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U.S. China News 2011.04.23

Sat, April 23, 2011

US, China to hold human rights talks
Montreal Gazette
China and the United States will hold human rights talks in Beijing next week, the State Department announced Friday, amid a Chinese crackdown on government critics that the US condemned. Authorities in China have launched their toughest clampdown on
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The Pace of Democracy, to Each His Own
Democracy between China and the United States might be different in pace, progress, and context, but the direction remains the same.
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US and Canadian log and lumber exports to China up over 150 percent in 2010
Gerson Lehrman Group
China has come to the rescue for many sawmills and timberland owners in the US and Canada the past year. The value of softwood logs and lumber shipped from North America to China is estimated to reach over 1.6 billion US dollar in 2010,
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Japan seeks stronger military ties with US: report
TOKYO — Japan’s defence minister said his country needs stronger military ties with the US and South Korea to balance China’s growing might, the Wall Street Journal reported. In an interview with the paper, Defence Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said
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China native thrives here with imports, exports
The Tennessean
Rising incomes of China’s residents and devaluation of the US dollar versus the Chinese yuan has made US goods even more affordable and increased opportunities in exports, Wu said. “Chinese people trust American products, particularly food products
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US debt and China: a tale of two deficits
The Guardian
China has been criticised by the US for keeping its currency artificially low. Photograph: Nicky Loh/Reuters In the movie Philadelphia, the lawyer played by Denzel Washington is shown repeatedly telling his clients to explain their case to him as
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Deepening USChina Relations
Voice of America
“The people’s relationships is what will give ChinaUS relationships a very strong foundation going into the future.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong at the closing meeting of the US-China Consultation on
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China Should Cap Forex Reserves at 1.3 Trillion US Dollars’
The amount of foreign exchange reserves should be restricted to between 800 billion to 1.3 trillion US dollars, Tang told a forum in Beijing, saying that the current reserve amount is too high. China’s foreign exchange reserves increased by 197.4
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Thousands march in Hong Kong to demand release of China’s Ai
Ai’s detention in Beijing on April 3, after being prevented from boarding a flight to Hong Kong, has sparked criticism from Western governments, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying she was “deeply concerned” about the clampdown.
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China offers quicker route to product development
The Tennessean
SUBMITTED For US companies looking to conduct clinical trials of new drugs and medical devices, Brentwood resident Dr. R. Stephen Porter is pitching China as a lower-cost setting where the job can get done much more quickly.
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India Inc needs to have global mindset for globally integrated economy: US
Economic Times
Future global growth will come from large emerging economies such as China, India Russia and Brazil ,” said Jagdish Sheth, a US-based scholar and authority in the field of marketing. India’s economy will be globally integrated.
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China shows a tough line on pirated works
China continues to copy American DVDs as Hollywood continues to put pressure on the US government to solve the problem of intellectual property rights protection in China. UPI/Stephen Shaver BEIJING, April 23 (UPI) — China demonstrated a tough stance
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Add ‘Em to the List: China’s Great Wall Eyes US Market
MotorTrend Magazine
Fresh off a measure of sales success in markets including Australia, South America and Europe, China’s largest maker of SUVs and pickups feels it’s finally ready to bring the Chinese creations to US soil. Not many details are known, as there are still
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Shanghaied: China driving auto show biz
New York Post
“You’ve got to take care of what some people believe is the most important growing market — and that’s China.” Last year, China beat the US as the world’s biggest car buyer for the first time ever, according to JD Power and Associates.
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US initiates investigations on China made wheels products
As per incomplete statistics of US, China export of wheels products to US in 2010 was worth USD 80 million. Just a day before the issuance, the US authority announced the conclusive ruling of the first annual reexamination over China-made OTR tire,
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Huawei Open to More US Acquisitions
Earlier this year, the networking giant based in Shenzhen, China, agreed to divest the 3Leaf assets on the recommendation of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). FutureWei, Huawei’s subsidiary for US research and
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What Nelly Furtado has to teach us about China
Economies like China and India are the new poster boys of rapid growth, just as Japan and South Korea used to be. But the scholarly authors of this learned paper quote the erudite rock star Nelly Furtado, who warbled All Good Things Come to an End,
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Obama sparked shale gas rush in China
New Brunswick Business Journal
Washington thought that if China could increase gas usage at the expense of dirty coal, it would reduce the carbon footprint of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluter. US firms had hoped the pact would help them leverage their technology to gain
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How the ‘stars aligned’ for closer trilateral relations
The Hindu
Would all this cooperation make China feel “boxed in” and encourage it to counter the US activities by engaging with North Korea, using its veto at the UN or building its military capacity, the cable asked. Well, China does what it wants anyway: this
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Gerbing’s brings production back to the US
Powersports Business
Gerbing’s Heated Clothing is moving its production out of China and back to the United States, according to several published reports. Owner Jeff Gerbing told a crowd in Stoneville, NC, on Thursday that production costs in China have climbed,
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Agents seize hundreds of forged coins at O’Hare
Chicago Tribune
AP US Customs agents have seized more than 350 forged rare antique US coins that were sent from China to O’Hare International Airport. The Daily Herald reports that agents became suspicious when they X-rayed a package from China and found hundreds of
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Say yellow to Beijing
Philippine Star
The Forbidden City is the most splendid palace complex in China where emperors, their families, and households — including the emperors’ concubines — lived. I guess our tour guide Eric knew the historical significance of the sun’s hue for us
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‘Made in America’ is tough sell at Smithsonian
Los Angeles Times
But despite their uniquely American character, those items and many others are made in China, rankling two lawmakers who have been fighting to get the publically financed Smithsonian museums to sell more American-made products. It started in January,
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Herman Cain says China holds 26 percent of U.S. debt
So how much of the US debt, exactly, does China hold? In a speech at a tea party event in Iowa on April 16, 2011, potential Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said it’s 26 percent. “If we don’t begin to grow with the potential that we have
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Why China’s Property Bubble is Different
Forbes (blog)
China’s property bubble is “different” than America’s, but that doesn’t make it less dangerous. Real estate is becoming the country’s top economic story overseas. After the massive US housing market crash, any talk of overheated propety values,
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Dollar’s strength a complex blessing
Herald Sun
The China boost for us is obvious, while the US dollar is falling against all currencies, precisely in part because of good economic news, as well as the distrust factor. But because of China, and our higher interest rates, it is falling more against
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Can China help save Detroit jobs?
CNN (blog)
There are a host of obstacles to a Chinese-driven Detroit revival – concerns about the city’s unions, USChina trade frictions, as well as the attitude of the Chinese government towards these overseas investments. (China blocked a deal by Sichuan
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Pakistan’s China card
Pakistan Patriot
While US-Pakistani transactional relations are fraying at both ends, the opposite is true of Sino-Pakistani relations. Pakistan supported China when she was recognized only by Albania, and built the bridge to the USA. This fact cannot be forgotten by
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Activists say two killed in clash at Tibetan monastery
Monsters and
The Kashag (Tibetan cabinet) hoped that the issue would be raised during the annual meeting on human rights between the United States and China next week. ‘We make the same appeal to other countries to raise this issue in their bilateral dialogues with
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Firm gets bullish on China growth
The Tennessean
Clients also can now pay Gresham, Smith in China’s currency instead of having to convert its fees into US dollars and then deposit the money in the firm’s US bank. That paperwork-intensive process made Gresham, Smith less competitive against some other
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Chinese Christians
Although run by the Communist Party, China in recent years has become one of the world’s largest Christian countries, USA Today reports. Estimates of the number of Christian believers range from 45 million to more than 100 million, according to the
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US EQUITIES WEEK AHEAD: FOMC Meeting, US Confidence Index
The United States and China will hold human rights talks in Beijing next week. The Asian nation has drawn the ire of human rights advocates as arrests of dissenters has increased in recent weeks. The Federal Reserve’s policy-setting Federal Open Market
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Ivy Tech hosts five China college presidents
News Sentinel
Cai Zehuan, president of Xiangfan Vocational and Technical College in the Hubei province said the policies adopted by the Chinese government have opened the door for more exchange between China and the US resulting in more similarities in culture and
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90 million live within 30 km of a nuclear reactor
Montreal Gazette
More than 110 million are in the US, 73 million in China, 57 million in India, 39 million in Germany and 33 million in Japan. Looked at another way, more than a third of Americans live within 75 km of a nuclear power plant, and nearly half of all
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Riverside: Cash-starved developer, China-based contractor, strike partnership
Because US banks burned by failed construction loans were unwilling to take on more, the Griffin family of companies, based in Calabasas, turned to an unlikely place for an American capitalist to find help — a state-owned construction company in China
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China carries out controversial shale gas drill
Hindustan Times
Supporters say China has the potential to emulate the United States, where extraction of shale gas has tripled the lifespan of US gas reserves and offered a lower-carbon alternative to coal. “Shale gas is a game-changer for the US and should do the
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DPP chairwoman meets with foreign expats
Focus Taiwan News Channel
said led to difficulties in Taiwan-US communications at one point. On engagements across the Taiwan Strait, Tsai said she saw no need to invent new rules for bilateral exchanges since both Taiwan and China were part of the international community.
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Planet Gore
National Review Online
Charles Lane in today’s Washington Post: For the past eight years, Liu Zhijun was one of the most influential people in China. As minister of railways, Liu ran China’s $300 billion high-speed rail project. US, European and Japanese contractors jostled
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No. 1 Spot Looks Promising for GM
GM’s sales are mainly up in the world’s top two markets, China and the US It’s newer models are better and more efficient than in the past, especially their compact cars. GM came within 30000 sales of Toyota during last year and began strong in 2011,
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The state of pro tennis in China today
Yahoo! Sports
Only five countries with well-established tennis traditions presently have more players with WTA rankings inside the Top 100 than China’s four (Italy, Spain, the US, the Czech Republic, and Russia). The short answer to the question seems to have at
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New leader overhauls US broadcasts into Cuba
The Associated Press
Voice of America is ending shortwave radio broadcasts in China. And it is working especially hard to justify itself in the Western Hemisphere, where people in all but two countries — Cuba and Venezuela — have an array of local media, satellite
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World Markets: Ended with a bang, but China was left out
World equity market ended the week with firm tone with many markets touching their highest level in nearly 3-years, after ending red prior week, thanks to upbeat US and European corporate earnings that spurred investor allure toward high-yielding
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China gives concessions to Hauliers
The spokesman said port operations at Shanghai were normal today. Xinhua did not identify the official. Inflation in China hit a 32-month high of 5.4% in March, driven by an 11.7% jump in food costs. Help us make the news – contact us with your stories
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Spreading inflation speeds up the debt repayment clock
Also, while the US dollar’s decline is a reflection of general concern over America’s finances, few expect that two biggest holders of US Treasuries – China and Japan – will start dumping their holdings en masse any time soon. With a younger population
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US default could be doomsday option for economy
The Associated Press
China and other countries that now hold about 50 percent of all US Treasury securities could start dumping them, further pushing up interest rates and swelling the national debt. It would be a vicious cycle of higher and higher interest rates and more
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Oil Price Rise Fueled by Investment Funds
Voice of America
Energy analysts see some of the usual factors driving oil prices this year, including increased demand in rapidly developing nations like India and China, restrictions on drilling in some areas like the eastern coast of the United States and unrest in
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