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U.S. China News 2011.04.16

Sat, April 16, 2011

SPECIAL REPORT: The US and China start an M&A Cold War
Reuters India
Follow us now. Learn More Latest updates on Indian and international firms’ earnings. Full Coverage A woman walk past the entrance of the headquarters of China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) in Beijing September 23, 2010.
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US Treasury sees China more open to forex talks
WASHINGTON, April 15 (Reuters) – A G20 agreement on methods for measuring the risks that a country’s policies pose to the global economy shows that China is more willing now to allow a look at its foreign-exchange system, a senior US Treasury
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US Tourism Mission Takes Social Media To China
Sunels International Inc. is a business consulting firm focused on building bridges between China and the US Working with local Chinese and American governments, institutions, agencies, they help the US and Chinese companies to establish and expand
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U.S. vs China: which economy is bigger, better?
Reuters Blogs (blog)
The PRC’s energy dependence is comparable to America’s but China is far more reliant on foreign grain and metals than is the US China’s bid for leadership in trade is evident, but comes with a price that is also increasingly evident.
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Why valuations matter in US and China’s tale of two economies
Even if, as expected, China’s growth rate pulls back to a less super-charged 5pc to 6pc a year in the medium term, the rest of us will look on enviously. The intriguing question is whether investors with a long time horizon should trouble themselves
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China Willing to Join United States in Climate Change Conversation
TakePart – Inspiration to Action
Pelosi, for her part, said (prior to Premier Wen’s statement) that China joining a discussion on climate change could have great implications for US/China relations. “I think that this climate change crisis is a game changer in USChina relations,
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Real threats to ChinaUS relations
Fool’s Mountain (blog)
By BI Yantao In the coming decades, the ChinaUS relations will be deteriorating if the US doesn’t adjust its strategic positioning. It seems the Hu-Obama summit held earlier month is unlikely to dramatically ease the tensions between the two countries
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Q+A: G20 agrees how to apply crisis-detection system
The seven are China, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and India. The seven are most likely to be kicked into a second of analysis, though that level of review could be applied to any G20 member whose policies are found to be troubling
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China Sells US Debt Again
Live Trading News
Total foreign holdings of US long-term securities increased 0.5% in February, but China, the largest holder trimmed its stake for the 4th straight month, the US Treasury Department reported Friday. In February, overall foreign holdings of US long-term
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Huawei to keep pursuing acquisitions in US
The US Defense Department and lawmakers have increasingly expressed concern about links between Huawei and the military, in part because the company’s founder was an officer in China’s People’s Liberation Army. The 3Leaf deal was scrutinized after a
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US to recoup Libya oil from China
Press TV
Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi has made two mistakes: It blocked the US Africa Command by not joining it and let China into Libya with major energy investments instead, says a former US official. Press TV has interviewed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
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China Accelerates Cyber Attacks, Espionage
The New American
China is the United States‘ biggest creditor and our second largest (behind Canada) trade partner. Official public meetings in Beijing and Washington between leaders of the two countries tend to give the appearance that, except for some minor
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China central bank chief: Tightening to continue with yuan
The PBOC has increased benchmark interest rates four times since last October, bringing its rates much higher than in economies such as the United States. “The international market has excessive liquidity, and if we raise interest rates in an excessive
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EDITORIAL: China bashes US human-rights record
Washington Times
As hard as it is to say this, China has a point. Beijing identifies a number of areas in which the United States fails to live up to the lofty promise of the Bill of Rights. At airports, for example, US customs officials have confiscated laptops and
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BRICS Meet in China to Plan a New World Currency
Weasel Zippers
BOAO, CHINA — With the United States and Europe still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis, five disparate developing countries led by China — large, populous, with growing economies — are using their combined clout to demand a larger voice and to
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Illinois man denies taking US military data to China
China Post
Liu was originally granted bail in Illinois but was later ordered held on US$750000 bail by a judge in New Jersey. Liu is accused of taking documents from his job at L3 Communications to China, where he was speaking at a technology conference last
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Colombia Offl:US/EU Pol,China/India Unraveling Threat to Latam
Echeverry said the eventual slowing of the China and India boom also could have implications for Latin American economies, and the terms of trade and policymakers will have to “manage the unraveling.” On the positive side, however, the difference in
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Asian Stocks Fall on IMF Forecasts for Growth, Rising Inflation in China
By Shani Raja and Akiko Ikeda – Fri Apr 15 22:24:03 GMT 2011 Asian stocks fell for the first week in four as China’s inflation rose faster than estimated and the International Monetary Fund cut growth forecasts for the US and Japan.
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The $1.4 Trillion Question
The Atlantic
The Blackstone case is titillating in its personal detail, but it is also an unusually clear and personalized symptom of a deeper, less publicized, and potentially much more destructive tension in USChina relations. It’s not just Stephen Schwarzman’s
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Gold hits record highs while oil drops
Taipei Times
China and the US continue to drive investors to buy the precious metals as an inflation hedge,” said Ian O’Sullivan, analyst at Spread Co trading group. Record-breaking gold will likely soar past US$1600 for the first time later this year,
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Phl shares China’s call to resolve Spratly dispute peacefully
Philippine Star
In an interview with government-run dzRB, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the government agrees with China’s call. She said the US has also called for a peaceful resolution of the territorial dispute in the islands.
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China’s new 5-year roadmap and the BOAO Forum for Asia
Manila Bulletin
The global business and multi-media executives who likewise participated included Tata Sons, Ltd., Executive Director R. Gopalakrishnan, Credit Lyonais Asia Chairman Jonathan Slone, US Sybase CEO John Chen, USChina Partnership Committee Executive
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Corn Falls as Demand for US Supplies May Slow; Soybeans Gain
Grain demand may slow in China if the government continues to raise interest rates to curb rising consumer prices, said Brian Grete, a senior market analyst for Professional Farmers of America newsletter. The country’s inflation accelerated in March at
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Chinese Recycling and US Interest Rates
Wall Street Pit
Another theme – one which I want to discuss in this entry – was the possible impact of China’s rebalancing on US and global interest rates. A lot of people were very concerned that if China does indeed rebalance, US interest rates will soar.
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TSX posts first weekly decline in five weeks
Montreal Gazette
Gold jumped US$13.60 to US$1485.30 an ounce. The Canadian dollar also posted a decline against the US greenback, closing at US104.16¢, down three basis points. “The strength of the Chinese data has ramped up expectations of further tightening in China,
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North America
-Japan Should Speed Up Reconstruction Spending; Power Restoration Key –Asia Needs to Better Handle High Growth, Capital Flow Surge —China’s 10-Year Infrastructure Boom Can be Instructive for India –India, Like China,… US Treasury Secretary Timothy
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Regional economy has stake in global trade wars
Dayton Daily News
More recently, the company threw its support behind a complaint filed by the US Trade Representative against China for its use of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties for grain-oriented electrical steel. Alan McCoy, a spokesman for AK Steel,
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Campbell On China Policy
Voice of America
The State Department also works closely with other federal agencies to monitor China’s compliance with US and international trade rules.” “We also [hold] firm to the principles that are important to us as Americans,” Assistant Secretary Campbell said.
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What Fukushima tells us
Times of India
India is the fifth largest producer of electricity in the world after China, the US, Japan and Russia. However, inper capita terms, it ranks around 150. China is at the 80rank, Russia 26, Japan 19and the US 11. Annual per capita electricity consumption
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Houston to Provide Direct China Flights, High-Speed Rail
Houston, the fourth largest US city, is looking at moving its 2 million residents faster and farther, including high-speed rail, keeping NASA in town and providing direct flights to and from China, the city’s Mayor Annise Parker said Friday.
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CHINA: The Thought Police Have Gone On The Offensive
Strategy Page
China wants the US to keep its military ships and aircraft 371 kilometers from the coast (the distance international law recognizes as the “economic zone”), rather than 22 kilometers (the distance international law recognizes as “territorial waters”).
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The Guy Who Ran Microsoft And Google In China Is All About Cloning US Startups
San Francisco Chronicle
Kai-Fu Lee is one of the most prominent internet executives in China: he used to run Microsoft and then Google there. He now has an incubator/seed fund called InnovationWorks, which raised $115 million. What does InnovationWorks do? Clone US startups
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US Economic Indicators Turn Less Rosy
The bad news for us is that inflationary pressures in China continue to build. The overall rate of CPI inflation, which rose to 5.4 percent in March, was pushed higher by the double digit increase in food prices (top chart).
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New Regulations Benefit North American and Chinese Rare Earth Explorers
Marketwire (press release)
With China cutting rare earth quotas, and imposing heavier taxes, consensus is that North American rare earth explorers stand to benefit. The Bedford Report examines the Rare Earth Elements Industry and provides research reports on Rare Element
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South Korea and India lead Asian currency decline
Taipei Times
Overseas investors sold US$591 million more South Korean and Taiwanese shares than they bought in the week, exchange data show. The yuan hit a 17-year high on Friday as China reported bigger-than-expected increases in GDP and consumer prices.
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Clinton Visits Seoul to Discuss North Korean Denuclearization Talks
Voice of America
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Seoul to discuss efforts to resume six-nations talks on North Korea’s nuclear program. Those talks, which involve the United States, both Koreas, China, Japan and Russia, have been on hold for more than two
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Geithner Says Major Economies Should Let Currencies Adjust
Geithner’s comments, while not identifying China, are part of the US’s efforts to get the country to allow the yuan to rise further. The Group of 20 nations, including the US and China, agreed yesterday to set up a process for identifying and
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China asks North Korean heir to use plane
US President Barack Obama declared the United States would stay tough on North Korea and Iran over their nuclear ambitions in his annual State of the Union address to the American people on Tuesday.] By Kim So-hyun Beijing asked North Korea’s next
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Wind energy in China: wind turbines installed will be 90 GW in 2015
The Wind Energy Association said China had already installed wind farm plants with a capacity of 44700 megawatts by 2010, overtaking the US, Germany and Spain. China is the largest emitter of CO2, the second largest economy and the first wind power,
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US Stocks Advance; House Passes $6.2 Trillion Deficit Plan
Stocks in Japan declined on the worries that China may tighten lending conditions and weak US employment data and rising worries of sovereign debt stress in Europe. Minister of economy clarified that the government expects Tepco to pay for the costs
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