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U.S. China News 2011.04.09

Sat, April 9, 2011

China says U.S. human rights outcry is interference
BEIJING (Reuters) – China said it was willing to discuss its differences on human rights “with mutual respect” with the US on Saturday after rejecting a recent official report from Washington as interference in its internal affairs.
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U.S. Treasury Delays Currency Report Due April 15 Until After China Talks
In addition to the next USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue, set to take place in Washington in May, the delay also will encompass next week’s meetings of Group of 20 finance ministers, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
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China is still demonising Dalai Lama: US
Indian Express
The US accused Beijing of demonising the Dalai Lama in its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2010. Maintaining that there is no let up in human rights violations in China, the US accused Beijing of demonising the Dalai Lama and committing
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US rights report says Taiwan has room to improve
Taipei Times
In its encyclopedic 35th annual report on human rights practices in 190 countries, the department had particularly harsh words for China. US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, presenting the report, said: “In China, we’ve seen negative trends
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US Censures China For Serious Human Rights Abuses in Tibet
Tibet Post International
Dharamshala: China’s human rights record is on a “negative trend” with growing restrictions on freedom of speech and “severe repression” in the Tibet, Xinjiang and China, according to a US State Department annual report published Friday (8th April).
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US develops ‘panic button’ app for pro-democracy activists
In addition to the panic button, developers are working on technologies that allow citizens to circumvent government-imposed Internet restrictions, like China’s infamous “Great Firewall,” as well as ways for activists to keep their own data out of the
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US criticizes Saudi Arabia for internet restrictions
Monsters and
The report also highlighted restrictions on the internet in China, Sudan and Vietnam, among other countries. US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said as many as 40 governments around the world block citizens from freely browsing the internet.
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The China-Europe-America Smackdown
Fast Company
OK, so China is doing it with an entire country, but we did it with a really big building that was once featured in a Fay Wray movie. And in 2010, China passed the US as the world’s #1 manufacturer of wind and solar generators and Chinese consumers
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‘Maddening’ immigration court: Stressed judges, lives in limbo
Chicago Tribune
These are the voices of immigration judges who determine the fate of tens of thousands of people every year — illegal border crossers, visa violators, refugees who flee China, El Salvador, Iran and other countries, each making a case to remain here.
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China Leads in Wind Power Development, U.S. Trails Behind
Financial Feed
Wind power development in US plunged harshly in 2010 from 2009 and fell behind China, reported by the industry’s trade group on Thursday. In 2010, 5116 megawatts of wind power was built, nearly half of what was built in 2009. China on the other hand
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China’s GDP rises to US $ 5 trillion
Pakistan Daily Mail
Ambassador Khan observed that “with an average growth rate of more than 9 per cent over the past 30 years, China’s GDP has risen to US $ 5 trillion, making it the second largest world economy. Last year, despite the global economic slowdown,
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China’s Navy: rising threat
New York Post
Beijing’s recent suspension of ChinaUS military contacts over a new US-Taiwan arms deal is but one indication that China remains determined to use military force to “return” that island to mainland control. The only real question is when — and with
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Chinese State Councilor to Visit US Next Week
During her visit in US, Liu will also chair the second round of high-level consultation meeting on people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the United States, said Hong. China and the United States established the high-level
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With eye on South China Sea, US might place troops in Australia
MAARS News (blog)
By Larry Shaughnessy, CNN Washington (CNN) — American troops might soon find themselves serving in Australia as the United States looks for better access to the South China Sea, the source of much friction between China and many other Pacific nations.
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US Internet Hypocrisy Creates Global Suspicion (People’s Daily, China)
The Moderate Voice
Is the US talking out of both sides of its mouth when it comes to Internet freedom? Continuing with China’s online counter-offensive, this article from state-run People’s Daily asserts that Pentagon plans for software to allow Defense Department
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China’s Social Network, Kaixin Gearing Up for US IPO
Penn Olson
Renren, China’s other Facebook-ish network, is thought to be also getting ready for a US IPO as we reported here earlier this year. In contrast with Kaixin, Renren caters mostly to college students. It was formerly called Xiaonei and borrowed heavily
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U.S. Growers Direct buying Southside golden leaf
Lynchburg News and Advance
The marketing and commodities distribution company already contracted with tobacco companies in China, Lee said. Contracting with US farmers started in January with some contracts being finalized in the past couple weeks. US Growers Direct is also
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A Simple Example Of How Chinese Wage Inflation Can Hit American Consumers
The Business Insider
One is the threat of increasing prices from labor in China. This weekend’s Financial Times provides a simple anecdote of how this is already happening. A representative of a firm manufacturing light bulbs went to the Guangxi region of China and offered
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Ending VOA China presence politically smart
Washington Times
Ted Lipien’s April 1 piece on the Broadcasting Board of Governors’ (BBG) efforts to realign US international broadcasting in China neglects the available facts (“Don’t silence Voice of America radio to China,” Commentary).
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As Japan goeth, so goeth the US
Christian Science Monitor (blog)
The Japanese are a “go-to buyer” of US Treasurys (and the second largest holder of US government paper after China). But in view of the recent devastation, as well as the decline in savings and the rise in its own deficits, Japan is unlikely to
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Aquino: US, Japan ‘best allies’ of PHL vs natl security threats
“Time has proven that we can count on allies like them and I am confident they can stand by us should there be a threat again to our security and sovereignty,” Aquino said, but made no mention of China in his speech. Earlier this year, the Philippines
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Ex-gymnast Sang Lan to Sue for US$100M
event organizers and an insurance company, reports. Sang’s attorney said Sang might demand nearly US$100 million in compensation from the organizer – AOL Time Warner, American Gymnastics Association and her American insurance company.
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Chinese Checking Offers Lucrative Options
The Bank of China is allowing US citizens to invest up to $4000 per day (limited for now to an annual total of $20000) in a local account, according to the Wall Street Journal. Typically, the Chinese yuan, also known as renminbi (RMB), has been closed
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At UN, US Delays New Libya Sanctions, With Russia and China, As UK Complains
Inner City Press
That Russia and China objected was not unexpected. But, according to sources in the Sanctions Committee, the United States also objected. The senior source, while surprised that the Obama administration would effectively block additional Libya
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Work starts on China’s House of Mouse
The National
Xinhua / AP Photo SHANGHAI // The Walt Disney Company and the state-owned Shanghai Shendi Group yesterday broke ground on the Shanghai Disneyland Resort, the US entertainment company’s first theme park on mainland China. Disney officials have said they
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CEO of Fed speaks in Knox
Knoxville News Sentinel
By Josh Flory What do Mark Twain, oyster-shucking and China have in common? A leading central banker touched on all three topics Friday in discussing the state of US manufacturing. Dennis Lockhart, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of
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Taiwan 16th in global exports: WTO report
China Post
Taiwan had US$275 billion in exports and US$251 billion in imports last year, the WTO report said. China was the world’s top exporter, shipping US$1.578 trillion in goods to overseas markets, accounting for 10.4 percent of the global total,
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Revenge of the Emerging Markets
By VITO J. RACANELLI | MORE ARTICLES BY AUTHOR After stumbling in recent months, the stocks of Brazil, China, India and other developing nations are regaining their footing. Why they could outperform US shares. Since late last summer,
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Money Briefs
Worcester Telegram
awsuit was filed Wednesday in the US District Court in Boston against power technologies company American Superconductor Corp., alleging securities fraud involving revenues derived from Sinovel Wind Group Co. Ltd. of China.
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Waynesboro forming ties with Chinese city
Staunton News Leader
Waynesboro plans to be part of a year-long expo in Wanzhou beginning in September that will market local and state products along side major cities in the US and others throughout China, City Councilman Mike Harris said Friday.
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Friendly Fire Paralyzes US Internet Strategy (blog)
Just weeks after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complained to Congress that America is losing the information war against Al Qaeda, China and Russia, it appears that Clinton’s own State Department is one of the impediments to success.
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BLM passes China Mountain review to public
Twin Falls Times-News
The US Bureau of Land Management first gathered public input on the proposed China Mountain wind project in mid-2008. That initial step became the 1200-page document announced Friday in the Federal Register. Now, the agency will take public comment on
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Asian Currencies Gain for Third Week as Investors Boost Holdings in Region
Benchmark interest rates in Indonesia and India are 6.75 percent and China’s one-year lending rate is 6.31 percent, compared with a maximum of 0.25 percent in the US and Japan. China’s yuan strengthened for a fourth week, the longest run of gains this
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Sotheby’s Hong Kong Important Watches Spring Sale 2011 Achieves US$9.4 Million
Art Daily
1/5 (Est. HK$800000 – 1100000 / US$100000 – 140000) which sold for HK$1.28 million / US$164103. Vanessa Herrera, Head of Watches, Sotheby’s China and Southeast Asia, said after the sale: “We are thrilled to announce that yesterday’s sale concluded with
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The Carolinas | Ambassador to speak at University of South Carolina graduation
Myrtle Beach Sun News
He steps down as US ambassador to China April 30. The Navy has dropped dismissal proceedings against an SC-based sailor who was charged with unprofessional conduct after he was found in the same bed with another male sailor.
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Alice: Madness Returns Interview with American McGee
AusGamers: First up, can you tell us about how you ended up working in China of all places, and what are some of the similarities and differences of working in the games industry in that country? American McGee: Sure, So the path to getting there was
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Salt Lake City to Beijing
Deseret News (blog)
Twelve hours from San Fran to China’s Capitol. We flew in a 747 and no one said anything about 477. Which was good. We’re here covering Gov. Gary Herbert’s trade mission to China, as well as Jon Huntsman’s final days as US Ambassador to China.
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71 Percent of American Workers Value Employers’ Sustainability Commitments
percent of US full-time workers believing that businesses based in the US are implementing policies that protect and preserve the environment. On the other hand, only 25 percent of full-time US workers believe the same about businesses based in China.
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Lynn Smith’s Weekly Grain Update
Inside Futures
Cancellation of previous purchases of US Beans by China as the South American Soybeans become available at discount prices, also contributed to the negative sentiment. Spillover support from Corn and Wheat brought prices back close to even at
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Utah’s Gov. Herbert leads trade trip to China
Salt Lake Tribune
Jon Huntsman Jr.’s tenure as US ambassador to China, an important factor in determining its time frame. “As we embark on this trade mission, we know China is clearly becoming a major trading partner with many Utah companies,” Herbert said in a
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