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U.S. China News 2011.04.28

Thu, April 28, 2011

U.S. challenges China’s ‘serious backsliding’ on human rights
CNN International
By Jo Ling Kent, CNN Beijing (CNN) — Talks between China and the United States about human rights issues, including missing Chinese activists, ended Thursday with little progress and many unanswered questions, an American diplomat said.
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USChina Rights Talks End With Commitment to Continue Dialogue
Voice of America
Chinese officials say two days of talks with the United States on human rights issues have ended with the sides committed to continuing dialogue on the basis of equality and mutual respect. But foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China is against
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IMF Forecast: Can China Really Overtake the US Economy by 2016?
Money Morning
For global investors with China-based holdings, it reminds us of that country’s long-term potential – and the fact that such potential is always tempered by near-term risk. For the rest of us, it reminds us that China’s ascendance is inevitable – in
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China’s Stocks Rebound on Bank Profits, US Consumer Outlook
The US is China’s second-largest export market, accounting for about 20 percent of its overseas shipments. Chinese small-company stocks will extend the steepest two- day drop in three months as more companies miss profit estimates amid government
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Forex Reserves May Bring China SWF US$200 Billion
China Briefing
Apr. 28 – The Chinese government is looking to increase diversification in its foreign exchange reserve management and may provide its sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation (CIC), with another US$100-US$200 billion worth of investment,
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Social Media Involvement Greater in China than U.S.
An interesting study by Netpop Research entitled Social Face-Off : A Comparison of US and China Social Media Use finds that people in China are more involved in every type of social media activity of which they studied. First, some general facts about
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Donald Trump’s Labels Often Say ‘Made in China
ABC News
Deana Mitchel/ABC; Getty Images In exploring a run for president Donald Trump has repeatedly accused China of taking manufacturing jobs from the US, saying “the problem with our country is that we don’t make anything anymore.
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US ITC Votes to Impose Duties on Aluminum Goods From China
By Mark Drajem – Thu Apr 28 16:35:49 GMT 2011 US makers of most aluminum products are being harmed by imports from China, the US International Trade Commission ruled in a decision that will lead to tariffs on those items. The final ruling today sets
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Donald Trump Blames China for Fact That Much of His Gear is ‘Made in China
ABC News
Deana Mitchel/ABC; Getty Images Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused China of stealing manufacturing jobs from the US, acknowledged today that an array of Trump-branded clothes, accessories and other products are made in China.
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METALS-Copper down on US worries, more China tightening fears
By Barani Krishnan NEW YORK, April 27 (Reuters) – Copper slumped on Wednesday on nagging doubts over the US economy and fears about tighter policy in China, but ended off the lows after the US Federal Reserve gave no indication it was in a rush to
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China to Overtake U.S. as World Economic Power – Now What?
BNET (blog)
China to Overtake US as World Economic Power – Now What? Arends’s conclusions are based on using PPP, or “purchase power parity,” which compares what people earn and spend in their domestic economies. PPP isn’t subject to widely varying exchange rates
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Pak tries to outflank US and India in Kabul with China card
Times of India
There, flanked by his military supremo Ashfaq Kiyani and chief spook Shuja Pasha, he is said to have made an audacious pitch to the beleaguered Afghan President Hamid Karzai: Let’s both ditch US and hitch our stars to China.
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China determined to end the reign of the US currency
Economic Times
Earlier this month the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) agreed at their summit meeting in Sanya, China, to establish mutual lines of credit in local currencies. On the face of it, this is an innocuous effort by the world’s
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China fast overtaking America’s economy
Philippine Star
Ralph Gomory, research professor at NYU’s Stern business school, observed that what we have seen is “a massive shift in capability from the US to China. What we have done is traded jobs for profit. The jobs have moved to China. The capability erodes in
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US provoking China and Russia in Mediterranean’
Tehran Times
TEHRAN — The United States is at the risk of a war with China and Russia as its main objective behind engineering the Libyan war and Syrian unrest is to remove the two major powers from the Mediterranean, a senior former US official has warned.
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Brain drain or brain circulation? America is bleeding competitiveness
In other words, when it came to competition from startups in India and China, the US had nothing to worry about. We were really surprised at what we learned. In the next installment, I’ll discuss our findings. Vivek Wadhwa is a visiting scholar at the
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Slots, Visas Stymie USChina Open Skies
The Transnational
During a live poll of nearly 100 aviation professionals attending the symposium, 47 percent expected within 10 years the completion of an Open Skies pact between the United States and China. Others were less optimistic. Session moderator and former US
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Crooks hacking US accounts and wiring money to China – FBI.
The FBI has issued a fraud alert, warning small US businesses to watch out for cybercrooks compromising their online banking details and wiring money to companies in China. The Bureau says that between March 2010 and April 2011 it has identified twenty
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Beijing: US official says told China “deeply concerned” about deterioration in
By Gerry Davies || April 28, 2011 at 10:31 GMT RSFX: It’s about time people caught up with text book economics. If everyone knew these common truths before the crisis we wouldn’t have had such a boom…. Bledi: Hi Gerry, Do you think it’s wise starting
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Campbell: Long-Term USChina Strategy
Asia Society
SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2011—US Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell called China the “most consequential relationship the US will ever have” and suggested long-term strategies to strengthen ties. (3 min., 38 sec.
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Policy or not, many urban Chinese only want one child
“Education is a real concern for us. I have many friends who don’t want children at all. One is enough for me.” Like the residents of Hong Kong and Singapore, which have among the world’s lowest birthrates, China’s urbanites are starting to believe
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Locke Interview on South Korea Trade Pact, China
April 28 (Bloomberg) — US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke talks with Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle about the need to press China to ensure its industrial policy doesn’t unfairly limit market access to American companies. Locke also discusses the outlook for
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China loans Turkmens US$4 bil. in exchange for future gas supplies
ASHGABAT — China agreed Tuesday to extend energy-rich Turkmenistan an extra US$4.1 billion in credit, a loan that officials said will be paid off with future supplies of natural gas. State energy company Turkmengaz said the funds will be used to boost
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AmEx targets India, China for growth
Reuters India
American Express is looking for growth from developing markets and new technology like mobile and online payments, in the face of increasing regulations and a saturated US market for traditional credit cards. The credit card lender and transaction
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Japan, China and the US Economy. What will be the fallout?
This dramatic change in energy policy will put an extra burden on an already deflationary economy and will have far-reaching repercussions for the global economy and specifically the US and China. As a result, Japan will experience not only a change in
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US China Trade As Zero Sum Game
China Law Blog (blog)
I recommend you read a just out Reuters article on US China trade. It does a better than average and fairly thorough job setting out what we can expect in ChinaUnited States trade relations. The article is entitled, “US and China on collision course
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Food and Drug Law Institute To Hold Conference on USChina Food and Drug Law (press release)
The Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) will host a major conference on food and drug law, regulation and policy in China and the United States June 13-14, in Beijing, China. The FDLI conference, USChina Food and Drug Law: Ensuring Quality,
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Obama uses subsidies to outsource American jobs to China
Washington Examiner (blog)
“According to our estimates, about 6000 jobs have been created overseas, and maybe a couple hundred have been created in the US” Even with the infusion of so much stimulus money, a recent report by American Wind Energy Association showed a drop in US
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While US fiddles, China gains
Illinois Times
Meanwhile, the United States is burning, or declining, or coming closer to implosion. China’s currency reserves have topped $3 trillion, according to The Economist. The clever folks at The Economist crunched some other numbers to highlight the
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In Theory: The US and China’s religion policies
Valley Sun
And given America’s close economic relations with China, is there anything you think the US government should be doing? I don’t think China gives two chopsticks about America’s opinion with regard to its policies. America is deeply in debt to China,
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Unrealistic US Immigration Policies Push Away China’s Best And Brightest
who was on the panel with Wang and me, shared my concern about the US pushing away our smartest graduates. She estimated that one-half of the graduate students at RPI come from abroad and about one-third to one-half of those come from China.
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China’s long-term investment benefits Africa
UNITED NATIONS – In a way that is different from traditional investors from Europe or the United States, China’s long-term approach to its investment in Africa has benefited many countries, Lazarous Kapambwe, chief of the UN Economic and Social Council
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For US Trade Deficit, Don’t Blame Yuan
Forbes (blog)
Although the Chinese currency may be a key factor in global trade, it is not a significant factor behind the US overall trade deficit, nor is it a factor contributing to the ongoing deficit with China, the US China Business Council (USCBC) wrote in a
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Hong Kong emerges as key importer of U.S. meat
Hong Kong’s status as a gateway for trade with China and Macau are increasingly opening up greater avenues for US high value food products. In 2010, Hong Kong imported over US$15 billion consumer-oriented agricultural products and seafood,
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China adds new requirements for US tech partners
Rob Schmitz: China’s planning agency will be pumping money into industries like clean tech and aerospace, which should offer some opportunities for US companies in the China market. But: That price, says IHS Global Insight analyst Xianfang Ren,
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US List of 14 Religious Freedom Violators Includes Egypt
Voice of America
In Asia, the report names Burma, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Rounding out the list are African nations Eritrea, Nigeria and Sudan. The commission is recommending the US State Department officially designate the
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China and Russia halt UN moves on Syria
Sydney Morning Herald
CHINA and Russia have helped to block an initiative by the US and its European allies for the United Nations Security Council to condemn the Syrian government’s attacks on peaceful protesters. The Security Council, which last week failed to take a
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China’s ‘heavenly palace’ space station
The Week Magazine
With the US scaling back NASA’s efforts, is China’s plan to build its own ambitious space station just one more sign of the Asian nation’s ascendancy? China’s Tiangong space station will reportedly look a lot like NASA’s International Space Station
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Wave of Chinese professionals makes mark in Seattle area
The Seattle Times
He also writes letters to newspapers, and speaks out about issues involving the US and China. With more people from Asia and more Asian Americans getting involved in their communities, he said, they spread knowledge. “That’s good for the American
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Why China Is Vulnerable: Part 2
Many people in this country complain that the Chinese are sending their best and their brightest over here for their schooling, and that those kids then return home with the knowledge they’ve acquired in the US and put it to work trying to out-innovate
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Pacific Crest Securities Plans to Hire More Bankers in China as IPOs Surge
Photographer: Raul Vasquez/Bloomberg Pacific Crest Securities, a US investment bank focused on technology, said it plans to hire more bankers and analysts in China as fund-raising from initial share sales by local Internet firms may set a record this
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CER Signs $5 Million (US) Contract with Hubei Yihua Fertilizer Co.
PR Newswire (press release)
CER is building China’s first state-of-the-art, energy recovery system research and fabrication facility, which will allow CER to meet increased demand for its products and services. For more information on CER, please visit:
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Yuan sets a record high of 6.5096 against US dollar
People’s Daily Online
News from China Foreign Exchange Trading Centre showed that RMB sets a record high of 6.5051 per US dollars on April 28. The mid-point previous day was closed at 6.5096. The yuan is trading at 6.5051 versus the US dollar, 9.6445 versus the euro,
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‘Greener Pastures’ at Home Entice Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs From United
Marketwire (press release)
The report, “The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs,” is based on a survey of US-educated Indian and Chinese professionals who had returned to their home countries and started businesses.
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US can no longer chant mantra of top dollar dog
Sydney Morning Herald
The US dollar has been the global reserve currency since World War II, and as it becomes further undermined many investors have sought gold and now silver as a store of wealth. It is not just the emergence of China that has placed a bid under the
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Fly China, risk included
Asia Times Online
And, as Cliff is quick to point out, “While China is well behind the US and the European Union in military areas, they are catching up rapidly.” A country that, according to the RAND report, had until recently struggled to build an acceptable turbofan
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