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U.S. China News 2011.04.02

Sat, April 2, 2011

China’s online propaganda inspires US Centcom
A new online initiative from US Central Command seeks to counter terrorist rhetoric in multiple languages. When news of China’s “50 Cent Party”, a cabal of internet commentators hired by the country to leave pro-government comments on blogs and forums
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Come and see potential of India: Anil Ambani to US firms
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: India, which along with China is one of the world’s “documented growth stories”, offers some of the largest opportunities for American companies and the “challenge” for US companies is to come and see the “potential of India”,
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China’s acquisition of US retailers era!
Gerson Lehrman Group
Therefore, retailers in China, the United States to stand retail undefeated status must follow three principles. First, establish deeper relationships with customers, how, like apples, Gilt that give consumers more emotional, more fresh, more exciting
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China questions US call for cut on imported farm goods
Chinese Ministry of Commerce officials said lowering agricultural import tariffs has a limited effect on curbing inflation, in response to a report released by the US International Trade Commission calling for a removal of China’s trade barriers.
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China white paper highlights US military ‘competition’
MAARS News (blog)
By Michael Bristow China says the United States is increasing its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, which is becoming more “volatile”. It also says there has been a rise in operations directed against China. The views were made in China’s
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The numbers aren’t kind to China’s Qihoo
Globe and Mail
The hottest IPOs on US exchanges in 2010 came primarily from China, leaving American companies in the dust. But in February, the research firm Renaissance Capital saw a change for 2011. New-stock issues from US companies were up substantially,
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New Video’s Betting that America’s Audiences Want China’s Blockbusters
Indie Wire (blog)
Titles will be available to US audiences after their respective day-and-date release in both territories. This is the second North American partnership for China Lion, which recently made an exclusive arrangement with AMC to provide theatrical
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Arming Taiwan in US interest: analyst
Taipei Times
He said that selling the weapons was in the US‘ “highest interests,” because it would give Taipei the means to deter an attack from China. Fisher blamed the US State -Department’s refusal to reconsider its “narrow and strict” -interpretation of what
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Oil Prices Have Increased After the United States (US) and China, Removing the
Business Area
NEW YORK – Oil prices rose, after on Friday the two biggest oil consumer, the United States (US) and China, issued a report that runs the economy positively. This condition reflects the purchasing power of oil will increase. Uncle Sam’s country have
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S&P: China, Japan & Taiwan Stock Markets Less Correlated To U.S.
Barron’s (blog)
Of the world’s major Asian stocks markets, India (PIN), South Korea (EWY), Taiwan (EWT), Turkey (TUR) and Japan (EWJ) all have S&P 500 correlations of 52% or lower, according to S&P. Also, China’s (FXI) reading of 67% is substantially below European,
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Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and USChina Economic Relations
For China to actually rebalance, Beijing will have to accept a retrenchment of SOEs and this process will be stridently opposed. It is strongly in America’s interest to assist, by reorienting bilateral economic policy toward making retrenchment of SOEs
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Mothers Can Be the Cause of High Blood Pressure in Children
TopNews United States
A group of researchers from China, US and Austria analyzed a five-generation Chinese family and revealed that a number of its members who come down from the same female ancestor had high blood pressure. The main cause that was found out by the
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Is China committed to the prevention of an arms race in outer space?
The April 23, 2007 report from the State Department to Congress relating to China’s ASAT test addressed the question of whether the test was in response to the National Space Policy and concluded that: “Even before issuance of the US space policy,
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General Motors’ China sales growth slows sharply
Economic Times
BEIJING: General Motors , the biggest overseas automaker in China, said Saturday its sales growth in the world’s largest car market had slowed sharply year-on-year in the first quarter. The US auto giant said it sold 685583 vehicles over the first
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Asian Stocks Rise a Second Week on Japan’s Quake Recovery, China Profits
(2498), the Taiwanese mobile-phone maker that gets about half its sales from America, rose 7.6 percent after a report showed US companies added more workers in March. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. gained 3 percent in Hong Kong this week
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US Takes On England To Continue World Cup Prep
The USA is 12-0-1 against European teams in Europe under Sundhage. · The USA is 6-1-0 in 2011, winning six straight games after falling to Sweden, 2-1, in the first match of the year at the Four Nations Tournament in China. · The US team has won both
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Specifically, Lin described his recent political activism in the United States: he joined the “Federation for a Democratic China” (FDC), wrote articles for the FDC, participated in FDC-sponsored protests, and “distributed propaganda to promote the FDC.
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Budget cuts pummel public colleges and U.S. standing
At stake is whether the United States will keep its role as the world’s pre-eminent business and economic leader as it comes under pressure from China and India, which are turning out tens of thousands of highly trained engineering and technology
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As population increases, so does demand for food
Fremont News Messenger
Urbanization is a major problem in the United States and China. China’s urban land area has been increasing by more than 2 percent annually for the past five years, and in the United States, an area the size of Indiana — 23 million acres — has been
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U.S. jobless rate down as global factories boom
Similar surveys of firms in Asia’s major economies showed oil prices had thus far done little to dent growth, even though China’s outlook was clouded by signs of disruptions to trade with Japan. A pair of China PMIs showed factories were growing
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Obama: Government shutdown would jeopardize recovery
CBS News
steeling American jobs, if you support any of our current politicians you are a joke. by jimbom121 April 2, 2011 8:29 AM EDT Its because an item made in China can be purchased for a dollar and that same item made in the US costs 2 dollars.
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China strikes 10 yuan-against-dollar deals on first day of option trading (press release)
BEIJING, Apr. 2, 2011 (Xinhua News Agency) — The China Foreign Exchange Trade System transacted ten deals of the yuan against US dollar options on Friday, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said on Saturday. The notional principal amount of
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Shadow boxing
Philippine Star
In the event of an actual clash between China and the US, the Philippines will be forced to take the US side. All parties, including other claimants and the Philippines prefer that the area becomes a “zone of potential economic cooperation” rather than
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Chinese Students: Shen Yun Makes Us Proud
The Epoch Times
VANCOUVER, Canada—After Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company gave its first performance at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre this season on Friday, April 1, two Chinese students said they felt proud to witness China’s traditional culture.
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Cities in the sky
China Economic Review
Shanghai Tower has already been awarded a gold pre-registration certificate by the US Green Building Council and is aiming for a high-level building certification from the China Green Building Committee. Upon completion in August 2011, the gleaming
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China On Course To Displace US In Scientific Output: Study
South Asian Link
LONDON – China, the country that invented the compass and the gunpowder, paper and printing, is set to overtake the US in scientific output by 2013, seven years earlier than expected, bringing about a major change in the global scientific landscape.
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Insidious China?
The Diplomat
Santorum was keen to paint China as a threat to the United States and its values. ‘The glitz and glamour of a state dinner could do nothing to improve our nation’s ability to apply leverage to the Chinese on a wide array of issues — ranging from
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<B>Anjali Mody:</B> US-Brazil relations – Agreeing to disagree
Business Standard (blog)
The US only recently conceded its position to China as Brazil’s main trading partner and single largest source of foreign direct investment. Despite the undervalued yuan commodity exports to China, in a period of rising commodity prices,
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Shanda Announces Purchase of Senior Convertible Bonds and Ordinary Shares From
Bradenton Herald
/PRNewswire-Asia/ — Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (NasdaqGS: SNDA) (“Shanda” or the “Company”), a leading interactive entertainment media company in China, announced today that it agreed to invest US$100000000 in Ku6 Media Company,
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Brazil’s China Syndrome
Poder 360
Both in trade and strategic terms, the Brazilian narrative was that the US role remained too pronounced, and having a third country as balance would be beneficial to Brazil. As the relationship has matured—China has now supplanted the US as Brazil’s
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Undervalued yuan hurting India: RBI
Gulf Times
The Group of 20 finance chiefs meeting in China this week held out the prospect of an enlarged global role for the yuan to encourage the government to free up a currency described by the US as “substantially undervalued.
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Global Sources forms Partnership with China’s Trade Development Bureau to
Bradenton Herald
Import-export trade through Miami reached a record US$93 billion in 2010 with Latin American countries accounting for nearly US$40 billion in total. “This event series will help China suppliers meet directly with top buyers for the US market as well as
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Should the US and Latin America give a damn about one another?
Colombia Reports
While Colombia has been improving ties with Venezuela, a much bigger US rival than Chavez has quietly stepped into the scene. Trade between China and virtually every large Latin American country, including Colombia, has grown at double-digit annual
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How to play Chinese stocks in the second quarter? (blog)
Not only did earnings roll in the fast lane but investors had to digest critical economic news from the US, China and Europe as well. On top of that agenda, events in the Middle East and in Japan added to the mix. These latter two added to the price
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3 ways to play the emerging-markets rebound
MSN Money
Left for dead by investors since last summer, equities of counties like China, Brazil and India are seeing a powerful new uptrend. By Anthony Mirhaydari on Fri, Apr 1, 2011 12:21 PM It’s no secret that the financial system is awash in cheap cash.
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China Golf Group, Inc. Signed a Letter of Intent with Wonderful Ace
PR Newswire (press release)
In July 2010, China Golf merged with a Delaware public company and filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). China Golf designs, constructs and develops premium golf courses and golf communities in the People’s Republic of China
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Canada Dollar Gains to Strongest Since 2007 on Recovery Outlook
China’s Purchasing Managers Index rose to 53.4 in March from 52.2 in February, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said in a statement on its website yesterday. It was the first time in four months manufacturing growth has gained. US
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Today in History
Washington Post
Ten years ago: President George W. Bush demanded that China promptly return a US spy plane and its crew members. (The plane had made an emergency landing in China after colliding with a Chinese fighter.) Duke won its third national men’s basketball
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Taking a trip down the road of facts
The reality is that, as of last year, China held 9.5 percent of our outstanding debt. The largest lender to the US government is the people of the United States. We own 42.1 percent of the national debt in the form of Treasury bills held in our pension
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The US Recovery Bucks International Headwinds
The Weekly Standard (blog)
The effect of the flood of dollars being turned out by the Federal Reserve Board, and rising wages in China and other Asian suppliers, are likely to hit consumers hard in coming months. Developments beyond the control of US policymakers are adding to a
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Donald Trump: Still an apprentice on foreign policy?
Christian Science Monitor
And if China did revalue its currency the way Trump wants, wouldn’t it make Chinese goods more costly so they don’t undercut US-made ones? So again, prices go up. Americans have gotten kind of used to their inexpensive Asian-supplied stuff,
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