chronicle
April 29 (Bloomberg) — Asian stocks and oil fell for the first time in three days and Australia’s dollar weakened after US economic growth and South Korea’s industrial production missed economists’ forecasts. China’s yuan strengthened, breaking
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US trade panel OKs duties on China aluminum goods
By Tom Barkley WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — US duties on certain aluminum goods from China can go forward after a trade panel decided Thursday that US aluminum producers were being threatened by the imports. The International Trade Commission voted to
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Ambassador Jon Huntsman bids farewell to China, returns to US
Global Times
US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. seen at the US embassy. Photo: The US embassy in Beijing US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. ended his term in Beijng Thursday, flying back to the US with his family, the US embassy in Beijing said on its
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The US capitalist love affair with Communist China
Reuters Blogs (blog)
It makes a great headline, but that story was, of course, old news: Given China’s size, and the speed with which it is growing, simple arithmetic tells you that its economy will one day be bigger than that of the United States.
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Apollo Solar Energy Announces on Site Visit by US Senatorial Delegation
PR Newswire (press release)
“How the United States and China work together on commerce, currency and clean energy will help determine the future health of the global economy. I thank China’s leaders for meeting with us to discuss these important issues.” To learn more about this
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Barclays Sees China Yuan Up 5.2% In 2011
Forbes (blog)
Barclays currency strategists Peter Redward and Kumar Rachapudi wrote that the Chinese government tend to rev up appreciation of the yuan ahead of the annual USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which will take place in Washington May 9 and 10.
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Locke: Korea Treaty Incredible, Of Great Benefit
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, speaking from Seoul, showed Thursday that he hasn’t lost a penchant for hyperbole or his enthusiasm for free trade. Locke, soon to be US Ambassador to China, described as “incredible and of great benefit” the US-Korea
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USChina talks on rights go nowhere
Denver Post
BEIJING — The chief US representative to human-rights discussions with China offered a cheerless portrait of those talks after their conclusion Thursday, saying the United States was worried by “a serious backsliding” of freedoms in China and at
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China carbon emissions could peak by 2025-2030: US study
WKBW News Channel 7 – and its affiliated companies are not responsible for the content of comments posted or for anything arising out of use of the above comments or other interaction among the users. We reserve the right to screen, refuse to post,
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Asian Stocks Slip Amid Weak US Data
RTT News
(RTTNews) – Asian stocks ended mostly lower Friday amid concerns that China may further tighten its monetary policy to control its swelling inflation, disappointing economic data from the US and high crude oil prices. Latest data from the US revealed
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US cotton as the preferred fiber – Chinese industry
Cotton Council International’s (CCI) promotion of cotton in China, in coordination with Cotton Incorporated and the National Cotton Council of America (NCC), and its partnerships with Chinese government stakeholders have solidified US cotton’s position
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Lost chance on the slow boat to China
The Australian
“Should we be doing more in terms of China? Absolutely,” Tudor says. “The time to leverage entry into the market is now when they want our resources. My message is China must help us forge better entry for our companies into China.
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Fareed Zakaria on scaling back the US role in Afghanistan
CNN (blog)
Last night I talked to Eliot Spitzer about reports of an April 16 meeting between leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan where, as Eliot said, “these two supposed US allies conspired to throw the US out and look toward China as the benefactor.
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METALS-Shanghai copper drops, weighed down by weak US data
Reuters Africa
But for now, the market is still concerned about the tight credit conditions in China and the weak US economy,” Zhou added. US GDP data released on Thursday showed the world’s largest economy grew by 1.8 percent in the first quarter, missing market
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Citi Vet Chan Launches Emerald Orient Greater China Hedge Fund
A former Citigroup Smith Barney portfolio manager has launched a Greater China hedge fund with US$25 million in initial assets. Daniel Chan said that the fund began trading after receiving an asset management license in Hong Kong earlier this month.
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White iPhone Launch Notes: Lines in China, Ship Times Slip, Thickness
It’s worth noting that the black iPhone 4 went on sale in China in September 2010, while in the US it has been available since June. Conceivably, that could mean that US buyers had more time to give in and buy the black iPhone rather than wait for the
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Trump Drops The F-Bomb On OPEC And China
The Right Perspective
Prospective US presidential candidate Donald Trump fired up the masses on Thursday by dropping f-bombs in a speech critical of the Obama administration’s dealing with China and oil-price regulating organization OPEC. “They [OPEC] want to go in and
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China’s new aircraft carrier: a menacing name?
True, the carrier could eventually enable China to exercise air power around the world. The US operates eleven such floating airports — which currently enable it to attack Libya from the Mediterranean. The Pentagon has come under criticism
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A-Power Chairman Jinxiang Lu Updates U.S. Senator Harry Reid on Planned Wind
PR Newswire (press release)
China and a manufacturer of wind turbines, today announced that Mr. Jinxiang Lu, A-Power’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, attended a meeting between a delegation of government officials and businessmen from the city of Shenyang and US Senate
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Will China’s peak herald “peak human”?
The Guardian (blog)
Photograph: Andy Wong/AP There have never been more people on earth then now, and we have never consumed more energy, but could the age of peak man be upon us? For China at least, the answer is yes and perhaps sooner than expected.
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Demand in China is growing
Hotel News Now
By Shawn A. Turner There are 56 million outbound China travelers today, and that number is expected to grow to 100 million within 10 years. While the Chinese government has loosened travel restrictions, the US government is still causing some problems.
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China Focus: QE2′ s end unlikely to ease China’s inflation: economists (press release)
Liu said he expected that the yuan’s exchange rate will be one of the important issues discussed during the third round of ChinaUS Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which will occur next month in Washington.
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American Airlines Selected as Official Sponsor of ‘Meet in Beijing’
PR Newswire (press release)
In China, American was the official airline sponsor of the USA Pavilion that welcomed more than 32000 people per day over the 184-day exposition at the record-breaking World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. American also brought together 25 top choreographers
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Daimler Profit Rises on Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sales in China
VW reported this week that Ebit more than tripled to 2.91 billion euros boosted by demand for Audi models in China, while VW’s Lamborghini supercar unit may sell more vehicles there than in the US for the first time this year.
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U.S. women still alive at Sanya Open
Universal Sports (blog)
April 28-May 1, 2011: Images from the FIVB World Tour women’s Open event in Sanya, China. Both American teams are still alive in the tournament, but have to fight through the contender’s bracket to reach the semifinals. May-Treanor and Walsh need to
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FBI warns US businesses of new Chinese cybercrime scheme
By Terry Frieden, CNN Justice Producer The FBI is warning US businesses about a cybercrime scheme emanating from a remote area of China. Washington (CNN) — FBI agents combating international cybercrime are currently battling hackers on two new fronts
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US not ready for ongoing gas price hikes
Pocono Record
The United States has 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves but consumes 25 percent of world production. It’s now in fierce competition with increasing demand from China and India. The peak of US domestic oil discovery was 1930.
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