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U.S. China News 2011.03.12

Sun, March 13, 2011

U.S. ambassador nominee stirs strong emotions in China
Austin American-Statesman
“To pick Gary Locke is a way for Obama to make amends,” said Zhou Shijian, a senior fellow at the Center for USChina relations at Tsinghua University. “He looks Chinese, but he is American and will represent the American government’s interests.”
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US China Mining provides update on Xing coal mine
US China Mining Group Inc a Chinese leader in coal production and exploration in the People’s Republic of China announced that the Company’s retrofit project is on schedule and expects full coal production at its Xing An mine to commence by May 2011.
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China welcomes WTO ruling on Sino-US business dispute
BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) — China welcomes a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO) over a Sino-US business dispute, said the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Saturday. The WTO ruled that US parallel anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties imposed
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Sunday Reflection: China’s military buildup could push US out of Asia
Washington Examiner
Officially, the defense budget stands at slightly more than $91 billion — a sum now second in the world only to what the United States spends on its military. This is only the “official,” declared budget. China’s real expenditures for military affairs
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American Cho wins 500m world championship
Universal Sports
Cho’s time of 42.307 seconds in the final bettered Canada’s Olivier Jean (42.429) and China’s Wenhao Liang (42.493). After his World Cup victory last month, Cho told us he felt confident heading into the Worlds. “Even though I’m still the youngest one
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China Syndome in Japan: U.S. officials assess nuclear emergency response
The ‘China Syndrome’ refers to the most drastically severe meltdown a nuclear reactor could possibly achieve. In this case, the reactor would reach the highest level for a sustained period of time, resulting in the melting of its support infrastructure
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Will the US Dollar Remain King of the Currency World?
Wall Street Pit
This, of course, would be terrible for export-led growth strategies in Asia, but given fears first of a rising Japan and now a rising China, the fact that disengaging from the dollar is bad for Asia will not be a strong argument against it in the US.
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US returns seized ancient artifacts to China
The United States has returned over a dozen ancient artifacts to China, after they were seized by law enforcement officers from illegal traffickers as part of Operation Great Wall, targeting illicit imports from China. The two countries have been
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China to overtake the US sooner than you think
Philippine Star
What Martin Jacques had outlined in his lecture is of great importance to us Filipinos who are caught in the big geopolitical power game between the US and China. Per Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary, Albert del Rosario, we will continue our “sole
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Did China develop its deadly stealth fighter using parts from a downed US bomber?
Daily Mail
‘It’s very likely that they shared the technology they recovered from the F-117, and it’s very plausible that parts of the F-117 got to China.’ Relations between the US and China were at an all-time low in 1999. Serbian President Milosevic had thrown
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W.Va. congressman proposes bill requiring Smithsonian to sell only U.S.-made items
The Republic
“It is utterly absurd, and frankly insulting, that the patriotic American mementoes they are taking home today are stamped with the words ‘Made in China.'” Smithsonian spokeswoman Becky Haberacker told the Charleston Gazette the museum doesn’t comment
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Power-Gen Worldwide
Japanese experts point Japan s low ranking to require strong government support. In terms of new wind power installations China overpowered the United States as the US figure, at 5115000 kw, was less than one-third of China s.
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When markets quake, try to keep balanced
Times LIVE
Nothing short of an earthquake and a tsunami in Japan – which saw US and JSE stocks jump and the oil price fall on Friday – illustrating just how perverse the global landscape is at present. The rot started with the unexpected news that China recorded
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US trade gap widens on imports, jobless claims up
Today’s Zaman
The shortfall in trade with China, a sore point in bilateral relations, grew 12.5 percent to $23.3 billion. With more domestic demand being sated by overseas production, some economists said they would likely reduce their forecasts for first-quarter US
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Senior US diplomat due in Seoul for talks on NK
Korea Times
However, prospects for such a statement are unclear because China could veto the move. China, one of the veto-holding permanent members of the council, is North Korea’s last-remaining major ally and main aid provider. Beijing has a track record of
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China’s Territorial Claims: What Threats do this Country’s Appetite Pose?
«Market Leader» – news and previews making you rich.
All China’s fans, especially from its neighboring states, might be interested to know that it would like to get 28000 square kilometers from Tajikistan, or about a quarter of the area of a CIS member. The ‘only counterbalance of the US‘ has similar
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The Money Whirl
US policies have beaten down the dollar against world currencies. Its importance in world affairs is fast diminishing. In years past, when China would buy soybeans from Brazil, for instance, the transaction was done in dollars.
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What a difference a decade makes
But with almost 800 billionaires in other countries, the US is no longer the centre of world wealth. At the latest calculation, Russia boasts 101 entrepreneurs worth at least $1bn, but even that is beaten by China with 115. Ten years ago, only eight
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A final goodbye to superpower America?
Tehran Times
On this, the US has an edge over China, whose world-changing inventions belong to the ancient past – paper, gunpowder, the compass and wood printing. The contemporary invention that changed the world more than any other, the Internet, was made in the
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Cooperation Between Russia and China in the Energy Sector Interests, Problems
Oil and Gas Industry Latest News
Unlike the USChina axis, where the two sides compete for global energy resources, on the industrial and food markets, and in the future may become rivals on the financial services market, links between the Russian and the Chinese economies
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Of Toys and Tiger Moms: Lost in Translation?
The move, which wasn’t unexpected, came on the heels of Home Depot (HD) shuttering its five stores in China and Best Buy (BBY) closing nine stores there under its company name. Retailing in China is something of a different animal from US retailing,
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Discard race issue and move on as 1Malaysia
Malaysia Star
Most Chinese Malaysians will agree with me that apart from our names, there is a whole lot of difference between us and the Chinese from China. We love our nasi lemak, curry, teh tarik and durians. Most of us also speak several languages,
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Views of US influence steadily climb under Obama
Madison Times
Overall, 19 of the 27 countries gave US influence positive ratings, while six leaned negative, and two were roughly evenly divided. China also improved its standing in 2010 with an average global approval rating of 42 percent. China was most popular in
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Ethiopia moves to sharply reduce foreign adoptions
According to State Department figures, 2513 Ethiopian children were adopted by Americans in the 2010 fiscal year, second only to China as a source country. Ethiopia had been one of the few nations to significantly increase adoptions to the US at a time
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Old “Eagles” stage their Beijing debut
“The popularity of the Eagles in China could not be compared with pop music icon Michael Jackson, who is an idol of the whole world,” Ding told Xinhua. “The Eagles’ songs tell American stories and reflect original American culture which China does not
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Is the world ready for a China slowdown?
The Japan Times
We found that fast-growing economies slow when their per capita incomes reach $16500, measured in 2005 US prices. Were China to continue growing by 10 percent per year, it would breach this threshold just three years from now, in 2014.
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Top Asia fund manager bearish on China
If we can’t get the stocks – because they don’t exist, or because the ones that do exist in a sector are run by crooks – it doesn’t bother us.” If you had to back China or India, which would you pick? “We’ve had more money in India for 10 years or more
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Business Briefs | Yum! Brands phases in its price hikes in China
Louisville Courier-Journal
Currently, Brinker’s global business has only 220 units in 30 countries, compared with Yum’s roughly 14300 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants in more than 110 countries outside the United States and China. The unexpectedly large jump in consumer
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The Cypress Times
Most of the objects being repatriated were part of Operation Great Wall, an initiative targeting illicit importations originating from the People’s Republic of China. Following the signing of a bi-lateral agreement between the United States and the
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Treasuries Gain as Mideast, Libya Turmoil Bolsters Demand at Debt Auctions
Bonds also rose this week as the Labor Department reported that US jobless claims increased last week more than economists forecast, Moody’s Investors Service cut Spain’s credit rating and China’s export growth slowed. “There’s a bit of a reappraisal
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The End of CCME’s Fairy Tale
Seeking Alpha
Soon enough, his colleague, Vinne Ye – the chairman’s assistant – came out and took us around. Of China MediaExpress and its employees, this much can be said: They have a good time. The feel of the office took the Financial Investigator back to his
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US Stocks Fall as Reports Damp Global Economic Optimism; Exxon Declines
The Dow retreated 125.48 points, or 1 percent, to 12044.40 this week after US jobless claims increased more than forecast, the American trade deficit widened and China’s export growth slowed. “We’ve had a long run of the market going up,” said Giri
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‘Naked’ Wind Turbines Hurt GE, Vestas as Utilities Cut Contracts
Danbury News Times
That has cut the number of power-purchase agreements, or PPAs, for wind energy and slowed turbine demand in the US, the world’s largest market until China surpassed it last year. Fairfield-based General Electric Co. and Vestas Wind Systems A/S,
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Bonnie Blodgett: Circle the wagons, secede from the world and form a self
Minneapolis Star Tribune
A steep hike in taxes on US-based multinational corporations would follow. Shareholders would demand they relocate, along with all the jobs already exported. General Motors might head to China, where it’s selling more cars than it is here;
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Losing Its Shine
Japan is also just as severely affected by the oil prices, since oil serves as a much larger portion of its total imports compared to the US. For those looking to the emerging markets of China and Brazil to supply a safer alternative, inflation in
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Taiwan Is Running Out Of Time
Strategy Page
A nuclear sub is an unnecessary and expensive option for Taiwan, that would likely violate existing defensive treaties with the US, while increasing the odds of some sort of nuclear strike by China in a future conflict, even if the boats themselves
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Obama wishes he was president of China
Washington Examiner (blog)
If you’re president of China, you can fund your national public radio to your heart’s content. And if you’re president of China, when you host a conference on bullying in schools, people take you seriously. Unfortunately for him and us, Barack Obama is
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US mobilizing humanitarian aid for Japan
IBTimes Hong Kong
The Japanese government said it has received offers of help from more than four dozen nations around the globe, including the US, UK China and the European Union. US President Barack Obama has vowed his assistance for Japan.
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International relief extended to devastated Japan
CNN International
Members of the country’s international rescue team were ready to depart for Japan if needed, Chen Jianmin, director of the China Earthquake Administration, told the government’s Xinhua News Agency. The United States is providing as many 11 warships,
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Metro Detroit firm to hire 100 auto engineers
The Detroit News
The two Chinese companies are investing in facilities here in hopes of tapping the technical expertise of the US auto industry and bringing it to China, where the car industry is expanding at a pace faster than its less-experienced suppliers can match.
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Ascott Expands Into Shenyang And Brings Premier Ascott Brand To Shenzhen
American Banking News (press release)
Expanding into Shenyang will also enable us to establish our foothold in North China as we continue to extend our presence in the country.” Strategically located in the heart of Shekou’s commercial and cultural district, Ascott Maillen Shenzhen is near
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US military moves in for Japan quake relief
CBS News
The Essex, an amphibious ship carrying a Marine Expeditionary Unit is in the South China Sea but still a couple days away. It will rendezvous with two other amphibious ships: Harpers Ferry and Germantown. The Blue Ridge, a command ship loaded with
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Asian Currencies Weaken on Japan Earthquake, Growth Concern
San Francisco Chronicle
Reports on March 10 showed US jobless claims rose, China had its first monthly trade deficit in almost a year and Moody’s Investors Service cut Spain’s credit rating. Crude oil reached a 29-month high on March 7 as a civil war in Libya disrupted
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Japan’s tragic earthquake causes huge losses, all-out rescues mobilized
with crews from Australia, News Zealand, South Korea being requested to join a 150- member team from the United States making its way to the devastated northeast of the country. China’s Premier Wen Jiabao expressed “deep sympathy and solicitudes to
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China’s Red Cross Offers 1 Million Yuan In Emergency Aid To Quake-Stricken Japan
BEIJING, March 12 (Bernama) — China’s Red Cross Society decided on Saturday to donate 1 million yuan (around US$152087) in emergency aid to its Japanese counterpart after a devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake jolted the country’s eastern coast.
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Microsoft presses state to tackle software piracy
Seattle Times
China is expected to become the largest PC market in the world this year. The proposed legislation would create a legal cause of action by making manufacturing companies liable for damages, and it would give the state attorney general and companies the
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SmartHeat Inc. to Announce 2010 Financial Results on Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Founded by James Jun Wang, a former executive at Honeywell China, SmartHeat Inc. ( is a NASDAQ Global Market listed (Nasdaq: HEAT) US company with its primary operations in China. SmartHeat is a market leader in China’s clean
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