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U.S. China News 2011.04.03

Sun, April 3, 2011

China Buries Obama’s ‘Sputnik’ Goal for Renewable-Energy Use
By Ben Sills April 4 (Bloomberg) — China is beating the US in the race to supply clean-energy technologies to the world, helped by a government bank whose advisers include Henry Kissinger. China Development Bank Corp., which listed the former US
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Ra.One brings together Paris, China, America, London and Bangkok closer
Real Bollywood (blog)
The film revolving around the tale of a superman, much on the lines of the popularly known fictitious characters is being endowed with special effects for its international audience including those of US, China, London and Bangkok.
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<B>Evan Feigenbaum:</B> Could America fade in Asia?
Business Standard (blog)
In East Asia, for example, preferential trade agreements, regionally-based regulations and standards, and institutions created without US involvement – most notably, the Asean Plus Three and a related China-Japan-South Korea mechanism – hold the
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Sparring over Taiwan
That is the essence of a quiet but persistent undercurrent of US thought: that little Taiwan — with just 23 million people — is too big an irritant in Sino-US relations. Instead of continually annoying China by pledging to defend it, the argument
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Calvo: China missile threat serious
Pacific Daily News
“If people felt there would be more of a risk from China, they might acquiesce to military requests, and say, ‘You know what guys? Yeah, please come in,'” she said, referring to the US military presence on Guam. But according to Sen.
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The New Japanese Defense Strategy: A New Role for Japan?
Foreign Policy Journal
On the one hand, Tokyo could become unwillingly involved in a possible conflict between the US and China over issues such as Taiwan or Korean peninsula. That is why the new Guidelines states that the principle of contingency, or a case by case
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America’s way to stay ahead
Lancaster Eagle Gazette
In recent years, China’s government has become more and more “buy China.” Those countries which favor a liberal, free-trade global system — the US, European Union, Canada, Australia and, to a lesser extent, Japan — are finding increasing resistance
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Home News National Present govt transforms Pakistan as welfare state through
Associated Press of Pakistan
The manufacturers of the automobiles received subsidies from the US government, thereby harming China’s automotive industry, the ministry said in a statement on its website Saturday.The announcement may be followed by a ruling on anti-dumping and
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Emerging-market funds end quarter on a high: EPFR
Business Standard (blog)
China’s restated commitment to rebalancing its economy towards domestic consumption has, however, helped Greater China Equity Funds regain some lost ground, with inflows hitting a 12-week high going into April. Latin America Equity Funds ended the
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Apple tries to avoid Motorola’s mistakes in China
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
While emphasizing that China is “a difficult country to compete in,” Jones blamed Motorola for being caught off-guard in 2007 by Apple’s iPhone. On Feb. 28, 2007, software engineer Hanjuan Jin was stopped by US Customs agents as she was attempting to
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Libya and the Obama doctrine
Jamaica Gleaner
One of the troubling things in what Fareed Zakaria calls the post-American world is the rise of authoritarian China as a Great Power and the resurgence of Russia. The US and the UN Security Council have been frustrated in attempts to bring pressure to
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China is Finally Fed Up with the Dollar
By James McKee China’s outspoken distaste with how the US government has been handling its finances has not bee a secret to anyone, however they are now claiming that the way out of this quagmire is to buy other currencies. China’s thought is that
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Drive to get China’s views across globally
As for China, we intend to talk more about export and trade issues,” Johndroe said. For the administration of US President Barack Obama, student exchange programs have become the “baton” that conducts the whole public diplomacy orchestra.
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Ban the Benjamins!
CBS News
Let’s review some basics. America’s economic bargain with the rest of the world – especially China – goes as follows. They give us automobiles and computers and baby strollers, and we give them dollars, the most stable currency in the world.
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Stating China Google Violate Tax Regulations
Business Area
Google also said it was dismantling sophisticated attacks based in China against human rights activists APRA using Gmail service worldwide. Disputes sensors and hacking into a diplomatic point of annoyance in ChinaUS relations.
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New Passat, aka NMS, has slightly different interior to US version to launch
China Car Times
As The Truth About Car’s Bertel Schmitt has already pointed out, VW’s offerings in China are an interesting mix – one might say that it is some sort of organized anarchy, with different generations of cars competing against each other.
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San Bruno Avenue’s ethnic challenges
San Francisco Chronicle
Joe Johnson and Nelson Liang grew up on opposite sides of the world – Arkansas, USA, and Guangzhou, China, respectively. They’ve ended up working within feet of each other, on San Francisco’s San Bruno Avenue, where they share a view of a rapidly
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[분수대] 차이나 신드롬
JoongAng Daily
The antipode of the US is, of course, not China, but India. But the phrase “China syndrome” originated from the hypothesis nevertheless. Later, Lapp’s hypothesis was proven groundless by physicists who concluded that it was not possible for radioactive
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China’s political stability rests on shaky economy
San Francisco Chronicle
That way, he seemed to be saying, they will appreciate us. These days, China’s leaders talk about maintaining a “harmonious social environment,” as Hu said during his once-a-year news conference in March. That’s code for ensuring universal prosperity.
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In trust deficit too, China races ahead of India
Economic Times
Those of us who suffer from China envy-the debilitating feeling that the Chinese are ahead of us in everything they do-should think about this. The average Chinese trusts her government even less than we trust ours. Is that possible, after CWG,
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Chinese Buying Spree, Record Painting Boost $54.9 Million Hong Kong Sale
The event, starting with a wine sale that raised HK$136.5 million over three days, will show whether rising wealth in China will continue to drive an increase in demand and prices. China overtook the US as the world’s biggest auction market for fine
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Libyan banks apply for extension on letters of guarantee from China: MOC
People’s Daily Online
The 11 letters of guarantee involved 497 million US dollars and seven Chinese companies. Most would mature in April, May, July or August this year. The ministry said that it would work with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration
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The Arab young and restless
Young people in countries as diverse as Egypt and the US are in effect competing with young Chinese and Indians for jobs. China’s low-paid, reasonably productive manufacturing workers and high-quality infrastructure (roads, power, ports,
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Good and bad news on Korean Peninsula
Korea Times
Ambassador Bosworth stated clearly that neither China nor the US wants North Korea as a permanent nuclear power, and that the US ability to work productively together on this crucial issue is a litmus test for overall relations between Washington and
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China yacht market sales to rise 25%
Taipei Times
Brunswick’s vessels on display at the Hainan fair included a 47 foot-cruiser, the Meridian 441, which sells in China for 9.5 million yuan (US$1.5 million) inclusive of taxes. China imposes a 43 percent levy on imported boats, according to data from
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China’s Military Self-Assurance
The Diplomat
The paper, released Thursday, places significant emphasis on the importance of China’s growing economic prowess. There is inevitably the familiar lament over US arms sales to Taiwan, the United States‘ involvement in the Asia-Pacific and the
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Nuclear weapons in Japan? Not now
Korea Times
This is significant because, depending on their size, Japanese missiles with nuclear warheads would cancel out the military superiority that China, North Korea and even the United States now have over Japan. Former prime minister Taro Aso has
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Saxena White PA Files a Securities Fraud Class Action Against China Agritech, Inc. (press release)
The Report, citing sources, claims that China Agritech’s US financial statements were materially different than the financial statements filed with Chinese authorities by a number of the Company’s subsidiaries. The report claims that the revenue
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Rationale for export sops
Hindu Business Line
Why is China clamouring for an alternative to US dollar? China is truly on the horns of a dilemma. It has piled up upwards of $ 2.5 trillion, the highest forex reserves held by any country. Its fortunes are tied inextricably with the dollar.
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China Ming Yang Wind Power Group’s CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Results – Earnings
Seeking Alpha
Thank you, Chanelle, and thank you, everybody, for joining us today for China Ming Yang Wind Power’s Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2010 Financial Results Conference Call. The fourth quarter and full year 2010 earnings release was issued earlier today
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England beats U.S. women, 2-1, as both prepare for Women’s World Cup in Germany
Los Angeles Times
The US also lost to Sweden in the first game of the Four Nations Tournament in China in January. England got off to the perfect start, with Jess Clarke scoring on a right-foot shot after only eight minutes. Rachel Yankey made it 2-0 in England’s favor
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Forex – NZD/USD weekly outlook: March 28-April 1
Forex Pros
Also Friday, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said that the country’s Purchasing Managers Index rose for the first time in four months in March, climbing to 53.4 from 52.2 in February. China is New Zealand’s second largest trading
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China Travel Growth Bullish for, 7 Days
Forbes Digital Download (blog)
By KENNETH RAPOZA Club Med China opened in 2010. China’s growing middle class is set to turn China into the world’s No. 2 travel destination behind the US. China’s set to overtake Japan as the no. 2 travel destination in two years, according to a March
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Why We Need a Quadrennial Energy Review
The Atlantic
I want my two children (ages 8 and 6) to grow up in a world with coral reefs and polar bears. That’ll take the US and China working together to make steep emissions reductions. China has a five-year plan that includes these issues.
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Development of China’s Shanghai Disneyland
Business Area
Shanghai Disneyland will be the first Disneyland in China mainland, and the fourth Disneyland built outside the United States, after Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Initial reports say, 116 hectares of land in Pudong New Area is allocated for Shanghai
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China on a roll in passenger and air freight movements
The Bulletin Panama (blog)
by Beijing as China’s economic growth fuels passenger and cargo volumes. Travelers in the Chinese capital jumped by 13 percent to 73.9 million, trailing only the US Atlanta hub, according to data published by Airports Council International (ACI).
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Rare Earths, China´s Not-So-Secret Weapon
Toronto Sun (blog)
Of course, China can bring the entire world economic and social order tumbling down any old time it wants simply by calling in the massive US government debt it holds — an unpayable amount, really. But China won´t do that (threaten to, maybe,
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Dalai Lama issues warning on melting Tibetan glaciers
Tibet’s melting glaciers as millions of Indians use water that comes from them. Dalai Lama’s warning comes in the wake of a rare US recomendation that the US should work with China for the economic development and cultural preservation of the region.
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Today in History
Washington Post
Ten years ago: President George W. Bush warned China it risked damaging relations with the United States unless it quickly released the American crew of a damaged Navy spy plane. (The plane had made an emergency landing in China after colliding with a
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William Young, Helped US Organize Secret War in Laos, Is Dead at 76
New York Times
Mr. Young’s father, Harold, was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency and led intelligence-gathering forays into southern China in the years after Mao Zedong’s Communist takeover. William Young followed his father’s path and joined the CIA after
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Howell: Acreage survey lifts new-crop cotton prices to near highs
The China Cotton Index dipped about 1.4 percent for the week to the equivalent of 207.42 cents per pound. China is both the world’s largest cotton producer and largest cotton importer. Back on the US scene, gins processed the equivalent of 18099950
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O’Brien: What AQT Solar tells us about economic development
San Jose Mercury News
And finally, while employee salaries were bound to be higher, Bartholomeusz said the high productivity of US workers keeps the cost difference between hiring someone here compared to China much closer than people assume. Today, that Sunnyvale building
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Renewable energy is key says US
Biofuels Watch
Relying mainly on the oil has made United States much more vulnerable to the oil price fluctuations received from outside influences which includes conflicts in Middle East and disasters or China’s economic boom said President Barack Obama.
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