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U.S. China News 2011.03.22

Tue, March 22, 2011

China slams US-led airstrike on Libya
Press TV
The day before the mouthpiece of China’s ruling communist party the People’s Daily ran a strident editorial condemning the airstrikes. The newspaper likened the assault on Libya to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, warning that armed action to end
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Zim gets US$700 million from China
Zim Online
The loans were availed by China’s Export-Import Bank. “We are beginning to see the coming in of the China Development Bank in areas of energy, mining agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. This will help us in the growth of our economy,” Vice
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Top Ten U.S. and China Collaborations in Cleantech
By Shawn Lesser and Terry Cooke by Shawn Lesser and Terry Cooke A number of the cleantech efforts between the United States and China reflect the need for cooperation on issues surrounding climate change and clean energy as it is a major factor in the
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Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilema China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis
Eurasia Review
It also highlights the importance of strategic nature of Pak-China relationship. US follows a two pronged strategy against China, what some analysts term as “Contaigement” (Containment and Engagement). China counters this through application of a
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China buying US aviation firms
McClatchy Washington Bureau
By Molly McMillan | Wichita Eagle In the past year, China has been “snapping up” US general aviation companies, including a recent deal to buy cash-strapped Cirrus Aircraft, an aviation consultant noted in a recent report. While the purchase of Cirrus
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China still restricting foreign media, US complains
Los Angeles Times
US trade and film officials express hope that China will yet comply with a World Trade Organization ruling and allow the distribution of more foreign movies after it misses a March 19 deadline. By David Pierson, Los Angeles Times China has missed the
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‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Tackles AIDS In Rural China
Enlarge Associated Press From left, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, young Chinese actor Hu Zetao and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok attend a promotional event of their latest movie “Till Death Do Us Part” in Hong Kong Tuesday, March 22, 2011, as part of the
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China denies buying US corn (blog)
Sinograin, China’s biggest corn purchaser, has denied to Reuters News Service widespread reports and speculation that it has bought American corn. The equivalent of 20 cargo ships were loaded in the US for unknown destinations last week,
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Taiwan Looks to US to Counter China’s Military Might
Voice of America
“Second, I think the Taiwan security community is also worried about this increasing change between China and the United States. Obviously it’s much better as compared to even five years ago, not to mention 10 years ago. Obviously now the balance among
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China’s yuan hits record high against US dollar
Finance Markets
Many analysts have suggested that by allowing the yuan to strengthen against the US dollar, imports will become cheaper, therefore reducing costs. Tensions between the US and China are ongoing after the US has previously expressed dissatisfaction that
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Korea, China and India Invade US Oil Fields
BloggingStocks (blog)
An invasion of US oil fields by Asian buyers is happening. Recently, companies from Korea, China and India have bought land in the oil-rich states of Texas, Colorado and Wyoming, according to Reuters. In one of the biggest land deals, Korea National
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Philippines embraces US, repels China
Asia Times Online
While the US has not staked a claim to the Spratlys, Clinton has said related freedom of navigation issues around the Spratly Islands are “core” to US national interests. China has resisted US intervention in the dispute, arguing that its involvement
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A tougher world looms for miners, but China to power on
Most of that ore is shipped to China. “The prospect of rising rates — first in emerging economies and later in the euro zone and the United States — means that non-yielding commodity investment which are an important element of the current market may
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US State Department to Pay for BBC’s Anti-Jamming Campaign in China, Iran
Fast Company
BY Neal Ungerleider Mon Mar 21, 2011 The US State Department will be funding an anti-jamming program for the BBC World Service in repressive regimes. But statements given before Parliament show that the real target is China’s “Great Firewall.
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China rare earth prices explode as export volumes collapse
China’s actions have infuriated its trading partners but lifted the shares of the few mining and prospecting companies outside China that are well-placed to capitalize on the constriction of Chinese supply. They include US miner Molycorp Inc,
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Pittsburgh groups look to make inroads into China
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The chamber is “a good first step” toward increasing business opportunities in China, said Mark E. Stulga, CEO of ChinaUS Strategic Development Group LLC, a White Oak-based consulting company. “There are many middle-market companies in the region that
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US firms hamstrung by red tape in China
Business Standard (blog)
Says Anil Nayar, president, mobility, Bharti Tele-Ventures: “The good thing for the industry is that BSNL has given us access to markets which were not available to us earlier.” He says that Bharti, which offers services in 16 circles, is considering
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China denies UN talk about North’s uranium
JoongAng Daily
China and the United States, both permanent members of the UNSC, have little knowledge of the program, Hu said. “What is known so far [about the program] is only what an expert observed from a distance,” Hu told reporters, referring to Siegfried Hecker
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Beck: Media Slow to Cover Shortages
Fox News
Yes, that’s going to be great when they — they’re the caretaker of the planet when so much of the world gets its wish and China overtakes the US as the world’s preeminent superpower. Will China really take care of the environment for little Ling Ling?
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Tsunami Effect on US Luxury Market
Wall Street Pit
Japan represents 11% of global luxury goods sales, almost at par with China, and behind the US The list of stocks which suffered from a major sell-off included prominent US luxury brands. Investors were duly worried about the adverse impact on the
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When India prospers, US will prosper better: Warren Buffett
The more countries like India and China prosper, America will prosper better,’ he told reporters soon after arriving here on his first visit to India. He was answering a question on the perception in the US government and other circles that India,
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Quake highlights global supply chain’s vulnerability
Financial Times
Influential voices suggest that China’s days as the workshop of the world may be numbered. “Utopias never last,” says Matt Rubel, chief executive of Collective Brands, a US footwear group that is shifting a chunk of production from China to Indonesia.
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Why It’s Still a Unipolar Era
The American
The United Kingdom and France admirably made a strong moral and strategic case for intervention, but could not act without US leadership. What about China and India, countries that the new declinists identify as the future guardians of world order?
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China agrees to lend Zimbabwe US$585 mil. for health, farming
China Post
HARARE — Zimbabwe and China have signed an agreement under which China will lend Zimbabwe US$585 million for the health and agriculture sectors, Zimbabwe’s Vice President Joice Mujuru said on Monday. Mujuru said the loann would be used for “priority
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Chinese Chevrolet Camaro to debut at the Auto Shanghai 2011 with a new name
Torque News
The toughest part to stomach for those of us in the US will be the price, as the new Chevrolet 科迈罗 will set Chinese buyers back roughly 500000 Yuan – or $76267 with current exchange rates. That makes the Camaro V6 in China more than twice as much as
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Report: China Calls Google’s Gmail Accusations ‘Unacceptable’
PC Magazine
China fired back, denying that it censors the Web. “The US attacks China’s Internet policy, indicating that China has been restricting Internet freedom. We resolutely oppose such remarks and practices that contravene facts and undermine ChinaUS
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US Company Working to Expand REE Sources
The joint venture plans to convey Mongolian mining products overland by railway for transport to the seaport of Vladivostok, Russia, in order to avoid shipping through China. Destination ports for these mining products are set to include the US, Japan,
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China to become largest economy by 2050: HSBC
Among the top 30 economies, emerging economies will occupy 19 spots and China will pass the United States as the world’s largest economy in 2050, he said. Gulliver said in an economic forum held in Beijing that China’s development will depend on trade,
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RPT-Hong Kong shares seen up on US gains, easing Japan crisis
Key earnings in focus on Tuesday include China Coal Energy Co Ltd , China Life Insurance Co Ltd , the largest insurer in the country by market capitalisation, and PCCW Ltd . Japan’s benchmark Nikkei average opened up 2.13 percent at 9403.05 on Tuesday,
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Broadcom offers cheap motion-based gaming for set-top boxes
The system is being targeted at users in the US, Latin America, Central America, and China, said Li Hsu, chief executive of 3DiJoy. Dan Marotta, executive vice president of Broadcom’s communications group, said that service providers can now add new
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Greenberg’s Starr Sues China MediaExpress, Alleging Fraud
The suit from Starr Investments Cayman II Inc., filed in US federal court in Delaware on March 18, says Hong Kong-based China MediaExpress misrepresented its business and finances. Chief Executive Officer Zheng Cheng and Chief Financial Officer Jacky
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Max Lifchitz Performs A Piano Recital At Christ & St Stephen’s Church
Broadway World
Chou taught at Columbia University for more than 40 years while also directing the USChina Arts Exchange. The program will feature the first US performance of Lazy Night Blues by Elizabeth Gaskill an American composer who resides in Holland.
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Corner Office Videos
Donald Trump says China is ripping off the US on trade and a real threat of a tax will force negotiations on currency. Barry Diller says that iPad only publications like ‘TheDaily,’don’t make good business sense. Barry Diller says that the Internet
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Travelzoo Wins China Hotel Starlight Award as Best Hospitality Online Media
Marketwire (press release)
swift and direct conversions to the hospitality suppliers who work with us,” said Jason Yap, CEO, Travelzoo Asia Pacific. The China Hotel Starlight Awards is conceived by industry veterans as the ‘Oscar Awards’ of China’s hospitality industry.
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Organized Chaos: Behind the Scenes in the Middle East
The New American
This proc-ess, which has been accelerating for the past 30 years, has largely hollowed out America’s economy, reducing us almost to beggar status, while China has vaulted from beggar to global economic-political-military super-power.
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China to accelerate development of OTC market: report
China established the first OTC stock trading pilot program in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park in 2006. It is similar to the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board in the United States and provides an electronic financing platform for non-listed start-up
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The latest news from the USOC – March 22
Kansas City Star
DIVING: The US will not field a team for this week’s stop in Beijing, China, due to scheduling conflicts, but all seven divers who were invited to participate in this year’s World Series will compete in Sheffield, Great Britain on April 15-16 in the
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No Chances of China Syndrome in Japan
TopNews United States
In 1971, nuclear physicist Ralph Lapp described a worst phrase, under which he explained the scenario of a meltdown in a nuclear reactor in which molten material from an American reactor could melt through the crust of the earth and reach China,
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Donald Trump Has A 2-Step Plan For How To ‘Deal’ With China
Dealing with this China business. According to the Don, “nobody, other than OPEC, is riping off the United States like China,” and he’s had it. “They’re making all our products, they’re taking all our jobs and then they loan the money back and we pay
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Hyva sets precedent for Asia buyout funding through
By Stephen Aldred Loans bankers also had concerns about cash being trapped in China, according to documents seen by Reuters. Asia provides around 70 percent of Hyva’s sales revenue, with the majority of that from China, the sources said.
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U.S. jet crashes in Libya, pilots safe; Gates says air strikes should slow soon
Washington Post
China, which like Russia has been critical of the airstrikes, said Tuesday that it was “very concerned” about civilian casualties and called for an immediate cease-fire to avoid “more serious humanitarian disasters.” At a regularly scheduled Foreign
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CHIVAS USA: Zarek Valentin gets physical
ESPN (blog)
Forward Alejandro Moreno has joined Venezuela for games Friday at Jamaica and a week from Tuesday against Mexico in San Diego, center back Michael Umaña is with Costa Rica for games Saturday against China and Tuesday against Argentina,
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