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U.S. China News 2011.03.26

Sat, March 26, 2011

China Donating us$30 Million For New Police Academy In Costa Rica
Inside Costa Rica
If the new national stadium was not enough, China has committed to Costa Rica another us$30 million dollars to finance a new police academy. The agreement was signed between Costa Rica’s presidenta, Laura Chinchilla and Chen Changzhi,
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Pakistan Switches Sides, Expanding Arms Allegiance With China and Leaving US
Fox News
That led Pakistan to replace the US with China as a main source of defense material, at least in terms of arsenals, development and training. “China is perceived as not coming with nearly as many strings attached as relations with the United States,”
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China’s Baidu Rises to Record in US on Report of New Products
Photographer: Doug Kanter/Bloomberg Baidu Inc., owner of China’s most popular online search engine, rose to a record in US trading after reports about new services the company is developing. The company said it is testing Web browsing software for
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US Treasury’s Geithner to visit China March 31
Geithner will also meet his Chinese counterparts to “discuss the global outlook and the economic relationship between the two countries in advance of the 2011 USChina strategic and economic dialogue.” Earlier this month Chinese central bank governor
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US says sanctions possible in China copyright spat
Reuters Canada
China’s statement made in Geneva at the World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters came six days after a deadline to comply with the WTO ruling elapsed. The United States says China’s restrictions on goods such as books, newspapers, films,
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US lawmaker denounces China activist jailing
WASHINGTON — Senior US lawmaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday criticized China over a 10-year sentence handed to prominent democracy activist Liu Xianbin and urged his immediate release. Pelosi, the top member of President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party in
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Swatch Luxury Brand Omega To Roll Out Stores In US, China In 2011
VX) Omega brand is expanding the number of corporate-owned stores this year to make the most of the “enormous potential” it sees in China and the US markets for its high-precision timepieces. “We have ambitious plans for the year.
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China Likely Buyer of US Corn
Commodities Now Online
“The USDA’s US 2010/11 export forecast is likely understated. Today’s announcement of 1 mln MT of old crop sales, if our inclination proves correct, would put 10/11 US export sales to China at 1.3 mln MT, higher than the 1 mln MT expected by the USDA.
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US Facebook Traffic Detoured Through China
Free speech activists have worries about how the country can use its online access to snoop on the private data transmission of its own citizens, but what the country would want with US citizens’ data is unclear. As Lyon wrote, “China is well known for
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US’s Geithner to make fast China trip next week
During the March 31 trip, Geithner will also hold talks with Chinese officials ahead of this year’s USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which is to be held in Washington later this year at an unspecified date. (Reporting by Glenn Somerville)
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Crumbling BRICs
Moneylife Personal Finance site and magazine
Given the stupendous growth of China over the past three decades, some believe that the last two centuries of Euro- and US-centric history have simply been an aberration. George Magnus, senior economic adviser at UBS Investment Bank, London, disagrees.
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China’s new crop of exports — students
Chicago Sun-Times
Niu said a degree from the United States is a hot commodity in developing China. “If you get a degree in China and then get a graduate degree in the US it’s a plus,” he said. “You have a more diverse educational background and you have better English.
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They’ve put together a presidential campaign, now all Huntsman allies need is
Washington Post
19, 2011, file photo US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman awaits the state arrival of China’s President Hu Jintao on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. When Huntsman returns to Washington in April, the former Utah governor will have a
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China Fails to Lift US Movie Import Restrictions
Home Media Magazine
The “US government is disappointed that China has not yet fully complied with the WTO ruling in this case, a lack of compliance which China has acknowledged,” Nkenge Harmon, a US trade representative spokeswoman, told The Los Angeles Times.
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US universities encourage young Chinese to ‘think critically, to challenge
Chicago Sun-Times
affiliated with Beijing’s Peking University, known as the “Harvard” of China. “They’re good at copying things, not creating them.” By comparison, US students performed average in reading and science, and slightly below average in math.
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International art market center moves east
Reno Gazette-Journal
According to Artprice, an international art market information source, China is now No. 1 in total revenue derived from fine art auctions worldwide. This has been an ascendance of unprecedented proportions and velocity. While the US and the United
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US says sanctions possible in China copyright spat
Business Standard (blog)
Background: Launched in February 1995, Alliance 95 Fund offers both dividend and growth options. It has a minimum investment requirement of Rs 5000 and an entry load of two per cent. Performance: In 1998, Alliance 95 was the top-performing fund in its
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US Tsy Text: Geithner In China Mar 31, Meet W/ Sr Govt Offls
The US Department of the Treasury today announced that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will visit Nanjing, China on March 31, 2011 for meetings with his Chinese counterparts and other senior government officials to discuss the global outlook and the
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China offers humanitarian aid to quake-hit Myanmar as death toll rises to 74
Channel 6 News Online
BEIJING (BNO NEWS) — China on Saturday announced an emergency humanitarian aid of 500000 US dollars in cash to quake-stricken Myanmar, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on its website that the aid
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US develops “panic button” for democracy activists
The panic button is one of the new technologies the US State Department is promoting to equip pro-democracy activists in countries ranging from the Middle East to China with the tools to fight back against repressive governments.
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PBOC foresees weak dollar, high commodity prices in 2011
People’s Daily Online
China’s central bank said Friday the US dollar is expected to weaken with the slow recovery of the US economy, and global commodity prices will increase due to greater demand. Fears regarding the European sovereign debt crisis and the spread of
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China voices worry about Nato civilian casualties in Libya
China’s abstention in the UN Security Council vote on Libya on 18 March allowed the US-and-French-led international coalition to launch Operation Odyssey Dawn. Under a new agreement, Nato will this week take over military command and launch the second
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China Offers Humanitarian Aid of 500000 USD to Quake-Hit Myanmar
China had decided to offer emergency humanitarian aid of 500000 US dollars in cash to quake-stricken Myanmar, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Saturday. The aid was extended to help Myanmar’s disaster relief efforts and post-quake reconstruction,
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Cummins’ early start revs growth in China
Indianapolis Business Journal
By the mid-1980s, he was working for Cummins Inc., building the engine maker’s business in this vast nation more than a decade before many US companies had even begun formulating a China strategy. Cummins makes light-duty diesel engines in Beijing
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US Congressman Urges “Extreme Caution” in Cirrus Deal
Northland’s NewsCenter
By KBJR News 1 Washington, DC (Northland’s NewsCenter) – Minnesota 8th District Congressman Chip Cravaack is urging extreme caution in the acquisition of Cirrus Aircraft by a China-based company. In a letter Friday, the Freshmen Republican congressman
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Chinese Delegation Visits North Carolina China Center (press release)
In Suzhou, Longistics recently launched the Suzhou Industrial Park International Commodities Exhibition Center, which will generate opportunities that accelerate the export of products from North Carolina and US-based companies to China.
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Sirota: The new “Red Dawn”
Denver Post
Indeed, wielding its increasing market leverage, China is now countering our First Amendment ethos with a push for what LA Times reporter Ben Fritz calls pervasive “self-censorship” — the kind in which America’s media industries preemptively shape
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Carney Says Currency and Capital Curbs Threaten Global Economic Recovery
The US and China have argued over whether the yuan is undervalued and distorting trade, while countries such as Brazil have acted to curb gains in their currencies. “The stakes are very high,” Carney said. “The current dynamics of commodity prices and
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Former UK premier says G-20 needs to focus on high unemployment, economic growth
Los Angeles Times
Since then, however, the G-20 has been struggling to create agreements between economies on widely divergent growth paths such as the US and China. Its most recent meeting in Paris in February was criticized for concluding a watered down deal on
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US energy sources not scarce at all
Inside NoVA
The number of US China is horribly polluted from the coal plants that produce electricity. Perhaps letters to the editor on energy use and pollution should be sent to major Chinese newspapers. About 25 percent of fossil fuel use in the US is to grow
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US rushes freshwater to help Japan nuclear plant
San Antonio Express
JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, NO LICENSING IN CHINA, HONG KONG, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA AND FRANCE Photo: Kyodo News / AP A Japanese auxiliary multipurpose support ship, the Hiuchi, pulls a US ship, bottom, loaded with fresh water that is to be used at the
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Panama Canal gets a revamp – and so does global trade
Globe and Mail
Currently, the US is by far the biggest user of the Panama Canal, but China’s share is growing rapidly – so much so that the country is investigating other east-west routes. Last month, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said his country is in
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South America: Canada’s forgotten continent
Canada’s false start in boosting economic ties with Latin America and the Caribbean come as the region seeks to diminish its reliance on the United States. China surpassed the US last year to become Brazil’s largest trading partner, and the country’s
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Giant silk China scroll goes for $30 million plus
US$ 31 million. The price of the 24 meters (79-foot ) scroll, including fees, was the most paid for a Chinese artwork at a French auction. (AP Photo/Manuel Blondau) PARIS (AP) – A giant 18th-century Chinese silk scroll painting of a military troop
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Which Are The Top Eight Global Risks Right Now?
The Business Insider
Given what has just happened in Japan and what happened in New Zealand before that, is it appropriate to ask, “Are China and the United States next?” The level of US indebtedness and the weakness of the US dollar are causing extra strains not just in
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U.S. still inactive on global warming
Centre Daily Times
The European Union, Japan, China and India had all indicated that they were willing to increase their levels of commitment, but only if the United States took the lead. Instead, Obama abandoned the stage. A follow-up global meeting a year later in
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Grains Outlook for March 25, 2011
Inside Futures
Increased US winter-wheat plantings are a near-term negative, but adverse weather in the US, China and Australia and a lack of Russian exports is supportive. The US wheat supply situation remains above-average with the US stocks-to-use ratio at 34.3%,
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Consumer sentiment in US falls sharply in March
San Francisco Chronicle
Baidu Inc., China’s biggest Internet company by market value, rose to a record in Nasdaq trading as the country’s leading search engine said it has developed a Web browser for personal computers. The desktop browser is being tested internally among
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Statoil awarded US deep-water drilling permit
According to federal offshore lease data, Statoil is a 90% owner of the well, with OOGC America Inc., a subsidiary of China’s national offshore oil company, CNOOC Ltd. (NYSE:CEO) , holding the remaining 10% interest. Michael Bromwich, who heads the
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Powerful quake kills many in Myanmar
Tremors were felt as far away as Bangkok, almost 800 kilometres from the epicentre, as well as in Hanoi and parts of China. The US Geological Survey measured the quake at magnitude 6.8.A Burmese official said 74 people were killed and 110 were injured
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Why (or why not) nuclear energy?
CNN International
Yet while nuclear development in smaller countries may be delayed or canceled, China and India likely will continue with their nuclear programs. These are the countries where the most nuclear power plants will be built in the coming years, Braun said.
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Let’s get involved Facebookers
Scottsboro Daily Sentinel
Poe continued to rattle off countries around the world, one’s that don’t even like us that we provide with millions to billions of dollars. Pick one – it’s likely they get a check from the US Treasury. We even provide aid to China our largest creditor.
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Snuff Out the Chinese ‘Rippos’
Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent article on the threat posed to Zippo, the US manufacturer of the iconic lighters, by “rippos,” the bogus lighters produced in China. Zippo’s single factory in Bradford, Penn., produces 12 million lighters a
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Caperton to retire as College Board president in 2012
Charleston Gazette
and builds a solid foundation for the AP Chinese Language and Culture course. The program also sends Chinese teachers to US schools for one to three years, and sends delegations of US educators to China to learn about its education and culture.
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