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U.S. China News 2011.04.07

Thu, April 7, 2011

Economix: As China Grows, So Does Its Appetite for American-Made Products
New York Times (blog)
But a new study offers a glimmer of hope to Americans: Last year, American exports to China soared 32 percent to a record $91.9 billion. A study by a trade group called the USChina Business Council says China is now the world’s fastest-growing
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U.S.China relationship: A shift in perceptions of power
Bellingham Herald
On a recent visit to Beijing, I asked a Chinese expert what was behind the new assertiveness in China’s foreign policy. His answer: “After the financial crisis, many Chinese believe we are rising and the US is declining.” These Chinese are not alone.
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U.S. wins when China invests in green
A worker makes small repairs to the blades of wind-turbines sitting on a truck outside a factory in China’s northen Hubei province. Some say the country’s push into renewable energy can pay off for US companies in the sector.
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Canada weaning itself off US trade.
Vancouver Sun
Trade with the US accounted for 62.5 per cent of all Canadian activity last year, down from 76.3 per cent in 2001, Statistics Canada said in an annual trade review released Thursday. While the US is still Canada’s biggest market, trade with China more
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Germany’s Future Turns East as Exports to China Eclipse US
China could become the largest export market of all by 2015.” The US has been Germany’s most important trading partner beyond European borders since the end of World War II, a relationship that helped turn the country into a pillar of economic and
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Team USA eliminated from playoff contention at World Curling Championships
Bemidji Pioneer
A missed takeout by Rojeski in the eighth end left China with a rock in the four-foot. Rojeski tried to freeze/guard it with his next stone, but it didn’t line up to benefit the US China drew around to the back of the four-foot for second count.
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US 3M company plans new plant in China to produce green energy products (press release)
HEFEI, Apr. 7, 2011 (Xinhua News Agency) — The 3M corporation will invest one billion yuan (about 152.8 million US Dollars) to build a plant in Hefei, a city in east China’s Anhui Province, to produce new energy products, including solar photovoltaic
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Worried US asks China to be transparent on military modernisation
Indian Express
“Absent clarification from China, its military modernisation efforts hold significant implications for regional stability,” the US Pacific Command Commander Admiral Robert Willard, said in his testimony before House Armed Services Committee.
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US Urged To Ease Restriction On High-tech Exports To China-Xinhua
BEIJING -(Dow Jones)- Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang urged the US to ease restrictions on high-technology products’ export to China, during a meeting with former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday.
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Give priority to human rights in China talks: Tibetans to US
MSN India
Washington, Apr 7 (PTI) Ahead of a top American official”s visit to Beijing, a city-based Tibetan group has asked the Obama Administration to make a “strong statement” on deteriorating human rights situation in China and Tibet. In a letter to the US
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Bay Area lessons in $100M round for USChina life sciences startup
San Francisco Business Times (blog)
“San Francisco is a bridge to the biotech industry in China, but I believe to attract investment from China to US biotech innovation takes a little more than that,” Wu said. “Location is important, but you need more than location.
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MolyCorp Surges, As The US May Build Its Own Rare Earth Stock Pile
The Business Insider
Today the headlines are coming out of the US, which at the moment, is totally import-reliant. According to WSJ’s China Real Time blog, the US might start building its own stockpile. That’s the aim of a new bill in Congress, specifically designed to
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China’s yuan advances to new high against US dollar Thursday
BEIJING, April 7 (Xinhua) — The Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB), or the yuan, on Thursday gained 40 basis points, from Wednesday to a record high of 6.5456 per US dollar. On China’s foreign exchange spot market, the yuan can rise or fall 0.5 percent
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Is China Overtaking America?
Project Syndicate
My own estimate is that among the range of possible futures, the more likely scenarios are those in which China gives the US a run for its money, but does not surpass it in overall power in the first half of this century. Most importantly, the US and
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US Congressional Committee Questions Role Of US-Funded Broadcasters
S. Enders Wimbush, a Broadcasting Board governor who testified at the hearing, said US-funded media entities are effectively challenging the world’s authoritarian regimes. Why else, he asked, would the governments of countries like China and Iran be
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China ETFs Are a Great Alternative to U.S. Listed China Stocks
Seeking Alpha
According to some China professionals, US-listed China stocks should not be considered buy and hold investments. They are trading stocks. If you don’t take that attitude, you may be in for some frustration. Stocks that trade on European and American
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Apple’s Success in China Due to Presentation, Not Price
The Next Web
This should mean that Apple is fighting the price war well in China, offering its products for less than they can be purchased in the US, but that’s not actually true. In fact, Apple sells a comparatively specced 13-inch Macbook Air for $180 more in
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U.S. Small Businesses Reevaluate China Outsourcing Strategy
Seeking Alpha
Fascinating read in the March 2011 issue of Wired magazine documenting an increasing trend among US small businesses: They seem to be bringing manufacturing work that had been outsourced to China back stateside (see Small Businesses Buck Trend,
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Ag economist discusses role of US in feeding world’s most populous country
Fence Post
That’s enough to get one’s attention, but then he issued a news release late last month with the headline: Can the United States feed China? Many agricultural officials look at China as a booming new market for US ag products.
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China Investigates Detained Artist for Economic Crimes
Voice of America
His case has been taken up by the international community, including US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, who said American envoys will continue to champion human rights as what he describes as a “bedrock” of the American world view.
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DuPont says paint secrets stolen, sold to China
USA Performance Technology Inc somehow obtained secret materials on how DuPont produces titanium dioxide, a popular pigment used to make paints for cars, plastics and paper, DuPont said in a filing with the US District Court, Northern District of
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Second ChinaUS Innovation Dialogue set for May
By Yan Pei The ChinaUS Innovation Dialogue, a new high-level dialogue focusing on innovation policy, is about to be officially launched, according to Thursday’s China Business News. The Second ChinaUS Innovation Dialogue will be held in Washington in
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US regulators want to check the audit reports of listed companies in the US
By XiaoBing 2011-04-07 20:19:04 AM GMT +0800 US audit regulator is working with the securities regulatory authorities to examine China’s listed companies in the United States the audit records. US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
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POLL-US corn prices to jump to new peaks within months-UPDATE 1
Importers, meanwhile, have benefited from favorable exchange rates, with the dollar near late 2009 lows, and US corn export sales are running 11 percent ahead of a year ago. The return of China to the world market remains a wild card.
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China Sees Conspiracy in Global Reserve Currency
Seeking Alpha
On March 31, Reuters reported that the “G20 sets conditions for the yuan to join SDR,” a move to recognize China’s place in the global economy. The reaction? “The West is conspiring against us!” Just can’t please anybody these days, especially when the
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The Strong Link between GDP & Oil Consumption
Resource Investor
Barclays says that China’s per capita oil consumption would have to increase nine-fold from 2010 levels in order to match that of the US and India’s would have to increase 23 times what it was in 2010. If this were to happen an additional 170 million
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India, Japan start crucial dialogue with eye on China
Times of India
NEW DELHI: India and Japan on Thursday started an economic-strategic dialogue, an exercise that promises to have important strategic ramifications regarding balancing China. Separately, India, Japan and US will start an official trilateral dialogue on
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Sacrilege! Hockey stick production leaves for China
Sher-Wood said it will phase out production of its composite hockey sticks and foam goalie sticks to China, where more than 85 per cent of its products are already manufactured. Royal Bank of Canada is contemplating selling its US consumer and business
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US Nears Colombia Trade Deal, Strengthening Economic Ties with Latin America
Money Morning
The alternative to the Panama Canal would import Chinese goods to Colombia for assembly and distribution to the Latin American region, and send Colombia-sourced raw materials back to China. “This shows how aggressively China and other US competitors
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Former L-3 worker indicted for taking data to China
N) unit was indicted on Wednesday on charges he illegally took sensitive military technology to China, the US Justice Department said. Sixing “Steve” Liu, 47, was charged with one count of exporting US defense information without a license and two
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White House actions pushing Saudi Arabia toward China and Russia
President Mubarak of Egypt” that it is actively seeking better economic ties with America’s most significant competitors, China and Russia. Reporting on the challenges facing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates across the broader Middle East region,
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The decline of American dominance
Obama suggested that the US had to face up to a changing world order. China came over to tell us that the US and China were now “equal partners” — no longer was the US the dominant force in the world. America today is the largest debtor nation in the
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Ford, GM Look to Shanghai Auto Show
It will be produced in China, the US and other locations. In China, the Malibu “will address growing domestic demand in the upper-medium segment, especially among younger car buyers,” said Kevin Wale, president of the GM China Group, in a prepared
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Colombia’s oil exports to US are growing
Los Angeles Times
One worry for the US is that Colombia might want to diversify its export customer base. A driving factor of the Pacific pipeline project is better access to oil markets in China and elsewhere in Asia.
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Oil prices will not affect China’s economy
At first glance, an unexpected trade deficit in February seems to confirm the impact of rising oil prices on China’s greatest concern. 7.34 billion US dollars of trade deficit since 2004, the maximum value, indicating that weakening overseas demand,
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US 2011 Budget Fight Zigzags On
This is a transcript of top stories presented by China’s CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific. A big hello to our viewers across China. I’m Saijal Patel and you’re watching “Asia Market Daily”. The possibility of a US government
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Corn Seen Outperforming Wheat, Soybeans, Cotton as China Doubles Imports
China’s corn imports are forecast at 1 million tons in the year to Sept. 30, according to a report from the US Department of Agriculture last month. The country may purchase as much as 15 million tons from overseas by 2015, according to a forecast from
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China Sees the Evil of Plastic Bags
Patriot Post
The good news is that he can’t lock us into these policies without first convincing the public and their representatives. And if he does succeed in locking us in, we can unlock ourselves, too. That’s because it’s America here, every day of the year.
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Brazilian business targeted by US communities
Joplin Globe
But that trade deficit is largely the product of a very strong real that makes US products relatively cheap for Brazilian buyers. What also differentiates trade with the two countries is that Brazil buys mostly manufactured products from China and
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TOP Oil Market News: Gasoline Demand at 8-Year Low; PetroChina
PetroChina Co., the nation’s largest oil company, will increase oil processing and shorten maintenance of its plants to ease a fuel shortage in some regions, China News Service reported. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission warned that fuel at the
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TAKE-A-LOOK-Policymakers turn their fire on inflation
costs [ID:nLDE72K22T] > SPECIAL-Is China exporting inflation? [ID:nL3E7ES1A9] > Europe rates to lead US as global power shifts [ID:nLDE72S1AE] ASIA > India food inflation 9.18 pct y/y on Mar 26-govt[ID:nDEL000283] > S.Korea firms see inflation risk
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C3i Opens Asia Language Center in Dalian, China
PR Newswire (press release)
About C3i: Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, C3i Inc. has global operations in the United States, India, Bulgaria and now China. Their 1200 employees provide systems implementation, technology training, multi-lingual help desk, hosting,
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Deal in Toledo reflects Chinese business trend
Toledo Blade
The investors have since finalized their $2.15 million purchase of The Docks Enlarge For at least a decade, the founder of the “China CEO Club” has crisscrossed the United States promoting the sizzling growth in his homeland.
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Crude oil zooms on US inventory data
Commodity Online
US commercial crude oil inventories rose by 1.95 mb to 357.7 mb to the highest since November 2010. Earlier oil prices pared previous gains after china raises key interest rates by 25 bps signaling decline in crude oil demand as US and EU may also join
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Obama Makes Pitch to Al Sharpton’s Group
ABC News (blog)
Most try to show some feeling for the American condition — joblessness, economy still in the doldrums and Obama has sold us to China. We need a budget — we need to stop spending and get our spirit back — Obama is not doing his job.
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