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U.S. China News 2011.04.12

Tue, April 12, 2011

China calls out US human rights abuses: laptop searches, ‘Net porn
Ars Technica
But the report does provide an interesting perspective on the US, especially when it comes to technology, and it’s not all off base. China points to US laptop border searches as a problem (and they are): According to figures released by the American
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Special Report: The US and China start an M&A Cold War
More than 18 months after US lawmakers killed an attempt by China National Offshore Oil Corp to buy Unocal in 2005, the senior Chinese official gave the American ambassador a piece of his mind. “If the United States would not allow CNOOC to purchase
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U.S. trade deficit drops in February
Washington Post
The United States also has pressed the country to move more quickly on social and other policies that could boost local spending, causing an increase in Chinese imports. And China has faced US pressure to allow its currency to rise more freely on world
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US: China’s 1st aircraft carrier watched by region
Daily News – Galveston County
By AP AP WASHINGTON — The chief of US forces in the Pacific says the successful deployment of China’s first aircraft carrier would have a significant impact on the perception of the balance of power in the region. Adm. Robert Willard told the Senate
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China intent on taking over Taiwan: US expert
Taipei Times
By William Lowther / Staff Reporter in WASHINGTON A new analysis of China’s latest defense white paper concludes that it is part and parcel of Beijing’s “political warfare against Taiwan.” The analysis by Richard Fisher, a senior fellow on Asian
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China’s green progress leaves US red-faced
The Guardian (blog)
A cap-and-trade system would help China to reduce carbon emissions by 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2020. Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images When it comes to responding to climate change, the contrast between China and the United States is stark
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China criticises US rights record
Irish Times
CHINA HAS issued a report slamming America’s human rights record, saying US actions in Afghanistan and elsewhere, coupled with homelessness, violent crime and the undue influence of money on politics at home, puts it in no position to judge others.
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Experts Split on US Company’s Impending Debut in China’s Iron Ore Market
China’s experts exhibited a mix of doubt and optimism toward a US iron ore giant’s impending presence in China’s iron ore market. Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., one of the biggest mining and natural resource companies in North America,
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USChina Joint Report On People-To-People Exchange
RTT News
(RTTNews) – The United States and China will present joint reports on significant accomplishments in High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) and major goals and initiatives for the upcoming year at the closing session of the second
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China’s Huawei invests US$300 million in research centre in Brazil
Beijing, China, 12 April – Huawei, one of China’s largest cutting-edge technology companies, Monday announced it planned to invest US$300 million in the construction of a research centre in Campinas, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.
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China slams US‘ rights record
Global Times
By Gao Xiaohui China published its report on the US‘ human rights record Sunday, showing violent and discriminatory elements present in the US. This report ran counter to the US‘ latest report slamming Chinese human rights. Focusing on six aspects of
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7th ChinaUS defense ministry working level meeting held in Beijing
People’s Daily Online
The defense ministries of China and the United States held their seventh working level meeting in Beijing Monday, arrangements for an upcoming visit to the United States by China’s senior military official Chen Bingde were discussed among other things,
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China Food Services Joins the Pear River Delta American Wine Import Association
Marketwire (press release)
This meeting had as the honored guest the US Ambassador to the PRC Jon Huntsman Jr.; concluding the press conference there was a special banquet lunch sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China honoring Mr. Huntsman as their “Man of
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ITT Corp. freed from US criminal oversight a year early
Roanoke Times
ITT Night Vision, the Roanoke County-based division of military contractor ITT Corp., today was released from federal monitoring a year early, ending a 2007 criminal prosecution of the company for spreading military secrets to China, Singapore,
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U.S. grain and soy review: Soybeans fall; slowing China demand
China is the largest export market for US soybeans, yet recent export data from the US Department of Agriculture show sales cooling, with deals for the last week of March coming in 19% below the four-week average. Still, US inventories of soybean
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China focus: Asia and US to remain key China partners, says JP Morgan
China will invest in resource rich countries, while continuing to export to Asia and the US, says Lisa Robins, head of treasury and securities services (TSS) for China at JP Morgan. By Jonathan Wong | 12 April 2011 What do Chinese companies look for
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China’s older aircraft to be inspected in wake of US incident
People’s Daily Online
The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) recently issued an airworthiness directive requiring domestic airlines to inspect older Boeing 737s following the emergency grounding of an aircraft in the United States. A Boeing 737 operated by US
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China and America have several similar weaknesses. Our hubris prevents us from
FM blog (blog)
by Fabius Maximus Summary: American’s overflow with criticism and advice for China, unaware of the congruence between China and America. A closer look reveals as much about us as them. America’s economists, businessmen, and financiers overflow with
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SOFTWARE RADIO TECHNOLOGY PLC – US$665000 Order received from China
London, Apr 12, 2011 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) — SOFTWARE RADIO TECHNOLOGY PLC (“SRT” or the “Company”) US$665000 Order received from China SRT is pleased to announce that it has received an order worth US$665000 along with the associated
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ICBC Plans to Open First Branch in Brazil After Expansion in US, Europe
The announcement came as Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff visited China, with plans to pressure government officials to buy more of the South American nation’s goods. ICBC agreed to buy 80 percent of Bank of East Asia Ltd.’ US unit for $140 million
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China launches its own positioning satellites to end reliance on US GPS
The Next Web
Six Beidou navigation satellites have been launched to date and it constitutes the basic form of the navigation network, which China plans to expand to comprise 35 satellites, a statement said. ‘Satellites in inclined orbits can observe things from a
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Why Investors Stopped Worrying About Japan
The US recovery trumps Japan’s problems. Japan is a big economy and it remains highly intertwined in the US economy. For instance, while there’s lots of buzz about China, India and Korea, Japan dominates the Asia-US airplane travel market.
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Someone’s Lying About Facebook’s Plans For China (BIDU)
San Francisco Chronicle
Chinese press reports yesterday said Facebook has reached a deal with Chinese search engine Baidu to build a social network joint venture in China, but Facebook is indirectly denying it to the US press. Several Chinese press reports are saying there is
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Angry at the US for Criticizing China
In other words, the US should be denounced for its behavior 70 to 200 years ago, while China shouldn’t be held responsible for human rights abuses that it committed yesterday (or, at the very least, both China and the US should be condemned equally).
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China says G20 imbalance target curbs its growth
BEIJING, April 12 (Reuters) – A US-proposed target to limit countries’ current account imbalances is a “political tool” aimed at containing China’s economic growth, China Vice Finance Minister Li Yong said on Tuesday. In what is China’s fiercest
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Yes! Everyone is a Hypocrite…from China to the US
American Chronicle
Glad that I could now call out, without qualms, hypocrisy I see from China to the US That´s right, China and the US, no one is immune. And yes, I am a hypocrite, too, just like you. Since China ranks largest and biggest in many ways these days,
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Hong Kong Stocks Fall as IMF Cuts GDP Outlook, Oil, Metals Drop
China Telecom sank 5.2 percent to HK$4.92, its steepest drop in almost 12 months. The Hang Seng Index rose 5.5 percent this year through yesterday, after positive economic data from the US and China eased concern about the nuclear crisis in Japan and
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Soros: US Dollar No Longer World Reserve Currency
The New American
Soros contends that with a growing economy the United States could “tolerate a higher level of debt.” He recognized China as a major new powerhouse on the world economic scene and observed that despite risks of inflation, the Asian giant has emerged as
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China’s global media charm offensive
In the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs in early March of this year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that her country is losing the “information war”, naming China’s CCTV channel (pictured), along with Al Jazeera and Russia Today,
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AO Smith Corp
This growth was fueled by a 15% increase in China water heater sales. Higher US commercial volumes were partially offset by lower US residential water heater volumes. Meanwhile, the Electrical Products division rose 12% as all strategic business units
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Euro Coal-Prices fall $2-3 with oil, China starts buying
Reuters Africa
US crude oil futures slid after a warning from the International Energy Agency that high prices could curb oil demand and Goldman Sachs issued a note to clients advising that Brent oil could fall to $105 in coming months [O/R] [ID:nLDE73B0MO].
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Food safety, trade at center of fight over imports of Asian catfish
On one side, US catfish farmers assert that foreign fish, mostly from China and Vietnam, are grown in filth and dosed with unsafe chemicals that are banned in the United States. They’re pushing for expanded federal inspections and, in Texas and other
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US Spends 6 Times More on Military than Any Other Country
Described as “exceptional” by one international research organization, US military expenditures in 2010 continued to eclipse those of all other nations, even growing powerhouse China. Last year, China spent an estimated $119 billion on its military
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A PIMCO-China bond bear union
Business Spectator
The alarm bells over soaring US debt are growing increasingly shrill, with the world’s largest bond fund building up a short position in US government bonds, while a former adviser to China’s central bank has labelled the US Treasury market a “giant
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analysisWhat China’s Ping-Pong diplomacy taught us
That message led directly to Richard Nixon’s trip to China 10 months later and what the US president rightly called “the week that changed the world.” Since then, the trip has been widely celebrated as a coup on the part of the US president and his
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US urged to mine ‘rare earth’ minerals
Washington Times
By Josh Brown It is time for the US to stop panicking and start mining in the face of a possible shortage of “rare earth” mineral supplies from China, which dominates the global supply for the obscure minerals critical to the modern high-tech economy,
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India, US In East Asia: Emerging Strategic Partnership – Analysis
Eurasia Review
Similarly, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence mentioned in March this year that the US remained attentive to “assertive Chinese behaviour” that could fuel the “potential for unintended conflict between China and its neighbours”.
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2011 Nuclear Policy Conference Summary: Two Triads: India-Pakistan-China and
Center for Strategic & International Studies (blog)
With regard to triad dynamics, Han stated that “many Chinese…think there is a significant asymmetry in the [ChinaUS-Russia] triangle that suggests that China holds a low stake in defining a nuclear direction or nuclear future.
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US DATA: US ICSC-GS Wkly Store Sales +0.1% in Wk Apr.
Thank you China’s Wen Jiabao its about time someone mentioned that Level… Mephistos: Gerry, know of any stop losses from euro shorts after the barrier option at 14500, that would be triggered if said barrier wouldn’t hold? marvinmaven: Hi Sean
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US struggles with transparency on Wikileaks suspect’s treatment
Politico (blog)
“I understand that you’re put in a difficult position where you say that you’re willing–as Arshad noted… you don’t understand why China is so upset because the US is willing to open up its human rights situation to all kinds of scrutiny and then the
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Working In The Chinese Drug Industry
Chemical & Engineering News
Currently, he says, he has a great need for experienced scientists and engineers who have successfully conceptualized and formulated generic pharmaceuticals for US companies. Moving from the US to China can be a source of great career satisfaction,
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More Grad Students Eyeing US
Inside Higher Ed
Applications from China rose 20 percent, compared to a 1 percent increase from India and no increase at all from South Korea (together, those three countries account for about half of international graduate students in the US).
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Christians detained in China’s crackdown
Radio Australia
What has America said about China’s crackdown on dissent? CURRIE: Well last week the United States issued its annual country report on human rights, and Secretary Clinton talked about the crackdown that’s been going on and she delivered a pretty
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U.S. Deficit Is Cause for Major Concern, Change: Former Fed Chair
Today the manufacturing sector in China is growing rapidly. Volcker predicts in a decade or two China will have twice the manufacturing the United States does. “You stretch that out and in a decade or so China will be the size of us.
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