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U.S. China News 2011.04.24

Sun, April 24, 2011

Tension ahead of USChina HR meeting
Press TV
The US State Department has issued a statement on the next annual meeting on human rights between the United States and China, saying the two sides are set to meet Wednesday and Thursday in Beijing. The meeting comes amid tensions between Washington
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The Pace of China’s Democracy, How Fast? How Soon? Which Way?
Most of these leaders vowed never to let this happen again to the people of China. And the people of China have no desire to see this kind of chaos repeated in their life time. That is one of the reasons why the “Jasmine Revolution” has not happened in China as anticipated by some people in the West.
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China to lead world economy
The Age
CHINA is about to overtake the United States as the world’s biggest economy, creating profound changes in the balance of global power. In forecasts inserted quietly on its website in recent days, the International Monetary Fund has projected that,
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How Should China Protect Itself From the U.S. Dollar?
Seeking Alpha
If you ask anyone in the world, what currency has proven to be most reliable over the past 40 years, you are bound to hear the same answer over and over: the US dollar. This has become such an obvious truism that no one has the faintest doubt that it
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China to Beat US Lamborghini Sales This Year
Forbes (blog)
By KENNETH RAPOZA The US is fast being replaced by China in high end spending. China is likely to pass the US and become the No. 1 market for Lamborghini later this year, company CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Reuters this week.
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China PBOC Official: US Faces Rising Debt-Issuing Costs -Report
BEIJING -(Dow Jones)- China must be vigilant against possible price fluctuations caused by rising costs that the US faces to issuing debt, China’s Caixin Media reported Sunday, citing People’s Bank of China Research Bureau Director Zhang Jianhua.
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Former US President Jimmy Carter To Visit North Korea
A group of former statesmen led by former US president Jimmy Carter arrived in Beijing on April 24 at the start of a six-day visit to China and the Korean Peninsula. In a statement, the Elders group of retired state leaders said that during their trip
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China Cracks Down on Would-be Easter Congregants
Voice of America
The persecution of these Christians and other human rights abuses are to be raised with the Chinese government by US officials in Beijing later this week. The US government has repeatedly criticized China’s human rights record. The US Commission on
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US drones migrating to China
Pakistan Patriot
The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) would monitor China’s military buildup and North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. ”The drones would become available in the coming months as the US draws down forces from theaters in Afghanistan, Pakistan and
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Many factors lead to demise of textile industry
Even during the quota system, China found ways to circumvent restrictions by shipping product out of other countries, Tantillo said. The US government did little to deal with this “cheating” and the final nail was China being given full membership in
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Chinese, International Producers Beat Path to Co-Productions
Hollywood Reporter
Even Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, a big hit in the US in 2001, saw mediocre returns in China. Gao said the problem lay partly in impatience among inexperienced investors demanding films be made quickly. “Chinese investors don’t have any idea how to
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Australian dollar’s rise creates dilemma for economy
BBC News
The exception is the resources sector. There are two broad reasons for this. First, the seemingly insatiable global demand for iron ore and coal, especially from China. Second, many of Australia’s commodity exports are priced in US dollars.
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Castro blasts US on Chinese rights report
The Daily Star
The State Department meanwhile on Friday announced that China and the United States will hold human rights talks in Beijing next week, amid a Chinese crackdown on government critics that the US condemned. Authorities in China have launched their
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Most back Diggers to help Seoul
The Age
Most Australians believe the government allows too much Chinese investment in Australia and 87 per cent of people believe Australia will be drawn into a conflict with China because of the US alliance. The poll by the Lowy Institute, a Sydney-based
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China’s Acquisition Strategy: What I’m Focusing On
Seeking Alpha
That said, I think that any strategic ‘out of China‘ acquisition made by the Chinese government for Chinese business will do nothing but continue to tip the US/China economic teeter-totter further in China’s favor. Disclosure: I have no positions in
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Capital crunch looms but China will be happy to invest in commodities markets
The Australian
He said McKinsey’s analysis suggested the real reason interest rates had dropped was a fall-off in demand for capital, which was about to change because of the needs not only of China and India, but also the US. “The American Society of Civil Engineers
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Long-Term Bets on Yuan Are No Sure Thing
Wall Street Journal
“If we see that hit US investor confidence, and that hits equities, all bets are off the table for China to appreciate the currency,” he says. For now, underpinned by widespread confidence in the appreciation story, the yuan’s internationalization
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Green power: Wind, solar and old-fashioned juice
Las Vegas Review – Journal
“The relationship between the United States and China is important for our two nations, but it is also important for the world,” Sen. Harry Reid said in a statement. “How the United States and China work together on commerce, currency and clean energy
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Fleeing China, couple urge help for Falungong
The United States and China will hold an annual dialogue on human rights in Beijing starting on Wednesday. Michael Posner, who will lead the US side at the talks, said at a recent press conference that China’s labor camps were “full of people that have
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India stands tall in gloomy world scenario
Financial Express
While other leading wheat producing countries like China and US are witnessing a decline in output, the country has stood as an exception with an estimated record production of 84.27 tonnes of the staple foodgrain this year.
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Look Harder
We know that she was, in fact, abandoned and our friends from China told us that abandoning a child was a capital offense. So we must assume that her family loved her enough to attempt the drop instead of throwing her into any a river to expire (sadly,
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Giffords-Kelly story one of love, strength
USA Today
Arizona’s first Jewish congresswoman met Kelly in 2003 while both were visiting China on fellowships with the National Committee on USChina Relations. They saw each other the next year as part of the same trade mission.
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How will P-Noy play the China card?
Philippine Star
But before they paid their call to the DFA, the mission gave us the honor to hold a free-wheeling discussion of China-Philippine relations with the members of the Tuesday Club breakfast gathering at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last week.
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Harry Domash, Online Investing: Understanding exchange-traded funds
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Given the uncertainties about the US economy, many investors are looking at emerging markets for investing opportunities. With China stocks in the doldrums lately, Latin America has been catching the eye of investors. Of the 20 countries that comprise
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ASIA: The rise of higher education philanthropy
University World News
Despite the eye-catching ‘lucky’ figure involving a string of eights, Lei Zhang’s donation to Yale pales beside some received by universities in China. Last year electronics billionaire Duan Yongping and his wife Liu Xin, a journalist, donated US$30
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US Should Bomb Gaddafi Into Submission”
Peace FM Online
Graham defended the United States‘ involvement in Libya, including the newly-approved use of predator drones in the country. Russia and China have accused the US of overstepping a UN mandate against excessive force in Libya, arguing Western allies have
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An unconstrained China
Khaleej Times
While China’s foreign policies are intended to be conducted with more visibility now, some of its responses are viewed by others as pushy or over-reaching. External pressures, notably from the US, could be forcing China’s hand in responding too quickly
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Recall news
Las Vegas Sun
AP DETAILS: Photon carabiners, Photon and Mach Express quickdraws imported by Camp USA Inc. of Broomfield, Colo., and sold at outdoor retail stores nationwide from February 2011 to March 2011. The carabiners and quickdraws were manufactured in China.
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Peirce: Investing equals patriotism
Denver Post
Anything less threatens a second-rate, declining America as China and other world powers ascend. Our government budget deficits are real, requiring tough action. But tea party-like pitches to eviscerate government are perilously wrong.
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Tibetan Government in Exile ‘Deeply Concerned’ About China Crackdown on Monastery
Voice of America
The Tibetan government also asked for the issue to be raised during the United States‘ and China’s annual meeting on human rights next week. The US State Department said last week that China’s use of force at the monastery to block demonstrations by
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Ohio ‘under siege’ as jobs disappear
Springfield News Sun
Consider the US experience with China. The USChina trade deficit was $273 billion in 2010, up from about $226.9 billion in 2009. (The figure is the difference between what we import from China versus what we export there.) A trade deficit means that
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China focuses on electric car plan
Electric cars are the latest industry in which Beijing hopes to use China’s fast-growing market as leverage to develop its own technology and global brands. It passed the United States in 2009 in number of vehicles sold annually and foreign producers
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No visa, no entry: Destinations where you need more than a passport
Detroit Free Press
B&K Express Passport and Visa Services, 26069 W. 12 Mile Rd., Southfield: www .bandk visas .com , 248-262-1600 What do Brazil, China and India have in common? All require American travelers to get a visa. And they are not the only countries.
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Detroit students get eye-opening experience in China
Detroit Free Press
“It’s very good, especially for urban students like us … to get to see so many different places where we learn so much,” Sydney said. “It’s a great experience and should be offered to all schools.” Margaret Trimer-Hartley, the superintendent who
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US Growth Probably Slowed as Fuel Costs Rose
American manufacturers are faring better than consumers as increasing demand from emerging economies like China supplements gains in business spending. “We’re in really good shape for accelerating industrial earnings growth,” Jeffrey Immelt,
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Huskers take down Tianjin Bridgestone in five sets
“It kind of brought us back to China and how they play and how we have to adjust to them. It felt like a postseason match; the intensity was high.” Some of the players who helped Tianjin win its fifth straight Chinese League Championship are training
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Fuel prices put China’s drivers in reverse
Financial Times
“The logistics companies give us the same pay today as they did several years ago when diesel was just Rmb4 a litre,” he says. Diesel now costs twice that amount. One problem is that there are so many independent truckers in China that each feels they
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Missing WWII Airman Identified from Burma Wreck found in 2003
Gant Daily
On April 24, 1943,Sims and four crew members aboard a C-87 Liberator Express departed from Yangkai, China, in support of “The Hump” mission, a resupply mission between India and China. The crew took off with enough fuel to make the six-hour flight to
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Deputy Dean: ‘This Music Spoke to Us
The Epoch Times
“I was astonished that this music spoke to us. One is drawn to it immediately. The tones are pleasant to the ear, relaxing and at the same time engaging. This was a nice mix of melodies and very likable,” Ms. Schmiedel said.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding: China’s big souvenir takeaway
Official memorabilia supplier the Royal Collection said it has doubled production of some items. A spokeswoman said: “The largest number of international orders have come from the US and China. It’s incredible.”
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Evans: It’s patriotic to cut military spending
Daily Camera
I’ve seen various numbers for the US share of world military spending, from 43 percent to 48 percent. I’ve found estimates that US military spending outpaces China’s by anywhere between 600 and 900 percent. Let’s use the conservative, former estimates
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Child brides need world to intervene | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-04-24
Philadelphia Inquirer
One in seven girls in developing countries (excluding China) is married before her 15th birthday. Once married, these girls, like those who are trafficked or inducted into domestic service, become members of a tribe of “lost girls” – robbed of their
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Does the United States Need a National Strategic Narrative?
Moreover, the US is experiencing its latest round of “declinism,” the periodic certainty that we are losing all the things that have made us a great nation. In a National Journal poll conducted in 2010, 47% percent of Americans rated China’s economy as
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Op-Ed: Living on borrowed money is living on borrowed time
Foreigners, led by China, now own 47 percent of our debt, making our nation dangerously dependent on other countries to service our debt. An America in debt to foreign nations is an America that is no longer in control of its own destiny.
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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Says Money-Making Outsourced to China (satire)
Also, printing laborers in China make an average of $5 per day compared to $160 per day in the US. “Desperate financial times call for desperate financial measures”, Bernanke stated. “The money produced in China will be of equal or greater quality than
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