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U.S. China News 2011.03.19

Sat, March 19, 2011
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner talks alon...

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India, US want peaceful rise of China: Palin
New Delhi, March 19 (IANS) Former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin Saturday said India and the United States want to ensure China’s peaceful rise, even as she expressed concern at Chinese military build-up. ‘We want to both ensure that
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Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American
Los Angeles Times
Masanobu Ando as “The Chef” in the movie “The Butcher, The Chef and the Swordsman” from China Lion Film Distribution and Fox International Productions. (China Lion Film) By John Horn, Los Angeles Times For years, Chinese films shown in US theaters have
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US opposes China-Pak nuclear deal
The United States has said that it opposes China’s plans to build two nuclear reactors in Pakistan, but also emphasized that the Obama administration has been very clear on the need to support Pakistan’s energy development. “We expect China to abide by
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Larry Summers: ‘No Question’ USChina Relations More Important Than The Cold War
Huffington Post
That would be no small feat, perhaps one reason he says there is “no question” the relationship between the US and China will prove of larger historical importance than either the Cold War or “anything that happens with the Islamic world.
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Brazil is in a Class By Itself
Fox News
According to the International Budget Partnership, Brazil scores a 74 in transparency of public finances (close to the United States at 82). China is one of the lowest-scoring countries at 14. The difference could not be any clearer.
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China Continues to Trim its US Debt to Avoid Risks
China Digital Times
Though China remains America’s largest creditor by virtue of holding the largest amount of US debt through Treasury bonds, China has also been selling a large portion of them in order to diversify risk. From the Economic Times: China reduced its US
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‘What Women Want’ translates easily now
Los Angeles Times
A decade later, “What Women Want” has been remade in China and was released last month in the US by upstart distributor China Lion. Meyers, for one, might be surprised to see how few details needed to be changed to make her story relevant to Chinese
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Allen West Takes On China, D.C. Bureaucrats
Sunshine State News
Speaking to a full house of 600-plus at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches, the retired Army lieutenant colonel said China’s military and economic expansion pose a direct threat to the United States. Forecasting “an economic conflagration with China,”
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The Consequences of Trade Inaction in Latin America
Losing our competitive advantage to China is a particular concern. As Senator Lugar’s report points out, “In South America, China has replaced the United States as Brazil’s largest trading partner. … Today, China is Colombia’s second largest trading
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Shenyin Wanguo’s Su Sees US Relaxing China Trade Rules: Video
May 18 (Bloomberg) — Charles Su, senior macro-economy analyst at Shenyin Wanguo Securities talks with Bloomberg’s Susan Li about the USChina trade relationship and China’s currency policy. Yuan forward contracts last week strengthened 0.6 percent,
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Tibetan Mastiff Pups from China Being Sold for Over $100K US
ChicagoNow (blog)
Mr Lu said the details sales are confidential, but revealed that one buyer, payed 10 million yuan (about $146000 American), was a multi-millionaire coal baron from the north of China. Mr Lu said his dogs are fed a diet of chicken and beef,
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Red sea rising: Studying China’s unclear naval intent
Kansas City Star
Scholars here are trying to solve a high-stakes, China, puzzle involving a decades-long process of designing and building ships: How should the US Navy be configured for a world in which China’s maritime capabilities and intentions will be … what?
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Close Indo-US ties ‘defining partnership’ of 21st century: US
Indian Express
Beijing: The US described its deepening ties with India as ‘one of the defining partnerships’ of the 21st century, but underlined that it was not at the “expense” of China. “First of all, the United States considers (the ties with) India to be probably
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Yellowstone National Park may be magnet for attracting growing tourists from China
The Republic
Li said travel between China and the US has become easier since 2007. American travel businesses now are able to promote their services inside China, and Chinese can travel to the United States in groups for leisure purposes. The Casper Star-Tribune
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Japan Auto Industry Hit Hard By Quake
by RagingBull It’s almost too obvious to write: Japan’s auto industry, the third largest in the world (behind China and the US) has been ravaged by the disasterous earthquake that hit the nation last weekend. But there is a story in just how bad the
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A step to assure America’s competitiveness
Some people choose to focus on China “the adversary” or make statements for political opportunism, but I prefer to focus our attention on practical solutions. What can be changed in the US to better respond and remain competitive?
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Rare earths: why China is cutting exports crucial to Western technologies
The owners of a private rare earths processing factory in southern China granted us access to their facilities to observe the production process, but asked not to be named, citing the growing sensitivity of the rare earths issue with the Chinese
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How Should China Solve Its Energy Problems? by Damien Ma
The Atlantic (blog)
I had the occasion to pen a recent piece for the ChinaUS Focus, a relatively new publication venture from the NGO ChinaUnited States Exchange Foundation. Though I promised that I’ll focus less on the five-year plan, I thought this might be worth
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Mixed signals
Philippine Star
If I were one I certainly will find it difficult to interpret policy with press statements being issued by the US and China regarding the Spratly islands. Come to think of it, they do not even agree on what name to give the islands. China calls it the
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U.S. says Samsung SDI to pay fine for price-fixing
A criminal complaint filed in US district court in San Francisco said Samsung SDI executives and unnamed co-conspirators held meetings in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and elsewhere to set targets for the prices of the tubes, and to allocate
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Record number of tourists visited US in 2010
“More visitors to the US means more people eating in our restaurants, shopping in our malls and visiting our attractions, which leads to more US jobs,” said Locke — whom President Barack Obama nominated last week to be the next US ambassador to China.
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Get used to higher food prices
Kansas City Star
China saw food inflation top 10 percent in January. Experts predict that prices for farm products will stay up. That marks the coming end of an age of agricultural food surpluses — and of cheap food. “More of the world is living like us,” said Bruce
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US savings bonds now an option for your tax refund
We’ve heard a lot lately about the amount of the national debt that is owed to foreign investors and how that makes us vulnerable to global forces beyond our control. Until last week, China was the big concern because of the amount of debt it held,
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Our bad economy is our own worst enemy
Monroe News Star
More than a year ago, Chinese communist General Luo Yuan told the state-run Xinhua News Agency that China should attack the US “by oblique means … such as dumping some US government bonds.” (China currently holds about $1.16 trillion of US debt.
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U.S. consumer panel, HUD change course on Chinese drywall
Sacramento Bee
The drywall, mostly imported from China, has been blamed for emitting sulfuric gases that corrode electrical and metal components, produce noxious odors and cause health ailments such as runny noses and headaches. Concerned that corroded electrical
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China needs to stop buying dollars-ex adviser
International Business Times
China should stop buying the US dollar because the costs it faces for continuously intervening in the currency market are ballooning, Yu Yongding, a former academic adviser to China’s central bank, said on Friday. Subscribe to The Economic Monitor to
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Bribery Is “Made In China” For IBM
The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged IBM with funneling gifts, cash, and entertainment to government officials in South Korea and China. Specifically, IBM was charged with violating the books and records and internal control provisions of
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Wind Power: China Picks Up Pace
China now has 42.3 GW of wind power, and has surpassed the US in terms of total installed capacity,’ said Li Junfeng, secretary-general of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA). ‘This puts China firmly on a path to reach 200 GW of
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Keynote speaker Hu Shuli and USC Provost Elizabeth Garrett, some of those
US-China Institute
And among Dube’s list of potential reasons for this American sentiment—the US-China trade imbalance, China’s US debt holdings and China’s rapid and ongoing GDP growth—the latter was addressed during conference’s first panel.
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Longtop Announces Share Repurchase Program and Human Resource Practices Change
Bradenton Herald
a leading software developer and solutions provider targeting the financial services industry in China, today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized a share repurchase program, under which Longtop may repurchase up to US$50.0 million
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IPO VIEW-Wall Street sells China, struggles with IPO math
China, expanding and developing at a booming rate, has produced plenty of options to fit the new profile. Many of the companies are also Internet startups that copy business models of successful US peers, which have piqued US investors’ appetite for
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A Visual Escape
Coming from London, China and numerous US locations, these dealers have brought with them the cream of their collections for the benefit of serious collectors and the window shoppers among us. The range of work on display is fascinating.
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Former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher Dies
Voice of America
Over the years, Christopher also helped win US congressional ratification of treaties returning American control of the Panama Canal to local authorities, presided over the normalization of US diplomatic relations with China and negotiated repeated
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President Trump? Billionaire considering 2012 run
China “has taken all of our jobs.” The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the Mideast oil cartel, “is ripping us right and left. … You’re going to see $5 a gallon gas pretty soon.” Japan, recovering from an earthquake and tsunami and
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US Stocks Advance as Banks Boost Dividends, Libya Declares Cease-Fire
(Source: Bloomberg) March 18 (Bloomberg) — Jeremy Siegel, a professor of finance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and Tim Mulholland, managing partner at China-America Capital Co., talk about inflation and Federal Reserve policy,
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What International Consensus?
American Conservative Magazine
The United States – along with Russia, China, and Germany among the major powers – stood increasingly alone in opposing the emerging Arab and international consensus favoring intervention. ~Shadi Hamid Shadi Hamid and I aren’t going to convince each
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Global refrain ‘Enough!’ finally reaches Arab shores, but is it enough for
Washington Post
And what of the biggest democracy vacuum of all, the one-party state of China, where a democracy movement was crushed, with hundreds killed, in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989? “I don’t think China will be able to avoid this trend,” Gershman said.
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L’Oreal Latin American Head Aims to Double Brazil Sales by 2015
Brazil is tied with China as the world’s third-largest country for cosmetics overall after the US and Japan, according to L’Oreal. Hair-care is a key part of the company’s growth strategy, Popoff said. More than 60 percent of women in Brazil use four
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China life sciences may threaten US hopes
Times-Mail (subscription)
BY CHRIS FYALL JIANGSU PROVINCE, China — Joe Shih spent 25 years in Indianapolis as an oncology researcher for Eli Lilly before he left, two years ago, for a small Chinese biotech firm with … Please log in at right to read the rest of this story.
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US lacks people, authorities to face cyber attack
But, he said, “we have not had the same level of conversations with China.” US officials have been cautious when talking about the cyber threat from China, but have generally acknowledged that a number of the network intrusions emanate from there,
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In China, Sympathy for Japan, But Worries Over Radiation
PBS NewsHour
RAY SUAREZ: In China, Japan’s biggest neighbor, there is both worry and sympathy. Special correspondent Jeffrey Kaye has been there on a reporting trip for us and has this story from Beijing. JEFFREY KAYE: At many Chinese grocery stores, there’s been a
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Japan and Market; Buy Shaw Group Inc., Market Vectors Uranium Plus Nuclear
company released a statement regarding the disaster in Japan from CEO JM Bernard Jr. which said in part: “At this time, we do not believe that there will be an impact on Shaw’s nuclear projects currently under construction United States and China.
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U.S. financial system needs help desperately
The Tennessean
We all would be broke, no matter how much US money we have in the bank. The banks will no longer exist. This has happened time after time over the past 100 years in other countries: in Germany in 1924; in Mexico twice; in Japan, China and the list goes
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