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U.S. China News 2011.03.16

Wed, March 16, 2011

Analysis: Rising China threatens US clout in Latin America
“It’s a real opportunity for Latin America if they play it right and it’s a real challenge to the US,” said Kevin Gallagher, an international relations professor at Boston University who co-wrote a book on China in Latin America.
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‘Red Dawn’: Jittery MGM replaces Chinese invasion with North Korean attack
Los Angeles Times
China has become such an important market for US entertainment companies that one studio has taken the extraordinary step of digitally altering a film to excise bad guys from the Communist nation lest the leadership in Beijing be offended.
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Meanwhile in America
Here, a group of US experts offer their opinions. How do green investments in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan reflect on the United States? China’s 12th Five-Year Plan introduces several key climate change and environmental targets – including carbon
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China Cuts U.S. Treasury Bond Holdings
March 16 — China cut its holdings of US treasury bonds by $5.4 billion to $1.15 trillion in January, reports, citing the US Department of Treasury. Despite the reduction, China remains the largest foreign holder of US treasury bonds.
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China in no hurry to enter North American auto market
Metro Canada – Ottawa
Two years ago, China surpassed the US as the world’s largest single-country market. More than 18 million cars and light-duty trucks were sold in China in 2010, compared to about 11.6 million in the US A recent report suggests Chinese annual domestic
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Team of Rivals: US, China Come to Japan’s Quake Aid
Wired News (blog)
By Adam Rawnsley As Japan’s needs mount in the aftermath of its earthquake, tsunami and radiological disasters, the United States and China are putting aside their regional differences to help the Japanese recover, offering up military and emergency
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Standard Bank sees Africa gains in ChinaUS rivalry
By Gift Chanda AFRICA stands to benefit from increasing rivalry between China and US to become the continent’s leading trading partner, according to Standard Bank. In its latest economic strategy report titled “China and the US in Africa: Measuring
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INTELLIGENCE: China The Relentless And Victorious
Strategy Page
Liu was raised in China, and is a legal US resident. Liu was arrested because of a trip to China last November, where he had described, to Chinese officials, what his company was doing on Department of Defense projects. The evidence was found on one of
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New logistics adjunct at Miami Free Zone targets China-Latin America trade
Miami Today
The region’s economy was less impacted by the worldwide economic downturn thanks to smaller investments in US securities than, for examples, European nations. China is looking to capitalize on its BRIC counterpart, Brazil, which has been pegged as one
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US senators call for action on China over rare earths
China Economic Review
Four US senators led by outspoken Charles Schumer have called on the Obama administration to raise its level of protest against China’s “hoarding” of rare earth metals, Reuters reported. “We’re calling on the administration to step up their efforts to
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What if China became the world’s policeman?
The Guardian
China v the US: how the countries match up. Click image for full graphic. Illustration: Mark McCormick for the Guardian David Ignatius has an interesting column in The Washington Post this morning explaining why Bahrain might be the issue that has the
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Canada Well Positioned to Take Advantage of Trade Flows Between China and
PR Newswire (press release)
“So a fantastic way for investors to play the China story,” quips Bethel, “Is by buying Canadian-listed mining companies.” According to SinoLatin Capital sources, commercial trade between China and Latin America grew from less than US$13 billion in
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Current-Account Deficit in US Narrowed in Fourth Quarter
The divergence between growth in overseas emerging markets such as China and Brazil and the US underscores the risk to the value of American financial instruments. Global demand for US assets slowed in January from the prior month as investors sought
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China, Russia stand by nuclear power despite Europe’s backtracking
Christian Science Monitor
China, Russia and the US are still solidly behind nuclear power, but European officials are asking if they can meet their energy needs without fission. Workers end their shift at the nuclear plant in Tihange, Southeast of Brussels on Wednesday,
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China Yuan Higher Late; Major Swings Seen As Unlikely This Week
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI (Dow Jones)–China’s yuan was higher against the US dollar late Wednesday after the central bank set the dollar/yuan central parity rate below the dollar’s spot level late Tuesday, though the dollar’s gains offshore pared the Chinese
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Reconsidering America’s China Policy: Engaging Party and People
US-China Institute
AEI and the Project 2049 Institute, which seeks to guide decision makers toward a more secure Asia by the century’s midpoint, will cohost a conference examining US policy toward China, particularly American engagement of Chinese civil society.
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U.S. Imports of Auto-related Goods from Japan Expected to Decline
PR Newswire (press release)
3 exporter of containerized goods to the United States, according to PIERS data, behind China and Korea. The country is second, behind only China, as an importer from the US, based on container volume measured by PIERS data.
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Ghana, Nigeria and US lead in online fraud – Report
Of digital-only companies (ie, those shipping downloadable goods as opposed to physical ones) Nigeria again headed the blacklist, with 47 avoiding it ahead of Vietnam, China and South Korea on 29 percent each, and the US on 24 percent.
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China in US$ 2 bil. deal to help Iran build world’s tallest dam
China Post
TEHRAN — China signed a US$2 billion contract with Iran to build the world’s tallest dam in the Islamic state, the Iranian energy minister was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency on Monday. “One of the major events in the water sector of
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US extends levy on shrimp imports from India till 2016
Business Standard
The US has extended the antidumping duties on import of warm water shrimps from India, China, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam for five years. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted 5-1 on Tuesday to extend the current duties until 2016 on all
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US Movers: Altera, Pacific Sunwear, Morton’s, Rambus, Xilinx
12:15 PM New York – Altera Corp and Xilinx Inc gained on the expectations of increased capital spending from China based telecom operator. Rambus Inc gained after it extended its technology license with Toshiba Corp. Home builders declined after new
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Wowing the Americans won’t help Gillard at home
Sydney Morning Herald
It was the biggest diplomatic event ever held in Australia and was attended by the presidents of the US, China and Russia. He organised it down to the Driza-Bone outfits given to each leader. Two months later, he was voted out of office and lost his
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China May Help Finance Japan’s Recovery, Mending Ties
Investor’s Business Daily
The US and Europe have their own debt woes. Ultimately China, Japan’s long-time rival, may be most apt to step up, more than a few analysts say. “The Japanese need somebody to buy their bonds, and the Chinese need to diversify their reserves.
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China’s feedmeal demand to rise with meat
Agriculture Minister Han Changfu said in December a lack of spare land was one of the difficulties in raising China’s corn output further, after the harvest rose by more than 10 million tonnes in 2010. China had to import about 1.5 million tonnes of US
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American Nano Silicon Technologies Announces NUWA Group as Investor Relations
GlobeNewsWire (press release)
NUWA Group has a proven record of success working with numerous China based US listed companies and we at American Nano Silicon Technologies are delighted to employ such an experienced and esteemed investor relations advisor. We look forward to having
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‘North Korea manipulates China very effectively’
Korea Times
“We tend to stop short of fully understanding China’s position. As a consequence, it is very difficult for us to work with the Chinese,” Finnemann said in an interview with The Korea Times. Finnemann in recent years has made annual trips to Pyongyang,
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Cautions about nuclear energy in China, France
Houston Chronicle
It is more dependent on nuclear energy than any other country and its companies market nuclear technology around the world, including to China, Japan and the United States. European Union energy officials agreed Tuesday to apply stress tests on plants
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Research unit going to China, Pfizer says
Industry analysts said Pfizer’s action would be the first wholesale move of a major US pharmaceutical research unit to China. Previously, US firms had relied on China mostly for support functions rather than high-level discovery work.
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NetQin Mobile files for $100 mln IPO
March 15 (Reuters) – China’s NetQin Mobile Inc filed with US regulators on Tuesday to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering of American Depositary Shares (ADSs). The software-as-a-service, or SaaS, provider told the US Securities and
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America Should Be Aware of Its Own Decline
The Atlantic
But no matter how strongly the US bounces back, it is a mature economy and unlikely ever to match China’s growth rates. China also has a much larger population, so it can overtake the American economy even while its citizens remain much poorer;
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What Nations’ Shares of U.S. Debt Are Increasing – And Decreasing
Seeking Alpha
The largest foreign holders of the US national debt on 30 September 2010 were China (mainland and Hong Kong), followed by Japan, “Oil Exporters,” the United Kingdom and Brazil. What we find is that China’s share has risen from 10.2% in March 2000 to
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China PBOC To Sell CNY50 Bln 3-Month Bills Thursday
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI (Dow Jones)–China’s central bank said Wednesday it plans to sell CNY50 billion (US$7.61 billion) worth of three-month bills in its regular open-market operation Thursday. The People’s Bank of China carries out regular open-market operations
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Lee Hamilton talks about American influence in world
The Banner-Graphic
“No matter what problem you talk about today, part of the solution is in the relationship between the United States and China,” Hamilton said. To solve some of these problems, the United States has to be patient, pragmatic and open to discussion,
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Cabot Plans Major Global Expansion of Carbon Black Manufacturing
Business Wire (press release)
plans to invest more than US$180 million between now and 2013 to expand manufacturing capacity in some of the fastest growing regions of the world, company officials announced today. Cabot is expanding capacity at plants in China, Indonesia,
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US Economy Could See Mixed Consequences of Japan Disaster
Fox News
One of the first impacts of the catastrophe was on the price of oil because Japan is the world’s third largest consumer, behind the US and China. Michael Auslin of the American Enterprise Institute says not to underestimate what a drop in Japanese
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Clean energy puts US ahead, Chu says
US Energy Secretary Steven Chu speaks with journalists during a roundtable discussion at the Us American embassy in Beijing on November 17, 2010. The sharing of clean energy technologies by the United States and China will bring great opportunities in
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Chinese shares hit after auditor, CFO resignations
China-based companies’ shares have been under pressure for months amid scrutiny of their books and a spate of shareholder lawsuits alleging accounting fraud. Jitters intensified this week after one Chinese company said its auditor had resigned and
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As Nuke Fears Rise, China Leads Exodus from Japan
But other countries, including the US and Canada, have adopted a wait-and-see attitude before ordering costly and logistically challenging evacuations, only advising their citizens at home to avoid travel to Japan. After the Chinese embassy in Tokyo
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China Mobile Profit Rises Amid Growth in Mobile Web Access
By Michael Kan, IDG News China Mobile, the country’s largest mobile carrier, reported a 3.9 percent increase in profit for 2010, as more of its customers access the Web via their mobile phones. The carrier’s profit reached 119.6 billion yuan (US$18.2
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Tsunami of Inflation to Hit U.S. With Japan Crisis, Warns NIA
PR Newswire (press release)
The odds of Japan increasing their US treasury purchases during this time of crisis are close to zero, they simply don’t have the financial means to do so. If Japan doesn’t step up its US treasury purchases, who will pick up the slack, China?
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Groupon’s Chinese Site Begins Offering Online Deals
While Groupon has become the leader of the group buying trend in the US, the company is only just beginning to start its operations in China. The country has the world’s largest Internet population at 457 million Internet users.
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US CONGRESS/Budget: House Speaker Boehner saying in
Automated Trader
He repeats Republicans want the White House to submit pending trade deals to Congress or the Commerce Secretary’s nomination to be US ambassador to China will be blocked. The House has passed a 3-wk govt funding extension now before the Senate.
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