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U.S. China News 2011.03.13

Sun, March 13, 2011

US report on ‘notorious markets’ upsets China
Times of India
BEIJING: China is upset about the United States including Chinese companies in its list of “notorious markets”. The list will damage the reputation of Chinese firms including the most popular portal, baidu, the Chinese commerce ministry said.
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Can the United States feed China?
Washington Post
The United States exports about 90 million tons of grain annually, though China requires 80 million tons of grain each year to meet just one-fifth of its needs. Just as China is America’s banker, America could become China’s farmer.
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Stocks slide on China, US economic data
Washington Post
The Dow retreated 125.48 points, or 1 percent, to 12044.40 after US jobless claims increased more than forecast, the American trade deficit widened and China’s export growth slowed. “We’ve had a long run of the market going up,” said Giri Cherukuri,
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Factbox: Ties and tensions between China and Japan
China has edged past Japan to become the world’s second-biggest economy, with the United States the world’s biggest by far. Japan and China together account for about 17 percent of the world’s economic output. * China has been Japan’s biggest trading
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US diplomats: China is ‘Santa Claus’ in Costa Rica – WikiLeaks
The Costa Rica News
After Costa Rica’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China in 2007, the country now has a new sensitivity to China and human rights issues. Closer economic ties have made China ‘Santa Claus’, say US diplomats according to cables released by
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Buffett backed China car maker scraps dividend; profit dives
HK), a Chinese carmaker backed by US billionaire Warren Buffett, posted a worse-than-expected 94 percent drop in its fourth-quarter earnings on Sunday, as intense competition pushed up costs and cut margins. The company did not provide a breakdown of
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China copper scrap buyers balk at firm US prices
This has substantially slowed US copper exports to China. The world’s biggest consumer of the red metal imported 10% less copper in February than it did a year ago. One Midwest trader said that if they can’t buy scrap at the spreads they want,
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Oporto finds an opening in the US market
The Australian
Oporto first opened in Sydney’s North Bondi in 1986 and now has 140 shops in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, China and the US. “The focus is to grow the Oporto business in Australia with additional expansion overseas,” Mr Lindsay said.
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Missouri companies join effort to limit Chinese ‘dumping’
File photo — Containers are piled up on a dockyard in Nanjing in east China’s Jiangsu province. (AP) American companies representing several industries have won trade cases involving Chinese imports but contend that the US government doesn’t enforce
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The Cypress Times
Those in China cannot criticize the One Child Policy without putting themselves and their families at risk. As an American, I have free speech. Because I can speak out, I feel the moral obligation to do so. How does forced abortion in China affect us
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Should investors buy the China Internet boom story?
Calgary Herald
But China’s silicon valley suffers from the same market bubbles as the US Peter Foster, The Telegraph By Peter Foster, The Telegraph March 13, 2011 10:02 AM Prof. Shi Yigong walked away from a top research position in the US to become the dean of life
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US returns stolen Chinese art seized by customs
China Post
WASHINGTON, The United States on Friday returned to China stolen artifacts intercepted by customs officials while they were being imported, US officials said Friday. Among the objects handed over Friday to officials from China’s embassy in Washington
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Those Damn Chinese Are Going to Buy Our Wheat
The Business Insider
The Post really outdid itself in running confused pieces when it ran a column by Lester Brown in its Outlook section warning us that China will start buying our grain in massive quantities. It’s common for a column to get 2 or 3 things wrong,
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Japan tsunami: Here’s how you can help
Christian Science Monitor
Sailors aboard the US 7th Fleet command ship USS Blue Ridge move pallets of humanitarian relief supplies across the ship’s flight deck during an underway replenishment in the South China Sea on Saturday, March 12. Mass Communication Specialist 3rd
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Airbus alleges US government interference
SpinPort News
Leahy said President Obama and Chinese premiere Hu Jintao discussed the matter during the latter’s visit to the US in January. The White House denied this, and it is unclear what leverage it could have exercised upon China, which has repeatedly
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Milk Sliding 14% as Cows Boost Output, Cheese Jumps to 1984 High
Prices are up 54 percent from a year earlier as importers from Mexico to China increased buying and the rebounding US economy bolstered domestic demand. Milk’s 2011 rally has exceeded those of all agricultural futures traded in New York and Chicago
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Investor expects China to dominate 21st century
The Korea Herald
China is the next great country whether we like it or not,” he told his audience at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. “The 19th century was the century of the UK, the 20th century was the century of the US, and the 21st century is the century of China.
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Money fuels Russian opposition to Libya intervention
Toledo Blade
While US-trade-dependent China is more likely to roll over and play along at the Security Council, there is no heavy leverage for the United States to bring the Russian regime to heel in that matter. The benefits from Libyan arms deals are just too
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China is a huge, but challenging, market
Longview Daily News
With a rapidly expanding economy and a population demanding more consumer goods, China is a potentially huge market for US companies looking to expand overseas. But moving into the market isn’t easy, and it has risks, according to trade experts.
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China must learn to project power
Korea Times
Now, however, Beijing’s external reach is such that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sounded the alarm bells, warning that Washington is losing the contest. “We are in a competition for influence with China,†she told the Senate Foreign
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Asian demand driving increase in coal train traffic through Great Falls area
Great Falls Tribune
There is an increased demand for coal imports in Pacific Rim countries such as China, India and South Korea. Coal exports from the US to Asia increased by almost 240 percent during the first nine months of 2010, compared with what was shipped during
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Obama’s card in Latin America: Education
My opinion: Obama should announce an Education Initiative of the Americas that would include large scale student and teacher exchanges with US universities (there are currently 128000 students from China in US colleges, compared with only 13000 from
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Smurfit-Stone scrap likely bound for China
The Missoulian
In 2009, the United States exported $2.5 billion in wastepaper and $3.5 billion in iron and steel to China alone, according to the most recent data provided by the USChina Business Council. “I know it’s upsetting to think about our domestic scrap
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Increases in China’s economy could help Cowlitz recovery
Longview Daily News
In addition to population growth, China has cut back on imports of Russian logs and lumber due to high tariffs, opening up markets for US exporters, analysts say. US log exports to China totalled 2.4 million metric tons in 2010, a staggering 2300
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St. Louis stills regrets decision to snum FedEx, seeks China’s help to expand
Memphis Commercial Appeal
“China wants a cargo hub in the US in the next five years. They carry 20 percent of ChinaUS air freight and they want to grow that to 50 percent by 2015,” Hamm-Niebruegge said. “That’s why we are focused on China.” The IATA forecasts slow growth in
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State Dept. urges Americans not to go to Japan
Atlanta Journal Constitution
AP WASHINGTON — The State Department is advising US citizens to avoid traveling to Japan at this time. Thick smoke billows from an industrial facility in Kamaishi, northeastern Japan, on Sunday March 13, 2011, two days after giant quake and tsunami
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CEO confidence back to pre-crisis levels
AME Info
China was considered to be the most important country for future growth. China was named by 39% of CEOs, followed by the US, 21%; Brazil, 19%; and India, 18%. China, the US and India were seen as the most important future sources for products and raw
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Energy sector ‘to continue recovery’
Sydney Morning Herald
China is expected to remain the major driver for economic growth in 2011, with a forecast gross domestic product growth rate of 7 per cent. GDP is expected to grow by 2.5 per cent in the US in 2011 and 1.1 per cent in Europe. Deloitte says China’s
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Longistics Participates in University of North Carolina’s Global Business (press release)
Students will spend eight weeks working virtually here in the US and then travel to China for the last two weeks of the project. For the latter period from Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 27, the GBP project team will research and prepare to reveal their
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Fighting for fair trade
In 2009, China sent 40.37 million pounds of shrimp to Malaysia; Malaysia sent 40.38 million pounds to the US Wire • American Spring Wire of Ohio has seen “mysterious” imports of construction wire from other countries since winning its case against
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Denis O’Brien’s wealth tops US$4b
Jamaica Gleaner
an online and recruiting site in China, and a Portuguese resort, Forbes said. The Boston College-educated father of four maintains the base of his Digicel business in Jamaica, where he is now building a new headquarters – a US$65-million investment
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Coda’s slow start adds to doubts
Columbus Dispatch
Battery production also will be in China until a US battery plant is built. Through all the upheaval, Coda said its plans for Ohio were unchanged. Meanwhile, in Ohio, John Kasich took over as governor. His predecessor, Strickland, had personally
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GM, Ford looking for ways to improve operations in Europe, India, China
Lansing State Journal
“Our partners over the years have wanted us to go faster,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s group vice president and president, Asia Pacific and Africa. “Ford, with all of the other issues we had … wasn’t ready to put all of our resources to bear on the
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What About Foreign Investors
By Alex Stanczyk Could there be a wholesale dumping of US dollars by foreign governments and investors? Maybe. But that would be executing a sort of “nuclear option.” If China were to dump its reserves of dollars into currency markets,
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Hands off the oil reserve
Columbia Daily Tribune
Developing countries such as India and China are emerging from the slowdown quickly, and demand for automobiles there is soaring — General Motors now sells more cars in China than it does in the United States. The spike caused by the Libyan turmoil
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Japan’s Post-Quake Energy Import Surge Will Boost Reliance
Japan is the world’s third-largest oil consumer after the US and China, using more than 4 million barrels of crude oil a day in 2010, according to the International Energy Agency. Firefighters are still battling a blaze at Cosmo Oil Corp.
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Stocks: Hanging on despite risks
negative territory last week, they posted decent gains during Friday’s session, as oil prices dropped 2% in the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the world’s third-largest consumer of crude oil behind the United States and China.
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It’s OK to cut the Cowboy Poetry Festival
Plain Dealer (blog)
This item — which Reid finds to be so invaluable to US society that it warrants borrowing more money from China to pay for it — is the Cowboy Poetry Festival held in his home state of Nevada. I kid you not.
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2011 Buick Regal: From Detroit”s past, now looking to the future
Bend Bulletin
Many of us felt betrayed. We turned away from Buick toward cars from Japan and Germany. Buick didn’t go away. Embarrassed by its failure at home, it re-established itself overseas, in China, where emerging middle-class and upper-income markets demanded
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