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U.S. China News 2011.03.27

Sun, March 27, 2011
Scatter graph of the People's Republic of Chin...

China Offers Humanitarian Aid of US$500000 to Quake-Hit Myanmar
Arirang News
Amid the rising death toll in earthquake-hit Myanmar China has decided to provide emergency humanitarian aid of 500-thousand US dollars in cash to the disaster-stricken country. The state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday that China’s
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Art-world power shifts to China
Crain’s New York Business
Though China just became the second-largest economy in the world, after the US, its rapid rise as an art power has been astounding. It took just three years for China to jump from third place, previously occupied by France, to first place in 2010,
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MICHAEL HICKS: Debt to China a concern
Muncie Star Press
It is difficult to ignore the many voices that fret over China as the banker to the US in its time of worsening debt. It is an easy thing to demagogue, and so lends itself to some economic scrutiny. Despite its high levels of growth, the People’s
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12 Warning Signs of U.S. Hyperinflation
PR Newswire (press release)
3) China Moving Away from US Dollar as Reserve Currency. The US dollar became the world’s reserve currency because it was backed by gold and the US had the world’s largest manufacturing base. Today, the US dollar is no longer backed by gold and China
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China’s Nascent Environmentalism
The Atlantic
In the meantime, China’s mess is everyone’s business; mercury pollution from Chinese coal plants drifts across the Pacific to plague the US west coast, while its carbon emissions threaten the planet. The story isn’t all black, though, as necessity is
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Howell: Cotton futures bounce back on strong U.S. export push
Futures advanced even as industry publication Cotlook cut its estimate of 2010-11 world mill consumption, citing demand destruction by high prices, with use in top-consuming China taking a hit. Cotlook reduced the forecast to 24.896 million metric tons
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CHINA: Overseas education – Changes and policies
University World News
Based on the estimate of a task force of Peking University, long-term international students create a direct annual income in China of about US$0.96 billion to US$1.15 billion, while short-term students contribute US$0.09 billion.
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Traces of radiation from Japanese nuclear plant detected in China
Other nations, including China and the United States, have already restricted certain types of produce, seafood and other items from certain sections of Japan that potentially could be contaminated with radiation. Japan’s government has banned the
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Coal quandary as state considers shipping dirty fuel overseas
The Seattle Times
Making it easy for China to get US coal may lead to more coal-fired power plants. Powder River coal “is a major new source in that market, and is going to put downward pressure on coal prices,” Powers said. And KC Golden, with the environmental group
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Overcoming “lock-in”: China’s attempt to think outside the box on nuclear power
Boston Globe (blog)
Ashley Finan told us about a number of different kinds of reactors being developed, including one being built in China, called the pebble-bed reactor, which was featured in the Times on Thursday. The pebble bed model is a type of high-temperature
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Global executions decline: Amnesty
Sydney Morning Herald
LONDON, March 28 AFP – Global use of the death penalty continues to decline even though China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, the US and Saudi Arabia still execute thousands of people each year, Amnesty International says. China executed “thousands” of
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A Growing Stinky Problem
NBC Bay Area
They made their way to the US via China a decade ago and have been in 33 states, including California in the San Gabriel Valley. The stink bug earned its name from the foul, pungent smell it gives off when it senses danger. Some say it’s like sweaty
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Geisert’s illustrations return to US
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
BY SANDYE VOIGHT TH STAFF WRITER A tale of two children’s books begins in tiny Bernard, Iowa, sails to France and China, and flies back to the United States. Two small-format wordless books by Arthur Geisert, first published by Editions Autrement,
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Execution won’t strain Phl-China ties – Palace
Philippine Star
But it doesn’t make us stop crime, but there are limits to what we can do regardless of which country, if it’s our citizens that committed a crime. “Well, we have been communicating continuously. But, again, we have to respect the laws of other lands.
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US Facebook data passed through Chinese, South Korean ISPs
ZDNet (blog)
Earlier this week, your Facebook posts could have been rewritten on the Great Wall of China, not just on your friends’ walls. For about 30 minutes on Tuesday morning, Facebook traffic in the US, or at least the connections going through AT&T’s Internet
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‘Made In America’ hard to find these days
Times Bulletin
Often times I have to settle for something made out of the US, but not made in China. Perhaps clothing and shoes are the worse. It is really hard to find American made products in this area unless you make them yourself and this is looking more and
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IMAX to open 75 more theaters in China
“As the cinema industry grows in China, and there’s more screens and investment going on, my own personal belief is that more foreign films will be allowed into China, not only from the US but elsewhere.”
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The Inside Story of Ferraro’s 84 Debate Prep
The Atlantic
How would she, a three-term member of Congress, stand up against the man who had been ambassador to China and the UN, headed the CIA , and for the previous four years served as vice president of the United States? The high command at the headquarters
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Chile’s Larrain sees inflation expectations easing
Larrain said the spending cuts were significant, the equivalent of the United States chopping $60 billion from its budget. As the world’s top copper exporter, Chile benefits from ravenous demand for the metal from China, its top trade partner.
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Ship Rejected in China Port on ‘Abnormal’ Radiation Heading Back to Japan
Japan accounts for about 3 percent of global container volumes, compared with about 30 percent for China, according to Barclays Plc. It is the third-largest container shipper to the US behind China and South Korea, with auto parts being the largest
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Joy Global mines Chinese market
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Much of the sales growth has come from Asia, with China alone consuming about 3 billion tons of coal a year for power generation, compared with 1 billion tons in the United States. China plans to build more coal-fired power plants as it brings
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Economic Calendar: Don’t Miss These Key Monthly Confidence Indicators
Seeking Alpha
As we say goodbye to March and the first quarter of 2011, one of the main sets of data to watch will be the PMI figures; especially China and the US. Other than that, the US has some key monthly indicators out such as the Case-Shiller house price index
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Marcus Center For The Performing Arts Presents THE PEKING ACROBATS, 3/27
Broadway World
joint ventures with Theme Parks as an economically thriving China has fostered the growth of its own family entertainment industry, where they perform seasonally as part of the theme park’s entertainment, much like here in the US As time goes by,
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Not-for-profit proposal would save 25 jobs affected by layoffs at Pfizer
“The for-profit motive for developing antibiotics is failing us.” Robert Guidos, vice president of government relations for the Infectious Disease Society of America, said Pfizer’s move to China has created a stir in high-level government and
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Will Japan Crisis Hike Interest Rates?
Japan is the second largest foreign holder of US debt after China. In the aftermath of the recent earthquake it is expected that Japan will likely stop purchasing US debt and instead focus on its own recovery. Some even think that Japan will sell off
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Guest Post: Sigmund’s Analysis
The Business Insider
“We’re already feeling the impact in Japan,” “North America, Europe, China: those three areas for sure will feel some impact.” Last week, General Motors Co (GM.N) idled its pick-up truck plant in Shreveport, Louisiana. Toyota Motor Co is likely to idle
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Banco Santander, China Construction Bank To Form Rural Bank JV
Automated Trader
The two sides will initially invest CNY3.5 billion (US$534 million) in the joint venture, which will specialize in investing and managing “village and town banks,” China Construction Bank, China’s second-largest lender by assets, said in a statement.
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American Tower, AMR Corp., AT&T, Honeywell: US Equity Preview
CNinsure Inc. (CISG US): The insurance company and brokerage based in Guangzhou, China, agreed to sell Beijing Fanhua Datong Investment Management to Winner Sight Global Ltd., an affiliated entity of Warburg Pincus LLC for $63.7 million.
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Brazil needs to unblock climate talks: Bill Clinton
MANAUS, Brazil — US ex-president Bill Clinton urged Brazil to push to get global climate change talks unblocked by getting key trade partners, the United States and China, to curb greenhouse gas emissions. “You cannot create a sustainable future for
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Caperton to Step Down as College Board President in 2012 (press release)
The program also sends Chinese teachers to US schools for one to three years, and sends delegations of US educators to China to learn about its education and culture. Caperton’s work on behalf of students, teachers and schools has been recognized with
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Which Stocks Are in Bill Gates’ Portfolio? Part 2
Seeking Alpha
The company is currently planning expansion with projects in China and Brazil. Canadian National Railway Company (CNI): CNI specializes in rail transportation throughout North America. Their current stock price is $73.78, and their dividend yield is
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A bold call to bring American manufacturing back
Philadelphia Inquirer
Here’s what Liveris wants the United States to do: Copy Germany and China by boosting tax breaks for solar and wind energy and imposing clean-energy requirements that would create demand for products like Dow’s solar shingles.
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Trimming the cost of an Asia trip
San Jose Mercury News
And tour operators that cater to US travelers say bookings this year are already well ahead of last year. “Our most popular 14-day tour of China already has more passengers booked to travel in 2011 than the entire 2010 season,” Marty Seslow,
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Green Fields: Expected acreage of corn isn’t enough, survey shows
Iowa requires the labeling of ethanol-additive gasoline. US farmers are losing as much as $3.1 billion in annual trade with China because of non-tariff restrictions such as the swine-flu related restriction on US pork, according to a government study.
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Lummis offers bill to ensure Wyoming soda ash sustains global competitiveness
The Republic
She says that would put US soda ash producers at a competitive disadvantage because China unfairly distorts the international market. Wyoming produces more than 11 million tons of soda ash a year and the industry employs about 3000 people in the state.
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HK banks agree on resolution for Lehman minibonds
Distribution to minibond investors by the 16 banks, including Bank of China Hong Kong and Bank of Communications Hong Kong, is set for June this year. Asian-focused lender Standard Chartered agreed to buy back HK$1.48 billion ($192 million) worth of
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Gains in Payrolls Probably Accelerated, Showing US Job Market Improving
The manufacturing industries that account for 11 percent of the economy are likely to remain at the forefront of the recovery as businesses replenish inventories, the auto industry rebounds and China and other emerging markets boost imports of US-made
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Haynesville natural gas field is the most productive in the US
But one reason Chesapeake Energy is moving in that direction is because of its new major investor: China, which has invested close to $3 billion in Chesapeake’s Eagle Ford operations in Texas, along with shale exploration in Colorado and Wyoming.
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The US is the largest consumer of energy in the world
Coal Geology
However, it is projected that the US could be surpassed by both China and India as the leading energy consumer in the near future. So, what can we do to reverse this unsettling global trend and set a better example to other nations following in our
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Exercise may blunt salt’s effect on hypertension
USA Today
To explore a potential association between exercise and the hypertensive role of dietary salt, the authors focused on roughly 1900 men and women (average age 38) living in a rural region in northern China. None took blood pressure medication during the
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