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U.S. China News 2011.04.11

Mon, April 11, 2011

China accuses US of human rights double standards
The Guardian
China has accused the US of human rights double standards – retaliation, perhaps, for Hillary Clinton’s recent criticism of the country’s ‘worsening’ record. Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty The Chinese government has attacked the US for targeting
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Putting USChina Trade in its Proper Perspective
Huffington Post (blog)
Overall, the large and growing trade deficit with China has displaced millions of US jobs, most in the manufacturing sector which has lost 5.5 million jobs since 2000. The Economix report relies on data published by the US China Business Council,
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Facebook China? What Would The US Say About It?
Forbes (blog)
Facebook and the anti-Google, teaming up, a year after Google pulled out of China. Some people in China and the US wouldn’t like a Zuckerberg-Li deal, but I suspect the two men reportedly making it think it makes perfect sense.
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China hits back at US on rights
The Australian
CHINA has attacked the human rights record of the US in a report pointing to rampant gun violence, serious racism and the growing numbers of poor and homeless in the nation, as Beijing continued its crackdown on critics. Meanwhile, about 100 Christians
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China, US Swapping Intel on North Korea, Cables Say
Global Security Newswire
The United States and China have been quietly swapping intelligence on North Korea, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Monday (see GSN, April 8). Leaked US diplomatic cables made public by the transparency organization WikiLeaks reveal that
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Oil Prices to Extend Rally as US Earnings, China Data Set Tone: Survey
Oil prices are poised to extend gains this week though any rally may be capped by inflation data from China which may build the case for more tightening measures from the world’s second-largest economy, CNBC’s weekly survey of market sentiment showed.
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Former PBOC Adviser: US Treasury Bond Market Bolstered By ‘Ponzi Scheme’
Wall Street Journal
US dollar depreciation is causing capital losses on China’s stock of US Treasury bonds, Yu said. The purchasing power of China’s foreign exchange reserves has lagged far behind their nominal increase when measured against commodities such as gold or
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China slams US for interfering in the country’s internal affairs
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | April 11, 2011 8:07 AM GMT In a report released Sunday, China’s State Council Information Office hits out at the US government for practicing double standards on human rights and interfering with other countries’ internal
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Sharp rise in arms spending by South America and Africa
The Guardian
Although military spending fell throughout Europe, Britain was third in the world league, after the US and China. The UK spent nearly £36.6bn on arms last year, an increase of nearly 30% over the past decade, according to the Stockholm International
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America’s international military bill is more than China, Britain, France and
Daily Mail
But for the US, international conflict and peacekeeping has become staggeringly expensive, with $698billion spent in 2010. The figure is a 2.8 per increase from the previous year and around six times the expenditure as China, America’s nearest rival
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IMF cuts economic forecasts for U.S.
By Annalyn Censky, staff reporterApril 11, 2011: 10:02 AM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The global recovery is moving at two speeds, with emerging countries like China still expanding rapidly as advanced economies like the United States grow at a snail’s
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Experts urge US to stop acting as “preacher” of human rights
Hong Lei, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said on Saturday that China and the US have disagreements on human rights issues and that China is willing to engage in dialogues about these issues based on equality and mutual respect.
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China to US: Fix Your Own Human Rights Problems
By Matt Cantor, Newser Staff (Newser) – The US should take a hard look in the mirror before it criticizes other countries over human rights, China says. “The United States ignores its own severe human rights problems,” said a Chinese report,
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Human Rights: China Chastises United States
It seems like China has read John Madden’s playbook, and decided that the best defense is a good offense, not only in sports, but especially when it comes to human rights. The People’s Republic has chastised the United States in a scathing report of
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US Weapons Systems Dependent on Rare Earth Elements from China
From the 1960s to the 1980s, the United States was the leading producer of rare earths. However, after that production shifted to China in order to take advantage of cheap labor and weak-to-non-existent environmental regulation. China now controls 97%
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China issues report criticizing US human rights
China accused the US on Monday of pushing for Internet freedom around the world as a way to undermine other nations, while noting that Washington’s campaign against secret-spilling website WikiLeaks showed its own sensitivity to the free flow of
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‘Subtle power’ reshapes global village
Asia Times Online
Beijing owns currently US$1.1 trillion of American debt – in Niall Ferguson’s words the globalization of finance has turned “China into America’s banker, the Communist creditor to the capitalist debtor in a change of epochal significance”.
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Moly Mines Limited: China Development Bank Approves US$500 Million Project (press release)
TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 11, 2011) – Moly Mines Limited (TSX:MOL)(ASX:MOL) is pleased to announce it has been advised by Hanlong Mining Investment Pty Ltd (“Hanlong”), that the China Development Bank (“CDB”) has approved US$500 million in
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On Tour in the U.S. With China’s New Rich
Women’s Wear Daily (press release)
Sales at the remodeled New York flagship are expected to exceed $1100 to $1200 a square foot. While March comparable-store sales may have outpaced analysts’ estimates, retailers still find themselves in a precarious position.
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Ogilvy & Mather Launches China Practice in New York
PR Newswire (press release)
Among the services the Ogilvy China Practice offers are investor relations, corporate positioning, branding, marketing, government relations and other services designed to help Chinese companies grow their presence in the US marketplace.
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Daily Deals Explosive In China, Too – Lashou’s Worth Doubles To $1.1B
Wall Street Journal (blog)
While Groupon Inc. and LivingSocial Inc. duke it out for daily-deals supremacy (and dollars) in the US, China’s clones are moving quickly to dominate in their own country. VentureWire reported this morning that Beijing Lashou Network Technology Co.,
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Economic Calendar: China’s Quarterly Data Dump and Developed Market Inflation
Seeking Alpha
The main attraction of the coming week is undoubtedly the China data for March and Q1, including GDP, PPI, new loans, retail sales, etc. Other than that it will also be a big week for inflation figures with Germany, the US, UK, and EU all reporting
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India differs with China on BRICS currency
Newstrack India
New Delhi, Apr 11(ANI): While China is pressing BRICS grouping hard to shun US dollars as an exchange currency and is urging rest of the partners to use local currencies as an alternate to US dollars, India does not seem to be too amused with the idea.
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Visa reform necessary to lay groundwork for USChina open skies
By Perry Flint | April 11, 2011 USChina open skies and antitrust immunized joint ventures between US and Chinese carriers cannot occur until Washington loosens its visa restrictions on Chinese citizens traveling to the US, Air China VP and GM North
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Can America and China get along?
Speaking ahead of his visit to Beijing last Friday, he told me: “There are a number of areas where the United States and China have been able to demonstrate progress. “Some of those discussions can be very challenging but ultimately we have been able
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Obama rebuked on Bradley Manning torture as Clinton condemns China rights abuses
An introduction to the Chinese document, by the state news agency Xinhua, said the report was ‘full of distortions’ and the US “turned a blind eye to its own terrible human rights situation,” reports the Guardian in its Monday report, “China accuses US
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The Decline of American Education
The Diplomat
Unfortunately, recently, I’ve been reading about an Asian-American woman who has made me think that perhaps China and the United States aren’t as different as I had naively hoped. Amy Chua may get her own movie and talk show one day, but it’s really
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TecFace Branded Phone ‘Jungle’ Passes U.S. Military Shock Standard
PR Newswire (press release)
Our rugged mobile phone has already generated a lot of interest in China and the international market. We are optimistic about potential demand from the military, outdoor enthusiasts and consumers seeking a rugged phone.” TechFaith (NASDAQ: CNTF) has
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Mass immigration damages US culture, economy
K-State Collegian
Tibetan independence from China is a popular cause in the US Fashionable among actors and musicians, it’s outspoken supporters range from Russell Brand to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Free Tibet” advocates raise a legitimate concern; that Tibet’s unique
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US stocks closed marginally lower on Friday trading session
Canada’s dollar strengthened against its US counterpart as crude oil, the nation’s biggest export, surged. China’s first quarterly trade deficit in seven years may ease pressure on China to allow faster appreciation of the yuan.
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Dylan in China: no big deal
GlobalPost (blog)
Many commentators say Bob Dylan is a sellout for playing a preapproved set list in China. Here’s why they’re missing the point. US singer Bob Dylan in March 1966 in New York. (AFP/Getty Images) Whether or not Bob Dylan sold out by playing a
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Biggest Chinese Restaurant Chain In US Eyes Investment In Motherland
Forbes (blog)
“I’m working on some angles,” Chairman Andrew Cherng told Forbes last Friday. Cherng was born in China before eventually putting down roots in California. Privately held Panda opened its first US restaurant in Pasadena in 1973.
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China shares at 2011 high, HK takes a breather
Stronger-than-expected trade data from China, which showed exports rising well ahead of economist forecasts, gave further impetus to commodities prices, which have gained on the back of a weak US dollar. [ID:nL3E7FB09E] “The data implies that Japan’s
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$14T Owed by U.S. to Foreigners Is Hollowing Out the Economy
Seeking Alpha
There are plenty of good reasons to lose money in an enterprise in America and plenty of ways to do it, like you can charge the old factory for the R&D you will spend building a new one in China. Then you borrow money in USA collateralized by your
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Elections, Nuclear Energy, and the US Security Alliance
Forbes (blog)
Hence the importance of the security alliance with the US whose navy is still uniquely able to provide security along Japan’s energy importing sea-lanes. “Able” does not necessarily mean “willing,” of course, particularly against a player like China.
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Metals Gain, Treasuries Fall on Growth Stokes Inflation Concern
San Francisco Chronicle
Data this week may show inflation is accelerating in the US and China, which reported yesterday faster-than-expected growth in exports and imports. Corporate profits probably rose to a record last quarter, analyst estimates show, with Alcoa Inc. set to
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Draft assessment released on proposed S. Idaho wind farm
The Republic
AP TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The US Bureau of Land Management has released a draft environmental analysis for the proposed 400-megawatt China Mountain wind farm near the Idaho-Nevada border. The Times-News reports that the agency on Friday released the
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