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U.S. China News 2011.03.14

Mon, March 14, 2011

China tops US in manufacturing: study
WASHINGTON — China topped the United States as the world’s largest manufacturer for the first time last year, according to a study Monday by economic research firm IHS Global Insight. China accounted for 19.8 percent of global manufacturing in 2010,
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China’s premier: Don’t compare us with Mideast
“We have embarked on a development path that fits China’s national conditions,” Wen said, according to a report in the Xinhua news service, adding that mainland China was still a developing nation with a large population, a weak economic foundation and
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How far are China and Latin America?
Malta Independent Online
He is an author of dozens of articles and analysis on China, the Asia Pacific and Eurasia regions in specialised magazines and books published in Spain, Latin America, China, Kazakhstan and the US.
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China not to compete with US in exerting influence in Middle East
China’s envoy to the Middle East, Wu Sike, has said that Beijing is not competing with Washington in exerting influence in the area, but is confident about its ties with the region. “The US’s values and interests clashed in the regional chaos in the
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Trump Would Bag Billions From China to Fund US Entitlement Programs
Human Events
“I wouldn’t talk about it because I’ll be able to get so much money” from China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and other nations who are treating America as a “whipping post for the world.” “I would strongly be in favor of having countries that are ripping
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American Superconductor to buy Finnish wind-power tech firm for $265M
Boston Herald
The Switch has customers in China, Europe, South Korea and the United States. “This combination will create a global wind powerhouse,” said Greg Yurek, American Superconductor’s founder and CEO, in a statement. The purchase will push American
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US China Mining Group Provides 2011 Financial Guidance; Revenues of $95.7
PR Newswire (press release)
The Company expects the following: “Our 2011 financial forecast reflects our confidence in executing our growth strategy,” started Mr. Hongwen Li, President of US China Mining Group. “We expect strong organic growth from our coal brokerage and coal
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Green Automotive Electric Vehicles Leave China for US
This recent shipment, consisting of eight (8) All-Electric Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) and one All-Electric Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), originated from Shanghai, China and is expected to arrive this week in the Port of Long Beach, California.
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China overtakes Britain in art market: report
“The EU alone applies this levy — it does not exist in China, the United States or Switzerland, our main global competitors,” said Browne. “Unfortunately for us, the EU put the cart before the horse. It should have secured a global agreement
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China develops new stealth fighter using downed US bomber
China has developed a new stealth fighter, called the J-20, from parts of an American F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber that had been shot down over Serbia during the Kosovo War. Theories have rapidly emerged about espionage and how China had somehow
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China Welcomes WTO Reverse Ruling on US Steel Duties
14 – Appeals judges from the World Trade Organization today reversed a 2010 ruling that backed the US following a Chinese complaint about duties levied on imports of steel pipes, tires and woven sacks from China, South Korea and Mexico.
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[Yang Sung-chul] ‘Long march’ lies ahead for Sino-American affairs
The Korea Herald
Two fundamental differences in the present USChina relations are noteworthy. First, the former Soviet Union was the United States‘ ideological and security adversary, while China is now deeply entrenched in US and world trade, finance, investment and
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Phl, US commit to maritime security
Philippine Star
Washington has been pushing for a multilateral solution to the South China Sea issue. Del Rosario and Clinton shared the view of enhancing “strategic dialogue” between the US and the Philippines. The first strategic dialogue between the two countries
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Africa: ChinaUS Rivalry Offers Africa Good Strategic Options, Says Standard Bank
The increasing competition between China and the US to be Africa’s leading trading and development partner presents the continent with better strategic choices, according to Standard Bank’s latest Economic Strategy report released this week.
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China praises US return of seized artifacts
People’s Daily Online
China’s top cultural heritage administrator said the recent repatriation of 14 ancient artifacts by the United States is a good example of international collaboration to curb the rampant pillaging and smuggling of treasures.
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Can the United States Feed China?
In the years to come, China will almost certainly have to turn to the outside world for grain. Such a scenario – to be dependent on imported grain, much of it from the US– is China’s worst nightmare and one that could create nightmares for US consumers
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General rejects US talk of China threat
By Zhang Ming’ai Chinese General Zhao Keming branded US talk of a Chinese military threat “totally groundless,” in an exclusive interview with during the recent meeting of the National People’s Congress. General Zhao Keming, a deputy to
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SPACE: China Matches America
Strategy Page
March 14, 2011: Last year, China doubled the number of military satellites launched, compared to the average annual launches for the previous five years. In fact, China has launched as many military satellites last year as the United States.
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Oporto expands into US and China
Mark Lindsay, group CEO of the QSRH Group said the response in both the US and China has been very positive. “We’re very happy with the way things are going, particularly in the US. There’s only one store there at the moment so it doesn’t have the
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Battle of Pacific rim reshapes the world
Sydney Morning Herald
The dreadful earthquake and shocking tsunami of last Friday is like a flash of light across a darkened landscape, throwing into stark relief a key moment in the choices of the great powers of the Pacific, the US, China and Japan, the world’s first,
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Curve steepens as Japan investor repatriation eyed
Japan is also the second-largest holder of Treasuries behind China, according to the US Treasury, though many of those holdings are official ones that make up the bulk of Japan’s $1.09 trillion of foreign reserves. June 10-year Treasury futures edged
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India Passes China as World’s Top Arms Importer, Sipri Says
The country’s plans to boost defense spending in the next decade to modernize the military have attracted US and European firms banned from selling weapons to China. The average volume of worldwide arms transfers in 2006-2010 was 24 percent higher than
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Letters: Our new ambassadors
Longview Daily News
Gary Locke, our new ambassador to China. With his experience as our US Commerce Secretary, perhaps he will be able to have a positive effect on both the Chinese economy and our economy. As the United Way annual campaign enters its final weeks,
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Law License Plates: School Spirit?
Above the Law
Remember that just about every US and UK firm in HK / China are hiring US corporate associates at this time, so you should not settle for a recruiter / agent who simply is aware of openings and can provide a list of firms and can name a few partners
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China aims to host 500000 international students by 2020
IBTimes Hong Kong
Beijing is working actively with counterparts in Washington DC to implement a 4-year education program, announced by President Hu Jintao and his US counterpart Barack Obama, during the latter’s visit to China in 2009. The program aims to bring 100000
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The 10 Most Counterfeited Products Sold in America
Goods from China accounted for 79% of the total domestic value for all IPR seizures.” The first notable aspect of the data is the astonishing level at which China takes advantage of the US markets. Some estimates by economists say 8% of China’s GDP
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Tragedy Doesn’t Change Story For Investing In Japan
Forbes (blog)
Japan’s export-driven economy has been driven more by China in recent years than the US, though for American investors currency issues are a key factor. When the yen is weak it boosts exports, Young explains, but a weak Japanese currency is also a drag
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The $100 Billion Opportunity in China
Jutia Group
US-based Ener1 (NYSE: HEV) is one of them. The company develops lithium-ion batteries for vehicles and inked a deal with Wanxiang, one of the largest auto parts makers in China, in early January. The joint venture will produce batteries for heavy-duty
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US Dollar Collapse Could Occur at Any Time, Says NIA (press release)
China this morning reported 4.9% price inflation for the month of February, exceeding analyst expectations of 4.8%. With China now mimicking the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and taking steps to artificially manipulate their consumer price index (CPI)
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Camelot to Conduct Non-deal Roadshow in U.S.
PR Newswire (press release)
in China, announces that Mr. Yiming (Simon) Ma, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Gordon Lau, Chief Financial Officer, will conduct a non-deal roadshow to meet fund managers in the United States from March 21, 2011 to March 30, 2011.
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LinkedIn adds Chinese censorship as risk to IPO
Reuters Canada
In its latest filing with US financial regulators, LinkedIn confirmed that the Chinese government had briefly blocked access to its site and said that such censorship by China or other governments or organizations could lead to the loss or slowing of
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Marx Is Long Dead But China’s Leaders Love Marxism More Than Ever
Fox News
It may be difficult to sing the definition of the labor theory of value, but it’s not hard to see that China is no longer “capitalism at full speed,” as Bill Gates once told us. What’s going on here? First, China of the Communist Party was never
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MICHAEL GOODWIN: Why Does Obama Wish He Were President of China?
Fox News
As The Wall Street Journal wrote, the rising slaughter reveals “what the world without US leadership looks like.” Meanwhile, he punts on the budget mess, as if details are beneath him. On soaring gas prices, the purpose of his dreary Friday press
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China PBOC To Sell CNY10 Bln One-Year Bills Tuesday
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI (Dow Jones)–China’s central bank said Monday it plans to sell CNY10 billion (US$1.52 billion) worth of one-year bills in its regular open-market operation Tuesday. The People’s Bank of China carries out regular open-market operations Tuesdays
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US HOT STOCKS: Lubrizol, Hitachi, Entergy, First Solar, Toyota
Wall Street Journal
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources Inc. (SHZ, $3.79, -$0.33, -8.01%) said it has formed a special committee and hired a law firm to help determine its course of response after an analyst report last week said the company was misrepresenting its
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Hong Kong-Listed Insurers See Limited Impact From Earthquake
Wall Street Journal (blog)
China Taiping said Monday it expects its reinsurance unit to have losses of up to $100 million Hong Kong dollars (US$12.8 million) as a result of the quake, representing 3%-4% of its gross written premiums. Analysts said the other Chinese insurers
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FP Deal Flow: Carlyle Group in US$5B maritime JV
Financial Post
It will focus on bringing together Chinese shipbuilders, lenders and state-owned companies to support China’s desire to increase the amount of cargo it controls, the statement said. Carlyle’s equity contribution will come from Carlyle Partners V and
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China Ups The Ante On Construction Madness (press release)
Not to worry though, the China bulls tell us, because mass migration of rural Chinese to the cities will provide the demand to soak up that excess supply. If that’s the case, you’d wonder why the central planners in Beijing feel the need to lob more
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China’s BYD sees up to 15 pct auto sales growth in 2011
“Buffett visited us last year and we don’t know how he thinks about us now,” Chairman Wang said. He said BYD’s gearing was relatively high at 60 percent at the end of last year. The company was applying for the issue of mainland China listed A-shares
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China’s super rich list surges
Bangladesh News 24 hours
In China, people believe becoming rich is glorious, so news that China has the second most number of billionaires was greeted warmly. With a 115 on Forbes’ latest billionaire list, China is the only country outside the US with over a hundred of these
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Report: China’s banks need to raise $23bn
China Economic Review
China’s state-owned banks may have to generate about US$22.8 billion in capital over the next five years in order to prop up loan growth, Reuters reported, citing state media. Jesse Wang, vice president of sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp,
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SD Companies Building Overseas Portfolios
San Diego Business Journal
Growth in China, India and the US is expected to spur more than half the increase, with China and India driving much of the growth in emerging markets thanks to rising populations and rapid urbanization. “Construction will become one of the exciting
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New Apple iPads sell for nearly 2000 US dollars in Hong Kong
The Hindu
Stores are offering iPad 2s at prices ranging from 7980 to 15000 Hong Kong dollars, more than twice the top price of 699 US dollars for the iPad 2 in the US, the South China Morning Post reported. The highest-priced model was a white, 64 gigabyte 3G
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Panda cub at Zoo Atlanta making public appearances most mornings after being
The Canadian Press
Only four US zoos have giant pandas, which are leased from China: Atlanta, Memphis, San Diego and Washington, DC The zoo held a naming ceremony for the cub last month, giving him the name Po after the main character in the animated hit “Kung Fu Panda.
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