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U.S. China News 2011.03.18

Fri, March 18, 2011

US Envoy Stresses Cooperation with China in South Asia
Voice of America
Photo: AP The United States and China are playing up areas of common interest in South Asia, rather than focusing on more contentious issues like Tibet or China’s nuclear deal with Pakistan. The top US diplomat for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake,
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Obama Heads to South America to Head Off China
(Obama has already visited Russia, China, and India.) It’s also an opportunity to cement relationships as China’s economic power increases. In 2009, China bumped the US as Brazil’s top trading partner. Obama isn’t expected to announce any major
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China-Biotics Wins First US Customer
PR Newswire (press release)
Inc. (Nasdaq: CHBT) (“China-Biotics” or “the Company”), the leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of probiotics products in China, today announced that the Company has entered into an agreement with a US based nutritional product company.
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China buys US corn
Agriculture Online
China purchased corn from the US on Thursday and may make further purchases this year, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The person employed by an international trade service agency did not disclose the size of the purchase,
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IBM Pays $10 Million To Settle US Charges of Bribery in China, South Korea
All Things Digital (blog)
by Arik Hesseldahl IBM has agreed to pay $10 million to settle civil lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it paid bribes to officials in China and South Korea during a period beginning in 1998 and ending in 2009.
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China’s Tibetan Legislators Visit US Counterparts
During the meetings, US Congressmen and officials welcomed the delegation, and stressed the importance of USChina relations, saying Washington welcomes a strong, prosperous and successful China. They noted the position the US side takes on the Tibet
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Next US China envoy questioned over church ties
Radio Australia
The United States Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has already sparked some controversy before being formally approved as the new US ambassador to China. He was asked whether he would worship at one of the underground churches in China.
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Red Dawn, China, and the free market
United Liberty
In a way, the change makes the movie more fun: If you squint and pretend really hard, you can kinda sorta maybe imagine how the fortunes of the US and China could change to the point where an invasion is plausible-ish. But the idea of North Korea
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China-Biotics Wins First US Customer
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Joe Ruscio, co-founder and CTO at Librato will be a featured speaker at Cloud Slam’11 – the world’s premier hybrid format cloud computing conference taking place April 18-22, 2011. At 2pm Pacific time on Friday, April 22nd, Joe will discuss “Managing
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China’s yuan strengthens 22 basis points to 6.5668 per US dollar Friday
People’s Daily Online
The Chinese currency, or the yuan, on Friday strengthened 22 basis points against the US dollar from Thursday. The central parity rate was set at 6.5668 yuan per US dollar, compared with 6.569 yuan per US dollar on Thursday, according to the China
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China Yuan Up Late After Near Record-Low Fixing
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI (Dow Jones)–China’s yuan rose against the US dollar late Friday after the central bank set a near record-low dollar/yuan central parity rate. On the over-the-counter market, the dollar was at CNY6.5691 around 0830 GMT, down from CNY6.5744
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Lester Brown: China, the land of hunger
Minneapolis Star Tribune
China is America’s banker; America could become China’s farmer. To be dependent on imported grain, much of it from the United States, is China’s worst nightmare. It could create nightmares for US consumers, as well. The evidence of China’s plight is
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On Eve Of Obama Trip, China Sees “Enormous” Potential In Brazil
Forbes (blog)
China can also be a bigger market for Brazilian airplanes. Q. To what extent are the US and China rivals for business and influence in Brazil? What business advantages does China have? The US? AUS companies have operated in Brazil much longer than
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Wen: Chinese and US economies ‘complementary’
People’s Daily Online
He made the remark during a meeting with US representatives participating the first USChina CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue which started on Thursday. “China will adhere to an ‘opening-up’ policy that will create benefits for both countries,
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China needs to stop buying dollars-ex adviser
BEIJING, March 18 (Reuters) – China should stop buying the US dollar because the costs it faces for continuously intervening in the currency market are ballooning, Yu Yongding, a former academic adviser to China’s central bank, said on Friday.
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US sowings and China help crops extend price surge
The gains were spurred by a report appearing to confirm speculation that China had resumed purchases of US corn during the break in prices earlier in the week, which drove futures prices of the grain in Chicago some $2 a bushel below those on the
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US, Australia evacuees to transit in Taiwan
China Post
The remark came one day after a group of 96 American evacuees, mostly diplomatic staff stationed in Japan and their dependents, arrived in Taipei in the early hours of Friday onboard a chartered China Airlines aircraft. Dozens of American Institute in
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China’s Inflation Problem
In 2010, China imported US$2.5bn worth of soy beans, US$4.5bn of copper, US$7.9bn of iron ore but a whopping US$15.7bn of oil, as ANZ’s economists note. China is now the world’s second largest user of petroleum products after the US, consuming 8.9m
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Between Dragons and Eagles: Pakistan’s Relationships with China and the US
and the furore surrounding the January 2011 arrest of US consulate worker Raymond Davis after the shooting of two Pakistani men in Lahore, highlight the contrasting relationships Pakistan holds with its two closest allies, China and the US.
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The Sound of a Dog Not Barking
Huffington Post (blog)
China’s security forces have conspicuously, repeatedly, and recently demonstrated their willingness to use violence against protesters. Egypt was an ally of the US. China is increasingly seen as America’s most important rival.
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Should China Be in the WTO?
The American (blog)
I, in turn, argued that whatever the future problems and conflicts within the WTO, on balance the world (and the United States) was better off with China inside the WTO. In 2001, China was forced to assume obligations well beyond those demanded of any
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China’s role in global mining M&A overstated – North American and Australian
Also it should be noted that 61% of projects acquired by Chinese entities have been within China, with another 16% in adjoining Asian geographies or other emerging markets.” In 2010, PwC tracked 2693 global mining deals worth US$113 billion,
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Base metals trades up on US employment data
Commodity Online
Base metals opened positive with copper ended its biggest one day rally since November on China’s buying interest amid signs of economic acceleration in the US added bullishness in market. People’s bank of China signaled that it may not raise interest
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While Europe & China Put Nuclear Energy on Hold, Will US Learn from the
(Yes, because Japan exists in a world with different natural laws than the US, right?…) Senator Fred Upton has been trying to speed up the nuclear reactor permitting process for awhile now (I imagine with the complete support of McConnell).
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Corn rally continues overnight (blog)
There are again rumors – unconfirmed – that China has bought some US corn. While a strong buyer of US soybeans China has bought very little US corn over the last decade. China has sent mixed signals about its domestic needs this year.
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US Embassy: It’s still safe to stay in China
In an announcement to American citizens based in China, the US Embassy in Beijing said on its website: “Based on information from authoritative sources in the US and throughout the region, there is currently no evidence to suggest that nuclear events
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Aussie dollar little changed after China move
LONDON, March 18 (Reuters) – The Australian dollar was little changed versus the US dollar on Friday after China raised its required reserve ratio by 50 basis points, with markets focused on G7 intervention in the yen. The Aussie AUD=D4 stood around
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The Strategy Behind China’s Wind Numbers
Triple Pundit
By Tiffany Finley | March 18th, 2011 0 Comments Despite surpassing the US’s installed wind capacity in 2010, 1/3rd of China’s installed wind capacity is not connected to the grid. China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) claims it will prioritize
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Studying China’s intentions
Orlando Sentinel
Today, China is a free-rider on a global maritime order built upon a network of treaties enforced by the US Navy. The Chinese frigate that came through Suez then entered the Gulf of Sidra, which Libya no longer claims to control.
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US extends tariffs on shrimp imports
On Tuesday, the US International Trade Commission in Washington voted 5-1 to extend the duties on shrimp from India, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam and China. The tariffs were initially imposed in 2005 after the ITC found that imports had injured,
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$2500 Gold Prices: Double Market Returns as China’s Gold Fever Breaks Records
Seeking Alpha
The”ultra-loose” monetary policy of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve in the US is exporting the country’s inflation to China, India and other emerging markets, increasing commodities prices and wages. The problem with exporting inflation is that it
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United States Must Build Better Bonds with Latin America
Center For American Progress
Chile and Brazil have increasingly formed investment and trade links with China. Chile’s trade with China is now more than double its trade with the United States, and China also has overtaken the United States as Brazil’s top trading partner.
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US Commodities Day Ahead: Record Beef Prices May Gain Further
The G-7 includes the US, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Canada. Vietnam is pouring billions of dollars into building ports for the world’s largest container ships in a drive to draw export industries from China. China’s banks paid record
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McCaskill wants answers to Customs failures plaguing Missouri industries
Without mentioning China, McCaskill wrote that “when domestic companies can prove that their foreign competitors are cheating, they are entitled to relief in the form of countervailing duties form the offending countries.” McCaskill said in the letter
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Record Beef Price Gains as Corn Cost Slows Feedlot Cattle Buying
The rallies were fueled partly by global economic growth that is boosting incomes and demand for meat protein in emerging economies, including China. US beef exports jumped 19 percent in 2010 to 2.3 billion pounds (1.04 million metric tons),
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SEC in Fraud Probe of China RTO Douyuan Printing
The small-cap Chinese manufacturer of printing equipment, which originally gained a stock listing in the US through a 2006 reverse merger, received a subpoena from the SEC on November 10, according to an 8-K filing made by the company Friday,
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